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I Love You, Man

Movie poster
Movie poster

I watched this romantic-comedy a few weeks back during the media preview. It was really great! The movie does not have a big-names cast and the poster looks rather uninteresting, but the movie was surprisingly awesome!

If you dig comedies, and appreciate a light-hearted, yet not too cheesy movie after a hard day at work, “I Love You, Man” is a must-watch.

The movie opens in cinemas a few days ago on 18 June. Knowing Singaporeans who tend to go for big-names, big explosions, massive CGI movies, this romantic comedy may not get a long box office run, hence do catch it soon before you miss it.

The story is about a loser guy, Peter Klaven (Paul Rudd) who can’t find a best man for his marriage due to his lack of male friends. Hence he had to embark on a mission to get to know a best male friend in time for his wedding day. That was how he got to know an oddball called Sidney Fife (Jason Segel) and the two of them got involved in a series of misadventures, one after another.

It’s a really simple storyline, but it’s the characters and chemistry between them that keeps the movie going.

Here’s the movie trailer:

[youtube url=”http://www.youtube.com/v/kRLf04gH7mc&hl=en&fs=1″]

For a more detailed review, you can read my friend, Ding An’s review on the movie. BTW, Ding An is the director of the local movie, Kallang Roar and if you do not trust my taste in movie, a movie director cannot be too far wrong yeah? 🙂

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