Are you sick of Ris Low yet? - Alvinology

Are you sick of Ris Low yet?

I am quite sick of seeing her grabbing media headlines actually. However, if you are not sick of her yet, here’s a video of an interview Ris Low did with Shan and Rozz on clicknetwork:

[youtube url=””]

In the video, Ris Low spewed swear words openly and coined another term, “Shingz” to add to her “Boomz” dictionary. She also stripped to her “bigini” at the ending. No doubt a publicity stunt.

Are you sick of Ris Low yet? - Alvinology

If you don’t know also, Ris Low has started her personal website/blog –

Clearly, she loves all the attention, regardless if it’s positive or negative. Are we all going to still lap it up to her to inflate her ego?

The way I see it, she is following closely in the footstep of another Internet superstar – Steven Dragon Lim. Will Ris Low also be opening a modeling agency too in the near future? 🙂

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