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Who is Li Hongyi?

Li HongyiHis name is buzzing over the local web community lately ‘cos of an incident in SAF. Anyway, out of curiosity, I did an image search to look for a photo of Li Hongyi. And voila! The picture above is what I found – taken from a RJC Prom Night photo album belonging to a ssatosaigon2.

Not too sure if he’s the right guy. Can someone verify?

Along the way while searching for his image, I discovered that Li Hongyi was an overachiever since young – he schooled at Rosyth Primary, ACS (Independent), Raffles JC, won the Lee Kuan Yew Award for Math & Science in 2006 and was commissioned as an officer in SAFTI Military Institute the same year.

I also want a son like that next time!

Update: Click here to read Alvinology’s comment on the Li Hongyi saga

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  1. If you want a son like that,
    1. Your surname must be Lee
    2. Your grandfather/father must be Prime Ministers

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