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Author: Rachel Chan

Influence how much you pay for motor insurance based on how you drive

In a game-changing move by NTUC Income, drivers can now influence their motor insurance premiums with their mileage and driving behaviour. If you’ve been consistently keeping to the speed limit on the road and wondering when the car fairy will pat you on the back for your good driving behaviour, now’s the time. You could up to 20% savings on your premium, provided that you install a smartphone app which tracks your driving speed, manoeuvres, drive time and mileage when you embark on a journey. Called the Drive Master, it is an insurance scheme which leverages telematics. Very simply...

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[Promo code inside] The best place for a five-year-old to learn the violin

I won’t deny being quite the Asian tiger mum, so I was delighted when Asher told me that he wanted to learn how to play the violin. As a toddler, he had told me a couple of years ago that he wanted to play the electric guitar when he grows up, and he reminds me every year. His music teacher at his preschool has him started on the ukulele, but when she told him that he had to learn to play violin or piano in order to “become really good at the ukulele,” he promptly demanded lessons. I don’t have a...

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Quick breakfast ideas to boost your kid’s energy (and IQ!)

Breakfast-skippers, did you know that your brain uses 20% of the glucose in your diet? That’s probably why you feel lethargic and out of pep in the morning until you’ve had a bit of lunch. Mothers of breakfast-skipping children, if you’re wondering whether your child’s lack of nutritional intake in the morning negatively impacts him or her – the answer is a resounding “yes”. According to a local study on the breakfast habits of school-going children in Singapore, more than 50% of respondents felt irritable, tired and not able to concentrate without breakfast. And you’re very much not alone. Conducted...

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The best 99% effective contraception – not the condom!

Spoiler alert for those who haven’t watched the latest Bridget Jones’ Diary flick Beyond Complicated – Bridget gets knocked up all thanks to a pack of expired, dolphin-friendly condoms. The idea that one could use condoms, and funky ones, no less, for a six-hour sex marathon, really baffles me. Bridget’s cave of pleasure must be lined with reinforced steel. You see, I’m allergic to latex. Just thinking about rubbing rubber in my girly regions makes me want to scratch parts I cannot reach. And let’s get real. When your partner wants to get frisky in the sack, he probably wants...

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Guess where this traveler is headed to next and stand to win prizes!

Looking for someone to sponsor your next vacation? Participate in the series of contests Changi Recommends and Qatar Airways is running from July 1 to September 30 and you may find more than one incentive to explore the world. In this third mini contest running until August 22 (that’s this coming Monday), one lucky winner will stand a chance to win a pair of KidZania Singapore tickets (worth more than $100) + $50 ChangiWIFI vouchers. And at the end of the campaign, a bigger grand prize awaits one lucky participant. Read on to find out what, and how! But...

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