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OnlyEg – commercial plant-based whole egg substitute is now available in Singapore!

Singapore-based food technology start-up Float Foods announces its plant-based protein product, OnlyEg, Asia’s first commercial plant-based whole egg substitute, that offers both an egg yolk and egg white replacement.

Developed with proprietary technology created by Float Foods’ in-house research and development team, the announcement comes on the back of successful proofs-of-concepts established during positive engagement with accredited local organisations in the fields of research and innovation including:

  • Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR)
  • Singapore Institute of Food and Biotechnology Innovation (SIFBI)
  • food incubator Innovate 360
  • Singapore Polytechnic Food Innovation and Resource Centre (FIRC)

OnlyEg comprises legumes-based substitutes for both egg yolk and egg white as two distinct components which can be prepared and assembled in minutes into multiple styles of egg including sunny side-up, overeasy or soft boiled.

Another key component of Float Foods’ plant-based food ecosystem is a “food as medicine” approach – where the nutritional benefits of OnlyEg is being developed to be higher than that of a chicken egg.

OnlyEg will also be able to offer versatility, functionality and nutritional value that matches that of a whole chicken egg, while mitigating the potential for animal-to-human disease transmission, hormones or antibiotics residue and supply chain disruption; reducing our carbon footprint and land use while adding to food diversity.

Float Foods has completed proof-of-concepts for OnlyEg and other alternative proteins products including plant-based yoghurt, cheese and blended egg patties and shreds. The start-up is currently raising capital through a Series A round as it gears OnlyEg for commercial readiness by 2022, with support from Singapore’s leading research and innovation agencies.

A series of proprietary and licensed plant-based products will be released in phases across the next two years.

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