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Amos Yee is Wild and Free in the US; here’s what he can do now that he’s been granted asylum

In a recent report, controversial teenage blogger and atheist Amos Yee has been freed from jail in the US.

Why was he in there in the first place?

After being jailed multiple times for criticizing Muslims, Christians, Chinese people and the late Lee Kuan Yew on separate occasions, Amos sought asylum in the United States of America. According to him, “It is not going to the best country. This is about going to the country that most effectively promotes my political philosophy of anarchical communism,” Yee said.

Upon arriving there, he was detained, though, and proceedings were made against him.

Thanks to his pro-bono lawyer he was able to gain freedom and has also been granted asylum in the US. He’s currently in Chicago.

What does this mean for Amos?

Now that he’s on American soil, Amos Yee may have been granted more freedoms than he had in Singapore. While the question of “persecution” has been decided by the courts, it seems Amos is still dead-set on blogging to further his political agenda.

So what else can he do in the US that he couldn’t do in Singapore?


Blog with impunity

Now he can not only blog about the SG government, but anyone and anything! All he’d have to be scared about is if Trump supporters hate him, if Donald Trump would block him on Twitter or if he gets deported.

Buy, make, and distribute porn.

Unlike in SG where pornography is prohibited, he can now buy naughty magazines and movies online. If he’s feeling creative (and business-minded) with his new freedom, perhaps he can put his filmmaking skills to the test by making his own pornography.

Hire a prostitute.

If he’s done his research (and it looks like he has), then he should know that prostitution is legal in the State of Nevada. All he has to do is be able to afford it and make the long drive.

Go back to school.

While Amos Yee loves to criticize the government, religion, and politicians, it’s good to note that he doesn’t have a college degree. He basically left school and should go back to finish his high school education. At least in the US, he won’t have the stigma attached to him that would happen if he went back in Singapore.

Join rallies.

For someone who has lots of political motivations and opinions, rallies are usually the way to go after posting all the propaganda you have on YouTube. In America, he can start one anytime and anywhere! If people would join him is another matter, though.

Chew gum.

All he has to do is go into a convenience store, not get racially harassed, buy chewing gum and chew away! Take that Singapore!

Sing questionable songs.

Since he said that he’s going to start blogging and making YouTube videos again, he might as well start creating songs that further his political agenda.

Hack into another person’s WiFi.

While considered bad form, nothing can stop Amos from taking precious bandwidth from another person to publish his inflammatory work!

Spit in public

Now, he can punctuate all his YouTube videos ranting about religion and government with a very poignant spit on the sidewalk at the end! And he won’t be fined or jailed for it anymore.

Have a boyfriend–and marry him too!

Love wins, as they say! We do hope Amos finds someone who loves and understands him no matter what he does. He may have better luck with that in the US.

Do you think Amos would be happier in the United States? Let us know in the comments!

Header image from Amos Yee’s Facebook page.


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