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FXXK Bill Gates and Microsoft!!!!!

Only ONE email in an account I had since I was in secondary school???

ALL THE EMAILS in my HOTMAIL ACCOUNT KANNA FXXKING DELETED!!!!!!!!!! Reason given is because I never log in for the last 120 days. #$%^&#W$#%#^# ^&#&!!!!!!!!!!

I am very pissed now. What if I was in a coma? Or on an sabbatical trip to be a monk or to find enlightenment in the jungle during the 12o days???

The other day I was still laughing at one of my friend who told me he archive all his emails in case of emergencies like this one. I guess this is all KARMA. DAMN IT!!!!

Peeps, if you have a hotmail account that you haven’t log in for the last 120 days, QUICKLY DO SO NOW!~

Don’t say I never warn you.

Oh, and btw, youth.sg also seem to have deleted my email account without warning. I can’t log in anymore. Another very unfriendly gesture as no warning was sent – just like hotmail.

To rub salt to the wound… I also cannot recall the password to my uberture.com email and the administrator who created the site has long since quit to become a financial trader.


Goodbye [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected]!

You guys were great while it last. I am also very sad it has to end this way. I will treasure and cherish my other email accounts more from now on.

To contact me now, pls email me at my new gmail account – [email protected]. Gmail is the only email service I trust now. I hope they don’t disappoint. Sigh.

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  1. alvin, a while back for the youth.sg account, they did email us to tell us that they’ll be closing unused ones… if we still want to use you just have to email back to them and they’ll leave it alone.

    but now it’s all gone if you didn’t reply, of course…

  2. Sigh… I must have overlooked the email. You know what – there are tonnes of junk emails going to my youth.sg acct everyday as well due to my previous administrator status. Damn those viagra and penis enhancement ads!!!!

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