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Pirated Harry Potter ebook

Harry Potter and the deadly hallow
Photograph of the book’s interior (even before public release) Picture from BoingBoing

Yes… the pirated ebook is available online for free download!

Even before its official public release!

As reported on BoingBoing:

The new Harry Potter novel — Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows — has hit the Internet days before its publication. The publisher spent a reported $20 million on keeping the book secret. Was the money well-spent? As Bruce Schneier points out, the kind of person who downloads a series of photos of the pages of a giant novel is also the kind of person who’ll line up and buy a copy the night it comes out…

(This portion onwards EDITED as Scholastic is not happy… read HERE to find out more)

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  1. i LOVE harry potter an live in the outback in south australia an wass wondering if any one could send me the book ( on internet) PLEASE

  2. Looks real enough, although nothing can be sure. I pre-ordered mines ..though it seems as though others received their copy even before that. Interesting.

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