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Author: Calixto Tay

This App Lets You Know If The Next Arriving Bus Is A Double Deck!

Take the bus everyday and always hope to be able to know if the upcoming buses are double-decks or bendies? Now you can! Award-winning Singaporean bus app SG BusLeh has been updated to let you know just that! This update follows an announcement earlier today by the LTA Datamall team – the very guys working to make available public transport data to developers and commuters that a new bus type attribute is now available for developers. SG BusLeh has constantly pioneered new innovations that improve the experience of people who take bus like us – SG BusLeh was the first...

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Snap A Photo Of This Bus And Win Award-Winning Bus App Ad-Free Lifetime!

Have you spotted this bus in the wild yet? Singapore’s award-winning bus app now has an actual bus plying the roads! According to SG BusLeh’s facebook page, there’s now a giveaway for those who spot the SG Busleh bus in the wild! Spot the SG BusLeh Bus on the road, snap a photo and hashtag #sgbusleh on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and stand a chance to win ad-free version of SG BusLeh for your entire LIFE! We will be looking out for your photos starting from today! Have you seen this bus? Snap a photo today! Here’s a video...

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Exposed: Most Disgusting Ripoff Seller On Qoo10

I’ve been operating a store front on Qoo10 for the longest time. As most Qoo10 sellers would know, preparing your graphics, making your item descriptions clear and concise and easy for potential buyers to understand takes alot of work. One of my top selling items on Qoo10 are dustbags – breathable and zipable bags used for storing your luxury bags by keeping the dust out but still allowing the leather to breath. I’ve been selling this for more than two years by now. Imagine my horror when I notice a seller who just blatantly ripped off all the images...

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5 Damn Useful Apps For Future & Present Homeowners!

Homeowners today are like jugglers. They need to juggle between sourcing for the best property deals, renovating their homes, and managing their finances, while still getting around with their daily lives. So, here are 5 apps that will save the day for both present and future homeowners! Save money on property transactions with Averspace Be it for buying, selling or even renting a property, no homeowner will want to miss out on Averspace – an app that lets you manage your property transactions, at your fingertips. By digitizing and simplifying property transactions, Averspace lets you skip property agents, and their agent...

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Grand Unifying Theory On The Flies, Maze and The Hidden Agenda In Westworld

I have this theory that ties in all the different hints dropped in the show. My conclusion is that Westworld is an experiment by the management to implant human consciousness onto a host, so that a human can effectively live forever. Even Ford mentioned in Episode One saying that “we are done” when we can “bring people back from the dead”. There are many subtle hints and signs throughout the first 2 episodes that already points to this bigger agenda. Spoiler alert! Do not proceed if you have not yet watched Episodes 1 and 2. The Hosts Instead of being robots...

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