Since her wedding video dropped last Sunday, people are asking, “Who is Naomi Neo’s husband?”

According to her wedding video, Naomi offers her husband’s initial as H, and that he is a private person who does not like the limelight.

Read all the details about Naomi Neo’s husband and her wedding video.

She has said that they got married only two days after their first anniversary, and only met in late 2016.

Naomi also said that he does not really like being in front of the camera. She asked netizens to respect his wishes but she also promised that she would feature more about her new married life.

In contrast to her past relationships

Before this, Naomi’s past relationships were quite visible online. Let’s take a look at some of them.

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Tan Jian Hao

Perhaps her most publicised relationship is that of her time with fellow YouTuber Tan Jian Hao. According to her blog post that detailed her relationship and the breakup, he had courter her for six months despite being rejected three times.

She said that he was with her for one and a half years and that they had been friends for 2 years previously. She had called it one of the most serious relationships she had ever had.

Fans, though, speculated (and were correct) when they noted that the two of them stopped posting photos of them together and appearing in each other’s videos.

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She also stated that she had cheated on him for a few months during a rocky time in their relationship. She worked hard to gain his trust again and cut the other guy out of her life completely.

Still, they had to break up because she said their relationship had lost its proverbial spark.

Other unnamed or unconfirmed guys

Tan was actually one of the guys you could actually say was with Naomi. All the others were not mentioned by name nor were they actually proven to be with her. Sometimes, people say they would be together but they would actually only be friends or linked.

Eden Ang

Since Naomi tends to feature her boyfriends (if they agree) on her channel and video, she was also linked to the Wah!Banana and now sex scandal-beleaguered actor Eden Ang. Fans saw that they had several videos together, with this one being especially indicative of a relationship.

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Eden and Naomi both rejected the idea, though, and said that nothing was going on. Still, it could have ben because people did not respond to them positively, as some commented they would rather have Eden with his co-star, Audrey.

Xavier Ong

While some anonymous blogs would say that she got with her friend and fellow influencer Xavier Ong, the relationship was likewise never confirmed. He is credited to helping her with several videos on her feed, though, so they may have a very strong friendship.

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Aside from Xavier and Eden, a lot of anonymous blogs published that Naomi had a handful of other ex boyfriends. They were not named, however, so these are just alleged relationships. Some of her bashers and haters had always called her out for having different boyfriends and relationships, but there really isn’t anything wrong with that.

Congratulations on getting married, Naomi!

In an exclusive with Alvinology, Naomi said that her husband is said to be a very private person who works for his family’s business.

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