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Do the David Gan on Facebook

Do the David Gan

I have created a facebook group to viral this “Do the David Gan” pose, for the fun of it. Help pass it on please!!!

To know what this is all about, you can read my previous blog entry.

In summary, I am jio-ing everyone to take pictures of yourselves, showing off your nice watches in poses, similar to one of Singapore’s leading style guru, David Gan. 🙂

You see, on David Gan’s blog, it appears he likes to pose with one arm resting on his shoulder, probably to flaunt his expensive designer watches.

david gan doing the david gan

It’s a very stylish looking pose and I thought I should help him spread this around since he’s such a charm.

You can add your picture directly onto the facebook group; submit it to omy’s Showtime or email it to [email protected]. Better still, also post it on your blog, forums or other networking channels on the Internet to help propagate this movement.

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  1. Dear David,

    Am hving my ROM on 11 Nov 2008 and I hope you can help me to do my make-up and hair do on that day, but i can only spend $200.00 for my make-up & hair do. I can go down to your work shop to done it. I know it abit too little but that is the amount that I can make it. But I would like to look great on that day. I hope you can do it for me.

    Sorry for the trouble.

    sincerely hope that you can accept my request.


    May Poh

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