Where do we even begin in this sordid story of a pedophile father, his swimming fetish, the tween girlfriend and his attitude towards other teen boys? This story was first reported by The Straits Times.

An 11 year old girl’s nude photos

This whole affair started in 2014 when the 47-year-old father in question saw nude photos of the 11-year-old girl. His son showed him the photos which had been sent by the tween girl after pressure from the son. During the time, his son and the girl had just broken up

Once he saw the photos, the older man contacted the girl under the pretence of talking about the breakup. He lured the girl to Copthorne King’s Hotel and subsequently raped her.

following this, the older man was able to gain her trust. Even if she was initially mad at the rape, the man (who is also a company director) showed concern for her and encouraged her in her swimming classes and training.

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Eventually, the young girl considered the old man to be her boyfriend. She hid this from her family because she was afraid they would get angry at her for dating someone married.

The company director and the girl then maintained their relationship along with their sexual encounters. They met and had relations in the man’s car, on a condominium rooftop, and at various hotels. The man had also bought her swimming gear and outfits, which the girl then used and showed off to him, then gave him oral sex.

Most of their encounters involved oral sex of some sort.

How he was caught

Eventually, the girl and the older man had conflicts in their relationship. He was extremely jealous and forbade her from talking to other boys. He wanted to see all her social media chat logs. He also posed as mysterious men who threatened to disseminate or send her nude photos out. She did not know that he was the one threatening her, so she turned to him for help.

When she had enough, she took a boyfriend.

The man retaliated by showing the boy nude photos of the girl, and sometimes posed as the girl online to warn the latter off her.

A parent had noticed that their male child was talking to someone with the naked photo of the tween girl as the profile picture.

This was when they notified the girl’s mother and older sister.

The girl broke down and admitted everything to her family. Her elder sister took her to the police station to file a case.

What’s in store for the pedophile

Found guilty of one count of sexual penetration of a minor and two counts of statutory rape, the man is set to be sentenced, pending psychiatric evaluations that may or may not mitigate the sentence.

Children cannot consent

Despite the child consenting or even enjoying the encounters, her mental state as an adolescent makes her decision-making and critical thinking processes moot. She is unable to understand the full consequences of her actions. She was also susceptible to the manipulation of an older man who had more experience, more money, and more power than her.

It would be great if Amos Yee knew that too. Read about how he thinks kids can give consent.

If you think that any child is being sexual abused, report the matter immediately to the police or you can call this organisation:

AWARE Centre

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Tel +65 6779 7137
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Helpline 1800 777 5555
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