The Top Ten Alternative News Sites in Singapore

Besides the usual news sites run by the media giants in Singapore like Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) and Mediacorp and technology companies like Yahoo! and Microsoft, which are the top ten alternative news sites in Singapore based on web traffic?

Here’s a quick run-down, based on traffic estimates from

1. – 2.6 million page views per month

I know this isn’t exactly everyone’s favourite alternate news site in terms of reputation, but the truth hurts. People cannot resist scandalous and crass content. It is the same reasone why STOMP is the website with the highest page views among all the SPH websites too.

2. – 1.7 million page views per month

Coming in a respectable second is socio-political site, Mothership, the only other alternative news site in Singapore to cross the 1 million page views per month mark. The news are better curated and edited here, with proper sourcing, interviews and backgrounding.

3. – 838,700 page views per month

This is a relatively new entrant to the market. It seems they have not been registered as a socio-political site yet, compared to most others on this list. With such high traffic and a focus on Singapore related news, they should meet the MDA’s criteria for registration.

4. – 540,000 page views per month

Another site with similar, but more moderate gutter content as The Real Singapore, this site still commands a respectable half a million page views each month.

5. – 510,000 page views per month

One of the first alternative news site in Singapore that is still surviving and growing from strength to strength, The Online Citizen is holding up on it’s hold despite less frequent and slower updates.

6. – 170,000 page views per month

Veteran journalist turned online columnist, Bertha Henson is a one-woman newsroom not to be messed with. She is able to amass a pretty decent following with contributions from one writer alone – herself. I confess I am a fan.

7. – 85,000 page views per month

Roy Ngerng, better known as the blogger who got slapped with a defamation suit by the current prime minister of Singapore, has a decent following, but I believe he enjoyed many huge traffic spikes whenever he had any brushes with the law in Singapore that might well surpass the traffic of many of those ranked above him in this list.

8. – 35,000 page views per month

Alex Au was one of my favourite bloggers to read. However, he seem to have stop writing recently after his run-in with the Attorney-General of Singapore. A pity because he writes well. Nonetheless, he still gets good traffic each month for a mostly dormant site.

9. – 30,000 page views per month

This is more of an aggregator site where they curate and share socio-political news articles from a variety of online sources. It’s a good one-stop source for alternative news.

1o. – 15,000 page views per month

Written by Kenneth Jeyaratnam, the Secretary-General of the Reform Party and the eldest son of the late opposition figure, J.B. Jeyaratnam, the site has a niche following in Singapore.

Now that you have seen the full list, which alternative news site do you like best? 🙂

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