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Eng Kai Er, the A*STAR scholar/ Holland Village streaker

Picture of Eng Kai Er, via omy.sg
Picture of Eng Kai Er, via omy.sg

I wasn’t sure if the A*STAR scholar called Eng Kai Er was the same Eng Kai Er who was charged in court on Thursday for walking down Holland Village, totally naked with an ang moh guy, Jan Philip during this year’s Chinese New Year period.

Well, a report in omy.sg yesterday confirmed she is the same person. Eng Kai Er is an A*STAR scholar. She is also the daring streaker who graced Holland Village.

Kai Er made it to the headlines of Lianhe Wanbao yesterday too:

Lianhe Wanbao cover, 10 April 2009
Lianhe Wanbao cover, 10 April 2009

Via the omy.sg report, Kai Er is a very outstanding youth. She was awarded with an A*STAR scholarship to study infection biology in Karolinska Institutet in Sweden in 2007. She’s also an alumni of the University of Cambridge when she went over to Britain to study in 2003. Kai Er stayed in Trinity Hall during her Cambridge days and was said to have been active in dance and theatres.

Kai Er is also a MENSA member with an IQ of over 148. She is also a champion skater who has represented Singapore before in Skate Asia, a major world skating tournament.

While I am nobody to condemn her actions, but an A*STAR scholar should have seen this coming when she decided to streak at Holland Village.

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  1. With an IQ of 148, she doesn’t know that it is against the law to walk naked in public? Maybe Mensa should test her IQ again.

  2. Well, your blog has been interesting. But it may not be a good idea to publish so much details about her (granted these things are on Wanbao, Zaobao, Straitstimes..etc).

    If the person in question is your sister, you may not be so willing to put all these information up. Perhaps you should consider removing this entry..

    From: Someone who knows her.

  3. @shanghaigirls, haha having high IQ doesn’t necessarily mean she is knowledgeable or well-read 🙂 or it could just be a moment of folly ^^

    @johnny, i agree it is not nice for someone who knows her to read about all these. however, i don’t think anything alvin wrote was unethical hence it should be entirely his decision if he wants to remove/edit his post 🙂

    anyway i also did a post about her at my blog…

    Vicissitudes of Life

    someone from sgforums commented that she was the only person from the A* scholars who dyed her and suggested that she was an “Ah Lian Wannabe”…

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  5. Shufen, nobody said high IQ = well read. High IQ= smart. There are a lot of stupid people who try to read a lot, just that they don’t understand what they read lor that’s all.

    You are very well a good example of someone who tries to read a lot (thus self perceived to be well read) and have low IQ.

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