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Author: Calixto Tay

Check Out This Next-Generation Virtual Reality Horror Game By A Local Game Studio

A local game studio that specializes in Virtual Reality game is going places in Japan! For the uninitiated, Virtual Reality games provide fully immersive 3D game experience, with you donning a pair of goggles that takes over your entire senses. Now, imagine experiencing a Horror game with that setup. Confirm no need to sleep at night. Just looking at the promotional banner gives me the creeps. Images from Press Release. About the game Enter the world of Lunar Eclipse, an immersive virtual reality horror experience set in cinematic 80’s Hong Kong. Explore the haunted house at your own pace,...

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We use this $0 app to experience the iPhone X bump on our Android Phone. Here’s what we think.

Unless you were living in a cave, you would know about the highly revolutionary controversial iPhone X design that recently went on sale. While it comes with top-notched modern functionalities on par or even exceeding other flagship phones in the market, one particular feature caused all kinds of contention among netizens. The iPhone X bump (or notch). Opinions about the iPhone X bump were highly divisive. Many fanboys laud the iconic Apple design, while many other fanboys and Apple haters alike thinks that the bump is the ugliest iPhone design ever. While many were debating about the bump, not...

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5 Mobile Apps To Prove That You Are A True Blue Singaporean

Singaporeans love their smartphones. There are no doubts about it. According to this survey from all the way back in 2015, Singaporeans have one of the highest mobile phone penetration rate, compared to their counterparts in the region. Smartphones are only as useful as the apps installed on them. We look at these top of 5 mobile apps that prove that you are a true blue Singaporean. How many of these apps do you and your friends have installed on your phone? 1. SG BusLeh (Available on Android) Developed by local mobile app development company Originally US, SG BusLeh...

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You can now transform your Macbook Air into a Touchscreen laptop with this beautiful gadget!

Mac users rejoiced! We just got word that Challenger Singapore is now exclusively selling Airbar, a magical device that can turn any 13.3 inch Macbook Air in a touch-screen enabled computer! Now we don’t have to be jealous of our Windows nemesis friends anymore! Here’s a quick overview of the unbox, setting up and usage experience. It’s super simple! Setting Up 5/5 At first glance, the Airbar is sleek and stylish. Setting the Airbar up was a fool-proof process. A simple plug-and-play mechanism with no complicated download or software installation is required. Indeed, it is as easy as what...

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Use this app to turn your phone into a EZ-Link card reader!

Do you know that all of us are actually holding a EZ-Link card reader in our pockets? Today, most top-tier smartphones comes with a built-in NFC reader. With the right app, we can actually turn our phone into an EZ-Link card reader and view our card balance and travel history! EZ-Reader is a new app from the SG BusLeh team that allows you to instantly view the balance of your EZ-Link cards with just a tap!   I’m honestly very surprised by the amount of information stored in the card. Having alot of fun testing out the EZ-Reader app...

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