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[VIDEO] Amos Yee is back! This time to troll Lee Kuan Yew

Viewer discretion is advised:

Sorry Amos, I really do not think it is funny or appropriate to put up a video like this at this juncture. You do not have to agree with Lee Kuan Yew’s actions or endorse his legacy, but at least have the decency to respect the mourning period and his family’s feelings during this difficult time.

I think you are smart, articulate and creative, maybe even gifted, but you should put your skills to better use than this.

Famous Amos winning a film award in 2011
Famous Amos winning a film award in 2011

The stupid video you made in 2012 insulting Chinese for “copying American New Year” by celebrating Chinese New Year was bad enough. Granted you were only 14 years old then. Three years later, it appears you have not learnt your lesson.

Good luck, now that you have incurred the wrath of a mourning nation.

  1. I hope when amos yee dies he gets sent to hell and god punishes him hella badly and everyone makes videos while throwing a party to celebrate his death

    1. God forgives.

      The sin Amos committed was just speaking his mind. If he goes to hell like it’s wished upon him for this, then there better be enough room for each and everyone on God’s green earth.

    2. what the fuck? why should he? he had a fucking option you’re the scum here, and if you think someone should be in hell shouldnt it be the one who is wishing it upon another being? get of you high horse and look at reality, you shouldnt die or be in prison just because you had a option, even if it was about a political leader.

  2. He does not know what a dangerous world it is out there. With his character, I wonder what will become of him if he step out of this country whom he have so much complains about. The reason why you are able to say all these is because you are in Singapore, young men. If you were elsewhere, I’m sure you will be very worried.

    I also pity your parents at how they are the going to face your relatives and their colleagues after what you have done . How are they going to go to work and earn the money that is allowing you to do all these now.

    1. no, he is in prison because he is in singapore because he says the truth, if he lived elsewhere in europe or even usa then he wouldnt even be in prison. There is something called freedom of speech but i think you need to look it up.

  3. Sad. Just sad. Talk about being a total asshat. And talk about really poor timing for this sort of thing. Shame on him and shame on his parents

  4. Amos, you are at war with your own ego and inner self. If you are truly what you portrait yourself as a down to earth person, even a person with negative views about the govt and its policies would have consider how one gets his/her education first, would not produce this video to spite the very hands that help to feed your parents who gave birth to you.

    Think first before making such audacious comments. Put your talent to good use that can shape and make a difference to the lives of the people around you like what our founding father, Mr Lee KY, did for Singaporean 50 years ago.

    … I I I T B, I I U T M

  5. The boy is obviously intelligent and does have some good credible points, this is the way he just expresses himself. If people in Singapore get all excited over a harmless video, it proves a point that people in Singapore have been brainwashed to the point that they don’t have freedom of thought anymore. I just wished LKY would evolve Singapore to full state freedom of Expression as he promised in a Straights Times article in 1980s before he died He said in the article that suppressing freedoms was necessary at that time since the society was not mature enough, and that in 35 years it would be since Singapore would be an civilized society by then and would know how to tolerate and deliberate dissenting views and freedom of expression by all members of society. I guess not, and the view is that Singapore society is still too uncivilized to allow these freedom. Now the future leaders would not have the bravery to “evolve” the society now that he is dead and no longer around to mentor. In a interview with a US news network, Lee said he did some terrible things to destroy his political opponents. He played dirty to win, but his reasons was to protect the future of Singapore. One might argue that despite the rule of the government, it would have done just as well, as South Korea, Hong Kong and Japan did after the WWII.

    1. to have a better understanding of these issues, first we must clearly understand lky himself. though he claim english will be the national language, but lky is very chinese himself and not to the extent of the western mind.

    1. Please go and find out what “freedom of speech” actually means before you spout off your uninformed opinion.

      Freedom of speech states that the _government_ should not control speech (by passing laws that control it). It doesn’t allow you to say whatever you want. False accusation happens to be illegal, freedom of speech or not. I’m not sure why you think that “freedom of speech” would allow you to do that.

  6. It is just sad to witness a person who makes insensitive remarks about religion and insulting the death of a founding minister. Although he is able to do unique opinions about things in his own perspective, he did not realise that some of the things are false in his videos and they offend people, I will appreiciate if he could just keep his own comments to himself.

  7. the Amos yee situation presents a quandary for Lhl and pap. Punish him severely and the legacy of lky will be linked forever with Amos yee at least in the eyes of the western world. Punish Amos lightly and more people will. Are videos attacking pap policies strongly.

  8. If you think you have an opinions or voices that can speak on behalf for the people, join a political group or as an independent candidate when the elections arrive. Whether your opinions are acceptance by the people of Singaporeans, will depends on the final result of the counts of votes. You can have a lot of complaints against the present government, or you think you can do better than the existing opposition parties, then by all means you can fight it out against them during the election period. But at this moment, if you are expressing your frustrations and unhappiness because you think you have grown up with better education, influenced by the western philosophy of freedom of speech and human rights, think again.

    Freedom of speech had caused riots and killings which could have been avoided in the first place if we have placed more sensitive and responsible roles by refraining words that can hurt others especially it involves on others religious, cultures, ethnics etc….Example will be the murderous and unmerciful killings that happen in France. Yes we condone the act from the people who killed but did we really study through the whole events and understand the cause and effect it had happen in the first place. Did we or even they have learned the lessons after that? Do you think if this happen in Singapore, we will have any chance of restoring peace and order again?

    If we humans fail to learn to respect one another, always “booing” others on their religious, languages, we are no different than like a gangster, bully or terrorist. If we don’t play and live by certain rules and cause rampages with speech and accusations that is senseless, we can easily cause unnecessary tensions and unstable emotions that might lead to riots and extremist ideology that does not work favorable to this country.

    Amos had lost his sense of identity since he was young. Even when he was just an 11 years old kid, he even babble senselessly on the Chinese New Year festivity. Who does he represent when he speaks like that? He can deny he does not belongs to an Asian, but certainly not his family roots. From his speeches and tonality, you can’t help but getting a sense that he is deeply influenced by western educations and thoughts. Is perfectly all right to be that, but if you have no deep understanding of the Asian cultures, then you have no right to judge based on your assumptions. Is not a smart move and it certainly does not boils well if you are an Asian.

    Regardless what he said then or even now, could be just a joke, it was not a good timing to upload such videos. And certainly not even for the future. And I doubt he means it for fun judging his spontaneous reaction with the reporters when existing from the court. The insults now is on the Christianity. If we do not put a stop now to him or even punish his stupidity acts, he could have the possibility to even inflict hurting words to the other religious groups.

    Our fathers had took so much pain and lessons to build up Singapore harmonious livings. ” To build a democratic society, regardless of race and languages or religious” Are we going to let it rot away because of one boy’s insensitive remarks? If we do not correct him and condone what he had said,but instead shows merciful and leniency towards him, then I said he certainly is a potential “Terrorist ” than anyone. Because right words help, wrong words hurt.

    Protect this country with such irresponsible views because this is our responsibility!

  9. Amos will be a very famous politician some day. He is a ” must have” in any political party.

  10. Amos, someday you will be more FAMOUS and people will love you and look up to you BUT you must be mindful of those things you said.
    Remember, be sensitive, be sensible, repent and admit your mistake and apologise if you think you went overboard on certain issues … and you will be alright.
    Good luck Amos.

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