Whether you are craving for Japanese curry over steamy Japanese rice or a hot bowl of Sapporo ramen soup, Sama Curry Singapore place has got it all. Introducing the combination of Japanese style curry and a choice of four different soup bases to create this wholesome Soup Curry.

Sama Curry & Café, the famous Hokkaido Soup Curry chain first set foot in OUE Downtown Gallery and is now satisfying more customers in their new outlet at Plaza Singapura. Essentially a soupier version of a traditional Japanese curry gravy that you have it with good Japanese rice for the ultimate comfort food on a cold rainy day.

Here is your quick guide to how to customize your Sama Curry

Start with selecting your main curry, like a healthy choice option – Marathon Chicken, hamburger patty – Moo Moo Hamburg, pork cha siu like the ones in Sapporo ramen – Oink Oink, and the most popular item with fried chicken katsu with cheese – Cheesy Bear. There are also vegetarian and seafood options.

Next is the test of how sensitive your tongue receptors are, with up to 30 levels of spiciness in 3 customizable categories – Baby bear, Adult Bear and Crazy Bear. For beginners, it would be recommended to start with level 15.

Lastly to pair all that spiciness with the soup base of your choice. Choose from Tomato gravy, Coconut Broth, Shrimp flavour or Japanese chicken soup.

Fried chicken with roasted cabbage and cheese, topped with crunchy vegetables

The top favourite is the Cheesy Bear, and it is not hard to tell why. Who doesn’t love fried chicken topped with cheese in a hot bowl of tomato soup base curry? Looking at the generous assorted vegetables which come with every bowl, even your dietician would approve of it.

A sizable piece of potato that is crisp on the outside and soft on the inside, together with broccoli, baby corn, okra, eggplant, and soft boiled egg. Cause of the cheese toppings in this main makes this combination slightly thicker, heavier and flavorful, which is why this being ideal for people who enjoy the full flavours of their Japanese curry and soup.


Not in the mood for fried chicken, try the delicious Oink Oink that comes with generous thick slices of pork char siu. Prepared in the Japanese soup base with the same level 15 spiciness.

Best way to enjoy this is to take a spoonful of the soup and allow the spices to just to intrigue your taste buds. It is a waterier version as compared to the cheesy tomato based Cheesy Bear as it thickens up into a gravy as compared to this which is soupier.

Now comes the part where you either have it the Singaporean way, where you pour the gravy over your rice like the Hainanese pork chop curry rice. Or you can have it their way that takes a spoon of Hokkaido Yumepirika rice and submerge it in the soup.

Hokkaido Crab Cream Croquette

Hokkaido Imomochi Cheese

If that is not enough to satisfy your hearty appetite, you can always add on additional topics to your soup curry, or side dishes to complete the meal.

The Hokkaido Crab Cream Croquette and Imomochi Cheese are great options if you are in for a creamy side, or Classic sides such as the Shrimp Gyoza and Sesame Chicken Wings are also basic good to have. So if you are up for an excellent alternative to Mala or hotpot on a chilly afternoon, give this a try and it will leave you feeling warm and comforted after.

Right now enjoy this fantastic meal during lunch from Monday to Friday, with a choice of one main curry, one side dish, and a beverage. Over the weekends, kids under the age of 6 get to eat for free. These offers are available at the Plaza Singapura outlet.

Sama Curry Singapore

Plaza Singapura, 68 Orchard Road #06-11/12

Opening Daily: 11am – 10pm

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