Milo Kosong, Milo Dinosaur and Milo Godzilla. What do these beverages have in common besides uniquely concocted in Singapore?

The natural goodness of malt, skimmed milk and cocoa for that great chocolatey (gao) taste loved by Singaporeans. Some would say it pairs perfectly with prata kosong and curry as supper.

Photo via Milo Singapore.

The company behind beverage, Nestle, has recently launched its new Milo Gao Siew Dai (thick with less sugar) that is said to have a stronger Milo taste with 50% less sugar and 30% more protein, and is targeted towards adults who have grown up drinking the iconic brand.

It has also been awarded the Healthier Choice Symbol by Singapore’s Health Promotion Board, therefore appealing to adults and children alike at the breakfast table.

For someone who used to drink Milo every morning when I was younger (and I still do!), I was excited when Milo sent me a packet.

The Milo Gao Siew Dai tastes slightly less sweet. To me, it tastes almost the same as a regular Milo and it doesn’t compensate on the flavour.

With less sugar and more protein, this is definitely a healthier choice for those who are conscious of their sugar intake.

Milo Gao Siew Dai is available at all leading supermarkets at $6.50 and comes in packs of 15 sachets.