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zSimplicityz: The Sakae Sushi Prankster

zSimplicityz: The Sakae Sushi Prankster
Leonard Zhou Anjian

Leonard Zhou Anjian

I am back. 🙂 The flickr photo issue has been fixed after a few email exchanges with the friendly staff at flickr and wordpress. More about that in another blog entry.

For now, check out the two videos below.

[youtube url=”″]

[youtube url=”″]

A boy who goes by the nickname, zSimplicityz uploaded videos of himself adding extra wasabi with his bare hands into two pieces of unagi sushi at a Sakae Sushi restaurant and returning it back to the sushi conveyor belt.

In the second video, it seems like zSimplicityz and his friends returned empty plates onto the sushi conveyor belt to avoid paying for the sushi they ate – not too sure as it was not too clear from the video.

Some netizens had left comments on his video, criticising him for his actions, but check out what he has to say in rebuttal below:

Click to Enlarge

Click to Enlarge

After the recent Indian Rojak food poisoning scare, I think this boy is either extremely dense or extremely insensitive. The forummers at EDMW have done a good job CSI-ing out his identity. If you want to know more about zSimplicityz, click HERE.

His basic profile:

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Name: Leonard Zhou Anjian
email: [email protected]
D.O.B: 15.04.87
Employment: Student

UPDATE: Since youtube removed the original video, here’s the link to another version of the video, edited with a cartoon music:

[youtube url=”″]

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  1. Walter

    I agree with you that’s its not a very well thought through plan to play a prank like this which isn’t “exposed” before a potential victim falls for it. This is unlike those by “Just For Laughs” or “Candid Camera” which at least gets people laughing at themselves. There is a difference between a joke done in good taste (and hygiene) and one which simply raises the ire of others.

  2. alvinology

    I think his biggest mistake was to upload the video online thinking others will be supportive of his actions.

  3. yongwei92

    the world is a fun place not when ppl do this kinda actions

    it’s fun that dumb people do exist. even if they’re graduates, or grown ups like this guy

    wanna do this kinda thing, as least don’t post a video of it online.

    EDMW people really can be CSI already

  4. The LAW

    Singapore Penal Code: Adulteration of food or drink which is intended for sale
    272. Whoever adulterates any article of food or drink, so as to make such article noxious as food or drink, intending to sell such article as food or drink, or knowing it to be likely that the same will be sold as food or drink, shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to 6 months, or with fine which may extend to $1,500, or with both.

  5. Sheila

    OMG. I was quite suprised to see his face here. Coz I personally know him.Not close frds, but yeah, he’s my friend.

    Tsk, tsk tsk!

  6. Sheila

    & I personally think he wasn’t do it on purpose. I know what he did is wrong, but I believe he did it more of for casual fun.I know he like to play tricks and all that. Though this sake sushi inccident is kinda overboard, I feel.

    Well, its common for people to make mistake.But, what’s impt is to know what we do wrong, feeling remourseful abt it and apologise.

    Let’s forgive & forget,shall we? Afterall, he has apologised. =)

    I hope everyone will let the matter rest and do not disturb his family&friends.

  7. EC

    I read that he apologised. We should be proud of him.

    Sakae Sushi’s upper management should learn from him because Sakae Sushi’s upper management is shameless!!! They owe my friend her salary. My friend is still holding a paycheck from Sakae Sushi which was bounced. Her lawyer called and wrote to Sakae Sushi’s upper management. Guess what? They didn’t reply to her lawyer. Shameless!!

  8. alvinology

    EC: You tried going thru the Small Claims Tribunal?

  9. EC

    Thanks for your suggestion. Her lawyer is doing something already. I heard that other people don’t have money to hire a lawyer and that’s nothing they can do. These people are waiters and waitresses. They have moved on with their lives to make money to feed their family… sigh

  10. alvinology

    I just checked the Small Claim Tribunal site – employment issues is not covered. The right authority I guess is MOM. May want to try going to them instead of engaging a lawyer?

  11. EC

    We really appreciate your suggestion. I don’t want to discuss this too much here. My friend said her lawyer will take care of it. Again, thank you. I really hope more Singaporeans know what type of company Sakae Sushi is. Maybe should contact the media to interview my friend… not sure if she wants to do that.



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