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JP Morgan looks into Whampoa condo owner after netizens call them out for their employee’s abuse towards security guard

Just in case you didn’t hear the latest, a man who declared his name as Ramesh who is also an owner of a $1.5 million condominium in Whampoa is now being investigated by his workplace, JP Morgan. This comes after a viral video of the man verbally abusing his condominium’s security guard on shift surfaced online and was brought to the attention of his workplace.

Who is Ramesh and what did he do to the security guard?

The video shows a man who named himself Ramesh wearing a blue tank top, shorts, and a thick necklace berating and insulting a security guard in a parking lot.

The altercation happened after the security guard and others on duty were allegedly asking Ramesh’s guests as to what time they were leaving. This angered Ramesh who was hosting a Diwali or Deepavali party for his guests during the long weekend.

He was then asked to pay for a $10 parking fee for each of the cars of his guests, which further angered him.

In the video, he could be seen pointing a finger at the security guard, saying that he bought the condominium for $1.5 million and that they were not currently in an HDB.

The video ended with the man and one of his guests boarding a vehicle and driving into the parking space.

The video was uploaded online and Ramesh has since spoken out about the incident. He said in a comment that he had received as much as 200 calls and messages from people expressing their sentiments on his behaviour.

JP Morgan Facebook page deluged with comments

The Singaporean online lynch mob is alive and well as the JP Morgan Facebook page is inundated with comments referring to the incident. Singaporeans have begun leaving comments en masse on the company’s various posts calling their attention to the matter.

A report from The Straits Times said that the bank is looking into the matter. This was mentioned to the Straits Times on October 27.

Here’s another banker who is in hot water for being less than polite to a customer.

As for the employer of the victim, the condominium management has placed itself behind the harassed security guard, and the Association of Certified Security Agencies or ACSA has said that, “We do not tolerate the abuse of our security officers whilst they are discharging their duties. It is essential that the public understand that security staff are there representing the building owners and MCSTs and they have to enforce the by laws of the estate without fear or favor.

“Please respect security personnel whom are helping to keep Singapore and your neighborhood estates safe and secure.” said Robert Weiner, president of ACSA.

Government weighs in

Government officials have made statements that showed support for the security guard, but also told people not to harass the condominium unit owner, as a case has already been filed at a police station regarding the incident.

What do you think of Ramesh and his job at a bank? Let us know in the comments!

    1. Loves the lynch mob mentality….it forces ppl to think twice before behaving badly…It may well happens to me, but oh well, you reap what you sow !

  1. Well i think we need to validate and check from both parties the actual story as this is just one part of the story. And yes, the management need to also answer regarding the 10$ . Why only deepavali we need to pay and other festive season doesn’t? Does that mean you are also racist? There are so many cases ,locals abusing the guards so why aren’t they getting viral-ed? Should we sack them too from their work? Just because he was a foreigner this issue became so big. What about the locals harassing the locals? We need to think logically and rationally and not just accuse . We can admit he has abuse the guards by word but let the police handle it. But what he questioned about, give it a thought.

  2. He deserves a social service. No one should harass a person just doing his duty. the way he spoke is very bad and that is not within the walls of his house. Also it doesn’t mean anything if he had bought his place for 1.5M. If he bought the place he simply agreed that all rules and fees will be followed. If he had a complaint he could have lodged that to the management or simply can file a lawsuit as he is rich enough to do that. No need to say f words to a security guard.

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