A Lesson on Name Change and Fengshui - Alvinology

A Lesson on Name Change and Fengshui

A Lesson on Name Change and Fengshui - Alvinology

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Do you believe in Fengshui?

Here’s an interesting article found via Fengshui Forward Forum, discussing on the recent rise in name changes among local celebrities and the dire consequences it may entail. The article is written by an administrator on the site called Ken:

Last night as I was reading the Xin Min Daily (新民日报)Chinese newspapers in Singapore, it reported that May Phua 潘竖卿 had decided to revert back to her previous Chinese name, citing reason as fearing for her life. This is because she was one of the many Singapore Media Corps artist who had her Chinese name advised to be changed by 1 particular Fengshui Master in Singapore. Unfortunately while their acting career seems to have all been resurrected somewhat by their name changed to the one advised by this master, 2 of them had suffer other mishaps after the name change.

The first one, Christopher Lee (李铭顺), got involved was charged with drink driving and leaving the scene of accident. The result was that he went to jail for that. He reverted back to his original name after being released from jail. In fact, there were 2 other Fengshui masters that appeared on Chinese newspapers thereafter, criticising the name change. To me, I see this 2 Fengshui masters as hitting below the belt. It is a fact that Christopher’s popularity improved after his name change by this master. But to blame drunken driving on a name change is too lame and too irresponsible. An individual need to be accountable for his own action no matter what effects of Fengshui name change he was under influence of.

The second one, Jimmy Nah (蓝顉嘻), better known as MC King, mysteriously died of heart failure in his sleep. After his demise, I checked on his birth date and realised he had a special Bazi chart. I analysed his Chinese name thereafter and found that the configuration is indeed unorthodox. Without the information on the hour pillar I dare not conclude that the Fengshui Master caused Jimmy Nah his life. But I will still advocate any name change and Fengshui done to be implemented after only fully considering the Birth Chart of the client. That is the reason why I do not agree with Fengshui Masters who do Fengshui audits without analysing the birth charts.

Fengshui customers that baulk at the cost of audit, should re-think again. Efforts like reading the birth chart is transparent to the customer but yet can make a difference of Life and Death. So you should not begrudge Fengshui masters who take the effort to read your birth charts because they are responsible and see the link between destiny and Fengshui. But do ask your Fengshui Master if they read your birth chart and plan their Fengshui to sync in with your birth chart so that you will get your money’s worth.

Since the demise of MC King, most of the rest of the artistes (including May and Edmund Chen 陈之财) who had their name change done by this Fengshui Master reverted back to their original name. Now while I am not defending this Fengshui master, I would say there is no need for them to blindly revert back to their original Chinese names especially most of them have seen in improvement in their popularity as artistes after the name change. One of them, Zheng Ge Ping (鄭各平) , in fact, enjoyed huge successes after his name change. This is because each person’s destiny as espoused by their birth chart is different. Hence any name change will still have differing effects on each individual.

The morale behind the story is that find a responsible master and do not begrudge what is due to him. Fengshui can do a lot, but do not use it as an excuse for atrocities or misdeeds that individuals commit.

It’s rather chilly isn’t it? Especially when I read to the part about MC King’s sudden death. Although I am a free thinker and generally do not believe in non-scientific stuff, hocus pocus like fengshui still freaks me out and make me think twice about tampering with destiny.

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