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Author: Ann Santos

Singapore’s top influencer PM Lee changes profile photo–and Singaporeans lose it

Usually, when you would change your profile picture, it’s simply an interesting post on Facebook. All your friends would like, put a heart or share. You can expect judgments whispered in private chatrooms–but never to your face. But when Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong changes his photo, it’s a national event! Take a look at his new “best face forward.” What do netizens have to say about this new profile photo? Take a look: On the photo itself, people praised and gave support to the Prime Minister, and commented how his bright, happy smile was a delight. But on...

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EA developer comment is one of the most downvoted in Reddit history–for locking Darth Vader in Star Wars Battlefront

Sure, there have been some awful Reddit threads out there, and even the most despicable people on the platform. But it seems a comment from a developer employed by Electronic Arts has become one of the most downvoted comments in the history of the forum. With 14,200 downvotes as of publishing, this Reddit comment from EA developers has really got the fanbase in a frenzy. Why the hate? The comment has fired up the internet because of the pending release of the Star Wars Battlefront game, where people who paid for the whole game are complaining about Darth Vader...

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This insane property is found in the heart of Singapore–where a square foot of land costs more than your monthly salary

In a country like ours where owning land is the exception rather than the rule, properties like the one featured in this Reddit thread can blow the mind. What initially looks like a villa situated in a place where land doesn’t go for $2000 per square foot is actually an address in Potong Pasir SMC. Here’s a photo posted on Reddit that they say is the interior of a house near Braddell Road. Not only is it spacious, it’s also a bungalow. That’s right–in a country that has such high value with their real estate, the house owner wanted...

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Street racing is illegal in Singapore and can get your car seized–even if it’s a $630k Lamborghini

In a report by the Straits Times, a $630,000 Lamborghini owned by an Indonesian company has been forfeited to the government, after the driver of the vehicle was caught street racing along Tampines Expressway in May 2015. Who was the man behind the wheel? The Lamborghini was registered under the company owned by the parents of one Indonesian Kevin Pratama Chandra, aged 24. He was fined $1,500, jailed for two weeks and had been banned for driving for 18 months after he plead guilty to charges last July 15. The charges were dangerous driving and taking part in an unauthorized speed...

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Crazy, artistic, or just hungry? This man took off his shirt, laid down on a table in Sim Lim Square and questioned “Why do we have to pay money for food?” and got a free meal

In a rather bizarre but poignant incident in Sim Lim Square, a man called “Little Mouse” made a scene when he took off his shirt and began speaking loudly to all the patrons eating in the food court. The video, posted by Facebook user Douglas Chen, shows a man in a light teal shirt, jogging pants and a man-bun clearing a table of leftovers and looking at the camera. He then proceeds to take off his shirt and pose on the table, and starts to speak loudly, raising various questions to the people inside Sim Lim Square. Take a...

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