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Do the David Gan

Inspired by the recent Do the Karen Cheng photo phenomenon on the Internet, the gang of us ex-Youth.SG staff decided to start a Do the David Gan copycat.

Here’s a picture of the gang posing normally while I took a picture of them:

Here’s a picture of the gang doing the David Gan:

doing the david gan


Check out these two pictures of famous local stylist, David Gan, taken from his blog:

david gan 1

david gan 2

It appears he likes to pose with one arm resting on his shoulder, probably to flaunt his expensive designer watches.

It’s a very stylish looking pose and we thought we can help him spread this around since he’s such a charm. 🙂

Should you decide to help spread this along, do email me your pictures ([email protected]) to have a laugh! Alternatively, you can also post the URL to the picture or your blog in the comment box below.

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  1. I like the pose with the hand by the chin better than the one on the shoulder! I bought my husband a watch and he doesn’t have to pose some how people noticed it anyways and always complement him on it! I got it from timeimports and it was a good price too!

  2. Like who is he trying to kid lor? it is definitely NOT David Gan writing his own blog – I’ve worked with him on TV commercials before and I know he can’t even understand simple English, let alone SPEAK or write with such fluency.

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