From the team that brought you the Art-Zoo Inflatable Park, Ultimate Entertainments Group now brings you, Airzone, the world’s first indoor suspended net playground opening at City Square Mall.

Walk, run, jump and slide ‘on air’ at Airzone on the suspeneded net across three floors of the shopping mall. Admission starts from S$20 per pax for an hour and entry is from the second floor of City Square Mall. There is currently a 10% discount opening promotion and for online bookings. 

We went to check out Airzone and here’s our video on the experience:

The attraction is safe and fun for all ages. Kids can easily navigate on the nets and there are attendants to help you should get stuck or have problem moving around.

We found the free-play area the most fun, whereby you can run, jump and bounce around with a large group of friends. The ball pit area was surprisingly challenging, with the net adding to the difficulty of trying to stand upright. We found ourselves buried most of the time.

One hour will pass by very quickly when you are having so much fun, but it’s only just enough time for you to enjoy yourself without lingering for too long. All in all, it was wholesome fun at Airzone, suitable for all ages.

Airzone’s Chinese New Year Special

Airzone is open during the Chinese New Year festive period in Singapore and if you are looking for some alternative entertainment, this is the place to go.

Specially for the Year of the Dog, join Lucky the giant puppy, a 1.5m tall inflatable ball of fun, on this exciting new attraction from 15 to 28 Feb. In addition, submit your wristband after your play for a ‘sure win’ lucky red packet and a chance to win Chinese New Year lucky draw prizes including a S$888 cash ‘ang pow’ to be won daily.

The Airstronaut Journey – What is Airzone?

Airzone is an elevated playground with distinct themed zones containing unique games with at least one access and one exit point per platform (floor level). In between the floor levels, mezzanine net levels can also be installed to create additional activity spaces.

Originally designed as “safety nets’ for trapeze or ‘high wire’ circus acts, the suspended structures have since evolved into suspended playgrounds or adventure courses with broad appeal. If you are worried about safety, the netted structures in place are strong enough to suspend two fully laden Singapore passenger buses lying on their sides.

The versatility of the nets creates a transformable space with the potential to offer a variety of attractions and entertainment options, as well as bespoke experiences that target a multitude of market segments.

Currently, Airzone boast 4 levels of activities starting with a Play Zone on level 3 featuring a suspended ball pit, bouncy balls and giant Zorb balls. This level will provide an easy introduction to a unique “space walking” experience – fall and bounce around on the net or perhaps just lay down and experience the mall from a different perspective.

On level 4 a free roaming Games and Activity Zone offers “Airstronauts” the opportunity for creativity and imagination. The space is also a hireable events space which could be cleared to host mini events and group activities for our communities, for example Fitness classes, Trampoline
classes and Dodgeball sessions.

On level 5, “Airstronauts” will go an adventure navigating an obstacle course of small paths and slopes in the Maze Zone.

Finally, the highlight of the attraction will take “Airstronauts” on a
fast track down a giant slide from level 6 to level 5.

Airstronauts can look forward to new activities to be introduced to at least one level of the nets every six months. Potential new elements include “high rope” obstacles, mini-ziplines, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality experiences, laser tag, silent disco, and aerobics & workouts just to name a few.

Pricing and Safety

If you are interested to visit Airzone, prices start from S$20 for an hour-slot and S$65 for a special 4-sessions pass for Singapore residents including PRs and pass holders. Tickets include free locker hire to store loose personal items, subjected to availability.

Some dos and don’ts:

First-aid trained AIRZONE staff are present on site to assist. Visitors are advised against wearing skirts for obvious reasons. Hand sanitisers
and toilets facilities are available on site. Food and drinks are not permitted.

A maximum of 60 pax will be allowed on Airzone at any one time, with around 20 pax per level. There is also a maximum allowable weight of 120kg for participants.

If you like to record videos or photos, you have to bring a mobile pouch or purchase one from the Airzone staff at S$2 each.