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MDA Upper Management “Rap”

WTF is this?????

For the uninformed, MDA stands for the Media Development Authority of Singapore.

This is horrible! The rap sucks, there are lots of ‘mission statements’, ‘salient points’, ‘policy objectives’, etc etc forcefully thrown in…

The upper management in the video all look extremely uncomfortable (with the exception of Mr Man Shu Sum who did look pretty cool). Spare them the agony, spare us the agony as well. Please stop trying to rap and act cool, and just stick to doing a good job promoting Singapore’s media industry. The intention is good, but the outcome is not.

First it was the P-65 hip hop dance, now it’s this.

Civil service at it’s dullest display. Pun intended.

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  1. I dunno. The tune’s growing on me, and frankly, the juxtaposition of beats and business-speak is a refreshing change from the usual “let’s go to the club and drink Kristal.” Number one with a bullet.

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