Naomi Neo claps back at comment she can't afford her Lamborghini Huracán on her own - Alvinology

Naomi Neo claps back at comment she can’t afford her Lamborghini Huracán on her own

One of Singapore’s top female vloggers, Naomi Neo recently shared on her social media platforms and YouTube channels that she bought her dream car, a Lamborghini Huracan. She also thanked a local automotive detailing shop for the work they did on her new ride.

You can watch the video of how she got her car below.

In her video, Naomi shared how she was very happy that all her hard work as a content creator had paid off, and that she was able to get the car of her dreams and also get it modded with her chosen color scheme. Her parents took her and her husband to get the car.

Who is Naomi Neo’s husband?

The video showed Naomi and her family carefully wearing masks when they went out to get her new Lamborghini.

She also shared how she had long been dreaming about owning such a beautiful and expensive car. According to car enthusiast websites, the model Naomi chose could cost as much as $291,000 USD. Adding the modified skin to the car would also bring up the price.

Naomi shed a tear when she recalled how she could only dream of being inside a Lamborghini, and now she owned one.

Pregnant again

She also shared how she recently found out she was pregnant, even showing her followers how it felt to take a pregnancy test.

She shared the experience on her YouTube channel a week ago, and was very excited that her first born Kyzo, would be a big brother. Her followers congratulated her on her second pregnancy. The announcement came out on July 31, a few weeks before she shared that she had bought the car.

Haters still going to hate–and be misogynistic

While YouTube stars and local celebrities are familiar with haters and naysayers, Naomi felt it was important to address one particular commenter that insinuated something that sought to invalidate her whole video and what she wanted her followers to know about hard work.

Naomi posted the specific comment that made her react, and shared on her Instagram Stories what she thought.

Naomi Neo claps back at comment she can't afford her Lamborghini Huracán on her own - Alvinology

The comment insinuated that she was only able to buy her dream car because her husband was rich and that he paid for her luxurious lifestyle.

Naomi did not agree with this comment and explained her side. She said that she respected women like her mother who depended on their husband since they did not have help to take care of their kids, and that it was a perfectly normal situation.

But for herself, Naomi chose to go a different route, and that was to become financially independent and self-sufficient. According to her post, she had a problem with men who did not like women who were independent. She said she felt like she was fighting an endless battle.

She said that she continued to fight so hard so that she would never hear the words, “You won’t survive without me.”

Another issue she took up was how other people would get mad that some women do not pay for their own expenses and expect others to do so, presumably their boyfriends, husbands, or dates. But when a woman actually becomes independent enough to cover that, some people find some way to still hate on them or disbelieve their success.

Naomi also said that this would be the last time that she addressed comments of that kind.

Header image from Naomi Neo Instagram account

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