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Exploring the Avian Wonders of Singapore Botanic Gardens: New Exhibition Celebrates Community Efforts in Bird Photography

Step into the enchanting world of birds with the unveiling of a captivating new exhibition, “A Garden of Birds”, at the CDL Green Gallery in the iconic Singapore Botanic Gardens. Organized by the National Parks Board (NParks) in collaboration with City Developments Limited (CDL), this groundbreaking showcase marks the first-ever exhibition dedicated to the avian residents of Singapore’s cherished UNESCO World Heritage Site.

A Haven for Feathered Friends

The Singapore Botanic Gardens has emerged as a vital sanctuary for both resident and migratory birds, hosting an impressive array of over 180 bird species – nearly half of the total species sighted in Singapore. This remarkable biodiversity owes much to the diligent efforts of the Gardens’ passionate community of bird watchers, whose keen observations and documentation have provided invaluable insights into avian habitats and behaviors.

Preserving Habitat Diversity

Central to Singapore’s Nature Conservation Masterplan is the preservation of key habitats, a commitment exemplified by the Singapore Botanic Gardens. Five distinct nature areas within the Gardens, including the lush Rain Forest and the tranquil Eco-Lake, serve as vital sanctuaries for a diverse range of flora and fauna. Through ongoing conservation and restoration efforts, the Gardens continues to nurture thriving ecosystems that support a rich tapestry of birdlife.

Empowering Citizen Scientists

Empowering citizen scientists is a cornerstone of NParks’ conservation initiatives, with the Garden Bird Watch (GBW) program playing a pivotal role in bird monitoring efforts. Since its inception in 2015, GBW volunteers have diligently surveyed bird populations across Singapore, with the Singapore Botanic Gardens emerging as a top ten site for species richness. The invaluable data collected informs conservation strategies and ensures that the Gardens remains a welcoming habitat for avian inhabitants.

Exhibition Details

Venue: CDL Green Gallery at the Singapore Botanic Gardens (nearest entrance is Tanglin Gate)

Date: May 7th – October 31st, 2024


  • CDL Green Gallery: 9:00am – 6:00pm daily (closed every last Tuesday of the month; closure on public holidays moved to following working day)
  • People’s Gallery exhibition spaces: 5:00am – 12:00am daily

Entry Fee: Free Admission

Immerse Yourself in Nature’s Symphony

Embark on a journey through the captivating world of birds and discover the beauty and biodiversity that thrives within the heart of Singapore. From vibrant plumage to melodious songs, “A Garden of Birds” promises to inspire and delight visitors of all ages.

For more information, visit the CDL Green Gallery at the Singapore Botanic Gardens and experience the magic of avian photography firsthand.

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