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Alvinology Award 2007

Hey hey, I didn’t get to write a 2007 round-up entry last year, hence die die must write it now while we are still fresh into the new year. I always love to compile boliao summary listings – how can I miss out the chance to do so once a year? 🙂 So… here goes! Alvinology’s Totally Random and Boliao TOP FIVEs for Year 2007!

alvinology award


The Last Communist
This show made me realise it is possible to shoot historical documentaries without using boring old archival footages.

5 Centimetres Per Second
Powerful Japanese animation which evokes feelings of the greatest love that could have been but never happened in your love life.

Alvin and the Chipmunks
Obvious choice. 🙂

This is England
Powerful British film about neo-Nazis and punk culture.

200 Pounds Beauty
Damn! This movie makes me cry!


A-Yue’s OK
A-Yue matured a lot in this album, both musically and his attitude towards life.

Alvin and the Chipmunks OST
Said already… obvious choice. 🙂

881 OST
Hokkien songs are back!

蘇打綠’s 小宇宙
Long time don’t have such a simple, yet sincere album.

周杰伦’s 夜的第七章
I always buy Jay’s CDs because I like his brand of music.


佐贺的超级阿嬷 – 岛田洋七
Collection of short stories about a feisty, adorable old granny who can carry on smiling, even in extreme poverty.

The Kite Runner – Khaled Hosseini
I read the whole novel in one sitting! That’s how arresting the story was.

The Undercover Economist – Tim Harford
Economics made simple. Now I won’t feel ashamed when I buy no frills house brands at supermarkets!

The Uninvited – Geling Yan
Riveting book that juxtaposed hungry, rural migrants against consumerist urban culture in modern China.

The End of Faith – Sam Harris
A brave book seeking to pitch atheism against all religions.


Gurmit Singh winning Star Awards again for Top Ten Most Popular Male Artiste

Not being racist or anything, but his award really seems very odd and out-of-place. I am sure even Gurmit himself knows it too.

MDA Upper Management “Rap” Video
“Yes yes y’all. Get creative, can do, rock on”. Ya right.

Taxi/Bus/Petrol/Minister Pay Hike
The usuals. Year in, year out, Singaporeans will all whine about these hikes.

For deleting all the emails in my Hotmail account because I didn’t log in for the last 120 days.

NS Call-Up Notification
Hierarchy sucks. Abuse of authority sucks. I hate RT, I hate serving in the army, I hate reservist. ‘Nuff said.


Xiaxue VS Steven Lim
It’s so entertaining! Please carry on quarreling and spice up the local internet community!

Utterrubbish exhibition
We need more such modern art events in Singapore and less of those boring flat paintings and dances!

The movie wasn’t great, but it’s responsible for making Hokkien music and Getai cool again.’s Launch
Reason being yours truly was involved in it. 🙂

The last Harry Potter Book release
Who can forget this ya?


Lee Kuan Yew
This is because he is in every single Singapore-related listing anyway.

Alex Au aka Yawning Bread
For being my most respected Singapore blogger and staying true to his causes.

Stephen Sing (ODEX/XEDO)
The number one public enemy to local anime community.

Li Hongyi
For being a brave whistle blower.

Lee Shee Lam (the trishaw rider)
For being an inspirational figure for the neglected in society.


Kabayan Filipino Fast Food Restaurant

My first time tasting authentic Filipino food.

Great soups, great crepes at reasonable prices.

Wee Nam Kee Chicken Rice
That’s one of the few things I still miss about working at the Thomson Road area!

The Naked Chef, Jamie Oliver
Thanks for all the wonderful recipes!

Wall’s Moo Ice Cream
Damn, I am addicted! Its price has increased from 60 cents to $1 per stick now btw.

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