Here's a PMD (e-scooter) story in Singapore with a happy ending - Alvinology

Here’s a PMD (e-scooter) story in Singapore with a happy ending

Stories about Personal Mobility Devices (PMD) or also commonly referred to as e-scooters in Singapore typically do not have happy endings. Social media is full of hate posts by irate pedestrians who almost got hit by speeding PMDs or irresponsible riding behaviours.

This is why a social post by a pedestrian, Kenneth Edward on his LinkedIn to commend a PMD rider was quite an anomaly and a breath of fresh air.

Here’s what Edward posted on LinkedIn:

I am not the biggest fan of Personal Mobility Devices (PMDs) – Electric bikes/scooters etc. The main reason being, where I live, most people speed on the pedestrian pathway – especially riders doing short-turnaround deliveries.

But then, yesterday, as I was taking my pet for a walk, this delivery boy from honestbee, was not only a responsible rider but was also polite. He asked to be excused and even thanked me for giving way.

It is a small thing, but that rider was a fresh of breath air. He carried honestbee with pride and as a consumer, it was a positive touchpoint for me.

It is just a good reminder that even the smallest actions can leave a lasting impact. hashtagpositioning hashtagbranding hashtagmarketing hashtagculture hashtagbusiness


Here's a PMD (e-scooter) story in Singapore with a happy ending - Alvinology


One good deed leads to another.

After Edward posted about the responsible and polite PMD delivery rider from honestbee, the company responded to Edward’s post and managed to trace the rider.

The rider, Steven Ler was awarded vouchers as a token of appreciation from honestbee and his story was shared on the honestbee’s LinkedIn page. The post has since garnered 93 likes on LinkedIn and comments are all positive.

Thank you Steven Ler for being a role model PMD rider! The roads and pedestrian walkways in Singapore belong to everyone and it is only with mutual respect and responsibility that we can keep them safe for all. Let’s hope there will be more such positive stories involving PMDs in Singapore from here on.

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