We are still caught up in the Naomi Neo pregnancy reveal, and here she is releasing another video for her YouTube channel revealing more exciting details about her new journey.

In an Instagram post that went up last week, Naomi revealed that she was indeed pregnant and some considerable months along, thanks to the visual confirmation of a beautiful baby bump.

Fellow A-list bloggers Xiaxue and Melissa Celestine Koh congratulated her on this next step in her life.

Read about her pregnancy reveal here.

How many months is Naomi Neo pregnant?

According to her video, she is almost 6 months along, as she said that she got pregnant in October 2017. This means that when she was married, she was at least in her first trimester. This explains the style of her wedding gown.

Since she is also in the second trimester, she also says that she has felt the baby move and kick.

What did her then-boyfriend say when she told him she was pregnant?

Naomi revealed that she was afraid to tell her boyfriend at the time at first, but was then surprised when he asked that she keep the baby. She said that he was very happy with her and the pregnancy.

What did her family say about the pregnancy?

Naomi was also afraid of what her family would say since she came from a conservative background. She was also surprised at how supportive they were of her decision to keep the baby.

At that point, Naomi felt so relieved and happy about the positive energy she was receiving.

Still, it wasn’t enough

Naomi revealed that she went through a lot of loneliness in the early stages of her pregnancy. Because she was not ready to reveal her baby bump yet, she only trusted a few people outside of her family and her then-boyfriend to know. She also wasn’t able to do a lot of videos or content because she did  not want to tell people that she was pregnant yet.

She says that people should respect her choices

A lot of things have been said about Naomi before her reveal, as a lot of netizens had guessed that she was pregnant. She addressed the stigma of being pregnant without being married yet, and said that people will say anything about you no matter what, so it’s best to do what you want.

She also said that she had to go through difficult times while she was pregnant because of her career and job, which included the challenges she faced when asked to drink alcoholic beverages and certain sports activities.

Naomi Neo’s baby gender

As of the video, she had not yet revealed what the gender of her baby is. She may reveal more in later videos.

She also said that the baby is healthy, which is the only thing she cares about right now. She is very excited to become a mother and feel that her life experiences have contributed to the fact that she is ready to be a mum.

Watch her pregnancy video here:

Her pregnancy symptoms

According to the video, she said that she experienced intense vomiting very early on in the pregnancy, with her throwing up as much as six times in a day. But she said that she also did not experience any increase in appetite or preference for certain food.

She said that in the first stages of her pregnancy, she actually lost weight because she had difficulty eating. But one day, those symptoms disappeared and she is not steadily gaining a lot of weight.

She said that she wasn’t used to all this weight gain especially as she hasn’t really changed what she eats from when she was not pregnant.

Congratulations on your pregnancy, Naomi! We are hoping for your safe delivery.