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Amos Yee argues for the legalization of pedophilia

Amos Yee has wasted no time adjusting to the liberty he enjoys in the United States, thanks to his recent YouTube videos and interviews. In a new video posted on YouTube, he gamely tackles pedophilia, and argues that it should be legalised.

In case you missed it, he was granted asylum in the United States of America earlier this year after spending ten months in jail.

He is currently living with a generous person in Minnesota who also takes in foster children. He does not have to pay rent or utility bills, he gets a room of his own, privacy and a good internet connection. According one of his Facebook posts, all he has to worry about is food, which costs around $400 to $600 a month.

His YouTube video discussing pedophilia has been taken down and his Twitter account has also been suspended because he shared the video there.  He then makes a video calling out the commenters who heaped negative reactions, threats and other violent reactions to his video.

Take a look here:

Predictably, other YouTube personalities have contacted, debated and spoken to Amos Yee on the content of his now-defunct video. Amos seems to enjoy the attention and seeks more interaction with these YouTube content creators.

Amos became famous for celebrating the death of Lee Kuan Yew years ago and has been jailed for his radical and unfiltered political opinions.

But did he get away with it?

While the ban on his Twitter account and the video being taken down could be the only things that negatively happened because of Amos Yee’s video, he was wrong.

In another video recently posted, Amos is now calling for people to help him because he needs to vacate the place he stays. According to him, Child Protective Services has required the homeowner to turn him out by December 21st, because he is a danger to the other children in the house, thanks to his views on pedophilia.

Take a look at his plea for help posted a week ago below:

In a Facebook post, he also presents more details of his current problem. Take a look:

In the post above, Amos basically tells people that he he wants to move into a place that is suitable for the lifestyle he wants to lead. He wants to earn through the videos he makes, but is unable to thanks to how YouTube works now. According to Amos, YouTube does not monetise any video with a political slant–which is his favourite topic.

The Facebook post also details all the amenities and requirements he has for his new place. He asks people to take him in but at the same time sets the following rules for his potential “landlord,”

Whoever who owns the house be absolutely fine with me voicing controversial opinion #85 (Based on American law, me voicing controversial opinion #85 will not get me arrested or cause any people living with me (even if they’re kids) to receive any harassment in any way shape or form)


You don’t kick me out of the place whenever I voice a political opinion you disagree with (I am a non-violent, pro-free speech, anti-religious, vegan, politically far-left Anarchist/libertarian socialist/anarcho-communist)


Complete privacy – I can’t hear you at all, I can speak at talking volume 24/7, and I can occasionally do shouting noises during the day for some scenes in my videos.


Walking distance (0-5 min walk) from food stores. If you have a bike I can use, then 0-5 min biking distance. Basically, I should be able to eat out without a car (Because I don’t have a driver’s license yet) in 5-10 min.


Blank, non-intrusive walls/backgrounds where I can film my videos in front of which has enough distance between me infront of the background and a spot where I can place a camera on a tripod filming me.


Chairs, tables, Wifi, Fridge, plates + utensils for use, washing machine, dryer + other basic house utilities


When you email me, please provide the place’s state, a general description of the place, how much rent you’re charging me to stay there, the address of the place (if comfortable at that point), the nearest airport to the house + your name and your contact no (if comfortable). I will reply to your email if interested and we’ll skype to confirm details.

As of publishing, he is still looking for someone to take him in and he is living on someone’s couch.

Here are more things that Amos Yee has said that will shock you.

What do you think of Amos’ take on pedophilia and his current situation? Let us know in the comments!

Header photo from Amos Yee’s Facebook page


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