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Pictures fresh from the public launch event which ended at 6pm today. Overall, I had fun planning and organising this event. The turnout was good considering the sweltering heat.

The only spoiler was a crowd of over enthusiastic people who were there to accumulate bags after bags of the prizes and freebies we were giving out. Their thirst for freebies is insatiable! A few stayed all the way from 12 noon to 6 pm, repeatedly queuing to get the same freebies. Each time, they kept insisting it was the first time they queued – even though our staff recognised their faces! Very thick-skinned lei!

Even when security guards were deployed to politely ask them to stop queuing repeatedly, they refused to barge and will hang around to whine and complain. My colleague told me these freebies snatchers are “professionals” who go out in groups every weekend to do this sort of things. Sad lei. Is this something uniquely Singapore?

Anyway, enough whining from me. Here are the photos I took at the event. Enjoy! 🙂

Welcome! We dare you to have fun!

Early birds
The early birds

Trying the website
Trying out our website on the spot

mini golf course
Mini golf course showcasing our lobang section on

Golf for everyone
Golf can be for everyone

Free bread
Muffin game sponsored by BreadTalk, showcasing our Eat! section

Free manicure and makeover
Free manicure and makeover to showcase our lifestyle section

Trooper reporting news
Trooper reporting news at the Citizen Journalism section

reporting the news
Reporting the news

Soccer game
Soccer game to showcase our Playground section


Wanli and Xiao Zhu
Wanli with Radio 100.3 DJ, Christie enjoying a video together at the showbiz section

live talkshow
Live talkshow on stage hosted by Radio 100.3 DJ, Wen Hong

kuan fung with dr doom and vendetta
Kuan Fung with Dr. Doom and Vendetta

Trooper dares
Trooper dares you to have fun

Chim Kang with Vendetta
omy Editor, Chua Chim Kang and his daughter with Vendetta

Marc pretending he’s one of the member of Fahrenheit

Celebrity Stylist Addy Lee
Celebrity stylist, Addy Lee doing a live hairshow

water balloon
Water balloon competition – the most dry person wins a Club Med travel package for 2

omy balloons
omy balloons!

Balloon fight
Balloon fight! Winner again walks away with Club Med travel package!

grand prize
Competing for the Club Med Maldives package grand prize – first to find 5 balls with the digits 75858 wins!

The Professionals
Two of the Professionals smiling happily due to their extreme enthusiasm for the event

professional goodies snatcher
Professional hiding her face as she suddenly becomes shy in front of the camera

Another professional hiding
Another Professional squatting on the floor cos she’s camera shy

Beatboxer Stitch
Beatboxer Stitch performing

Ke Wei and JIanwen
Singer, Ke Wei and Radio 100.3 DJ, Jianwen

Kewei singing
Ke Wei singing

kewei JJ Fanclub
Singer Tay Ke Wei with JJ Lin’s fan club members

Vin and  Shinya
Vin and Shinya (from Superband) performing together

Vin singing
Vin singing

Radical  Force
Performance by bboy crew – Radical Force

Paul Twohill blind
Paul Twohill pretending to be blind

Paul plays soccer
Paul Twohill playing soccer

Paul Twohill singing
Paul Twohill singing with his guitarist

Neng Tuan attacking storm trooper
Neng Tuan attacking Star Wars trooper

Neng Tuan pretending to be Ella
Neng Tuan = Ella?

omy ball
The battered and worn omy soccer ball after the event

This last image best expresses how I feel after three consecutive outdoor events for Finally, the launch campaign is over. 🙂

Now, it’s time to work hard on delivering the best in news, entertainment and interactivity to our audiences. Do give us your support!

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