Alvinology Award 2009 - Alvinology

Alvinology Award 2009

Alvinology Award 2009 - Alvinology

Happy new year everyone!

Following past years tradition in 2007 and 2008 where I round-up the year with an “Alvinology Award”; here’s my list for 2008. I always love to compile boliao summary listings – how can I miss out the chance to do so once a year? ) So… here goes! Alvinology’s Totally Random and Boliao TOP FIVEs for Year 2009!


Inglourious Basterds
Classic Quentin Tarentino. If history can be rewritten, this is the way I want it to be.

Rachel and I first watched it in 3D in Bangkok, way before the Singapore release. We love the movie so much we watched it again when it opened in Singapore. One of the best animated film ever.

I Love You Man
Superb comedy with quirky storyline. There are no big name stars in this movie and hence it went largely unnoticed in Singapore. A real pity.

Slumdog Millionaire
The movie won 8 out of 10 Academy Awards it was nominated for, including the Best Picture and Best Director. Nuff said.

Fantastic Mr. Fox
Stop-motion-animation at it’s best.


Vikas Swarup’s Six Suspects
Full of twists and turns in the storyline with every page. Delightful suspense novel by the author of Q&A, the book from which the movie, Slumdog Millionaire is based on.

Aravind Adiga’s The White Tiger
The book that accompanied me through my 2 weeks travel in India. Great, light read for an introduction to Indian’s diverse culture, highlighting the great contrast between the poor and the rich, the modern and the rural.

Jordan Belfort’s The Wolf of Wall Street
Power and money corrupts. Learn it from the autobiography of Jordan Belford, a Wall Street Whiz Kid turned drug/sex addict/felon.

Naomi Klein’s The Shock Doctrine
Powerful, socialist-leaning book that expose the evil of corporate America and capitalism.

Sasha Issenberg’s The Sushi Economy
Globalisation and world trade explained through a plate of sushi.


Ris Low Overkill
It was fun to laugh at her bad accent at first, but the continuous media coverage about her was too much.

Sunshine Empire and James Phang Wah
The year Sunshine Empire and it’s founder, James Phang Wah goes to trial.

Exposed Hairy Beaver at Super Import Nights 2009 @ Expo
Self-explanatory. Way to go, Sunshine Tracy.

zSimplicityz: The Sakae Sushi Prankster
Insensitive kid dirtying sushi at a restaurant with his bare hands during the H1N1 scare.

Public gay sex and masturbation at HDB corridor and lift
Again, title is self-explanatory.


Eng Kai Er, the A*STAR scholar/ Holland Village streaker
Very brave, but foolish A*STAR scholar.

Gary Ng: Singapore’s Edison Chen
Singaporean guy with exhibitionist traits who enjoy seeding videos of himself having sex with different girls to share with the online world.

Cai Mingjie: Singapore Taxi Driver with PhD from Stanford University
Possibly the most educated taxi driver in the world. Dr Cai’s humility and gungho spirit inspired many Singaporeans amidst the recessionary climate.

Project R
Alvinology is sincerely grateful to all who helped me in one way or another to make my wedding proposal to Rachel, a big success. Thank you! 🙂

Uniqlo opens first outlet in Singapore
I love this brand. Uniqlo finally arrives on Singapore shores this year.


Canopy Cafe @ Marina Bay Golf Course
The food is not really fantastic, but the ambient and the view makes it all worthwhile.

Tom’s Palette @ Shaw Leisure Gallery
They served some of the best gourmet ice-cream I have savoured.

Tung Lok Seafood @ Marine Cove (East Coast Park)
Value-for-mone dim sum and seafood buffet.

Sari Indo Authentic Indonesian Cuisine @ Upper Thomson
Reasonably priced, tasty authentic Indonesian cuisine.

Hatched @ Evans Road
My friend’s restaurant. Please support! 🙂

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