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Naked couple spotted at Holland Village

LATEST UPDATE: The couple has been charged on 9 April 2009. The girl, Eng Kai Er is a Singaporean.

UPDATE: The couple was arrested and released on bail. The story was reported today in Straits Times and in the headlines of the two Chinese evening papers, Shin Min Daily and Lianhe Wanbao.

The start of the new year and people are starting to get naked. This time, it’s a couple who stripped down to nothing and strolled down Holland Village.

Photos and quote below via leonardtan at  Jobs Central forum:

Its a bit chilly...
It's a bit chilly...
We love being naked!
We love being naked!
Lets parade around more...
Let's parade around more...

“I was in Holland Village at around 11pm last night, when me and my friends saw two naked people walking towards us near NYDC!

One was a tall Caucasian man, and the other a petite woman who looked Japanese. They both had footwear on, and the girl was wearing a slingbag, but other than that, they were completely nude!

They looked really comfortable walking down the street, which led to many curious stares. Interestingly enough, the couple walked towards 7-11, and must have made their way around the entire Holland V, because they eventually appeared again near Wala Wala!

They stopped at one of the tables to chat with a group of people and were still naked! Even when a crowd gathered and some people started taking photos, they didn’t bother to cover their private parts or run away.

Minutes later, they put their clothes back on, and left the area to walk towards 7-11 again. Quite a few people in the crowd cheered them on, and the girl even waved back haha.

Very very unforgettable sight which I took a few photos of. A little blur unfortunately.”

Singapore is getting more and more exciting. 🙂

Anyway, two other bloggers witnessed the action. You can read about it HERE and HERE.

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  1. Gosh. Reading your last line makes me wonder if you really passed biology or perhaps have lived under a bowl for too long.
    Grow up mate! it’s nothing exciting.
    You got one too.
    Just strip and lookit at the mirror. (magnifying glass required)

  2. Dude, you have to put the nudity in context – in strict and conservative Singapore where you can can arrested for just having a gathering of more than 5 people, public nudity is very exciting.

  3. The Couple Can Be Charge By The POLICE And Next Time Please Call The POLICE At 999 So That The Couple Remember Our Country Is Not A JUNGLE Or A Place For A PORNSTAR Got It………..

  4. Singapore must be more open to things like this. Freedom of expression. Wht was the intended message of those two ppl(if there was infact any)? Singapore is a strict country, this kind of “stunt” will not be tolerated. I think the both of them know the this but they went with it anyway. A point to put across ?? << Think about this for awhile.
    We are not some communist country ( or are we ? ). We Singaporeans must be given the freedom of expression. Where else in the world is the chewing of gum made illegal ? All we are doing in this country is Paying And Paying. No choice,No say.
    FREEDOM !! Revolution starts now ! (and in no way am i suggesting that ppl shud go around town naked) LoL

  5. Wow the Poh-leese reallie did a nice job, arresting naked with lightning speed. But thewhole damn force can’t seem to do shit when a limping most wanted wannabe terrorist escapes. BRAVO, BRAVO. Lets Pay And Pay more for them to “protect” our country.

  6. About the most wanted terrorist escapes if u 1 2 no y they can’t find him u should ask ISD n Mr Wong Kan Seng about it………….

  7. Hey,that couple they are really daring! I salute them:) Honestly,singaporean they live in fear and everythings they do have a limit. We should do what we like and don’t bother what others wanna say.

  8. ISD is simply an excuse to eliminate power threats (political opponents).
    They (ISD) operate by a different type of law. They are somewht “above the law” answering to only 1 person. Go figure.

    On a different note.
    Wht do u make of a prime minister who need help from a 1. senior minister and 2. a Minister Mentor ? incapable ??

  9. Minister Mentor is just like a Principal follow by the Senior or Prime Minister as the Vice Principal. But the CPIB is above all the uniform n non uniform grp……..

  10. The laws governing us singaporeans. Lack of freedom allowed. Strict Rules made for us to follow. Its like an army camp. Left Right Left Right Pay And Pay Pay And Pay. And whos the head master ?

  11. Horrible scene but seems possible to make it one more time. Await to see like often this more in Singapore streets, it could be a nice SHOT to the economic crisis the globe facing today.

  12. wow in SINGAPORE… we need things like that happening sometimes in this country.. faring borin me to death, no pride and no joy

  13. Of course it was an ang mo, and you say the girl seemed non-Singaporean too.

    This really isn’t a Singaporean thing because it’s not Singaporeans doing it. Singaporeans are too scared to pull something like this off.

  14. in my opinion, they are practicing nudism.
    no shame over their natural body.
    guys have what they have and
    girls have what they have naturally.

    they think that it is ok to walk around nude like
    some children do … in the old days or in poor area.

    well, at least we know what it is like to practice nudism
    here in Singapore …. fine or go to jail.

    above r just some of my tots ….

  15. Police said the couple, a Caucasian man and an ethnic Chinese woman in their 20s, had been arrested and released on bail. If convicted under Singapore law, they could face a fine of maximum fine of S$2000 , up to 3 months in jail, or both.

  16. Waaaaaaaa, so cooool, especially in Hot hot singapore, where you melt in our weather.

    In Holland, there are many places which is CLOTHING OPTIONAL.

    I guess this couple must have flew in from HOLLAND recently and mistaken the place to be NUDE ACCEPTABLE.

    In Germany, we have many places which are clothing optional…

    So, why not have a CLOTHING OPTIONAL area in SINGAPORE????

    In Austria, along the DANUBE RIVER, at LOBAU, we have a stretch of RIVER BANKS which is crowded by a few thousand people from every race TOTALLY NUDE, from TODDLERS, TEENAGERS, ADULTS, PARENTS TO GRANDPARENTS…A FAMILY AFFAIR.

    So, what is the BIG DEAL in Singapore when just 2 persons go nude in PUBLIC?



    YES, YES, YES……..


  17. Sure sure the caucasians always go “Oh singaporeans get overly excited over small things like nudity” But you are here arent you? So do what the romans do.
    Eating frog legs and pig intestine is normal too why don’t you try it? Culturally we are just different! Im not going to say these angmohs are weird.
    Nudist don’t just go nude anywhere they want. They have a “community”. And they grow up in that environment of course they are used to it! You know how hard it is to get playboy over here? Of course there’s the internet but im sure no one in singapore downloads porn.We’re just too obedient you know? Going nude in a non-nudist environment just brings the wrong kind of attention. How are the kids gonna interpret it? They grow up in a society built on modesty and then they see two naked adults.Bottomline being nudist is ok. Being nudist in a non-nudist environment… not ok. Having a nudist beach in singapore won’t happen any soon cause our society is just not prepared for it. Look if you really wanna go nude SO SO bad. DO it at home! And remember to close the curtains cause your neighbours might see you and it’ll be headlines for New Paper.
    A little side note: These two are just dumbasses man really.

  18. Ok but well. It was a foolish risk but I am still proud of my brother (the “caucasian man in his 20’s”). It might be stupid to walk naked in Singapore, but here nobody would even care to look, so considering what they have to go through now, it’s kind of crazy. So, I’m proud he dared, both to walk naked in public (still, here it would take 1000 naked people walking and shouting if the newspaper would write some short thingie about it) and to act against the law. (come on, it’s almost like banning homos, totally stupid)

    Just hope that he, and the girl, will be able to stay there and do what they are supposed to to (STUDY!).



  20. Seem kind of HARSH ah???????????????????
    For your info i don’t like other peoples no matter what is the race or religion treat my COUNTRY like a JUNGLE………………………………

  21. Sorry Sufiano, I think you misunderstood. With harsh I just meant that you are making this a bigger deal than it is. You know, like the police. I think, like I am sure you do too, that the most important thing is to respect each other, and of course it may not be right to for example rub your cock into somebodies face, or for example show up nude at work. But rejecting the most natural things of all, nudity, and creative strange laws and punishments against such things is silly, and of course we all should try to make it all work out, but hey, let’s be realistic.

    So, my brother did not treat “your” country as a jungle, he may have done something that was unnecessary, but not rude like a real crime. Therefore I think law enforcement should use their time to do other things that chasing people without clothes in a warm and probably (never been in Singapore) very beautiful country.

    And, talking about jungle. Quite funny isnt’t it, that earth is all nature, or should be, and mankind has forced his strange domains and partly made up silly social codes on this living and breathing community – earth, where no countries or borders really exist if you think about it in greater terms than such terms than humans can provide.

    The best to all of you/A

  22. Yeah no big deal. It’s a forum you know? We read and we comment on something that’s not a big of an issue even when it’s about someone we know. Hmm… I guess you have a point. Maybe tomorrow i’ll invite all my relatives and their 13 year olds and strip in front of them. Heck maybe i’ll even strip the kids cause we’re all supposed to be anyway. Oh Lord nudism is the whole point isn’t it? Makes so much sense to do it. Three cheers to the caucasian for trying to create a revolution here! Silly laws… no wonder we’re one of the safest country in the world. Tsk Hate that. but hey, let’s be realistic.
    Oh and thanks for the erm wonderful “insight” about human civilization. It totally blew me away. Now i think money is just paper. My computer is a freaking scrap. ANd why the hell am i going into forums anyways? Internet is bullshit!

  23. Oh dear 😀 Let’s all get carried away eh. As if trying to make a point. As if.

    Dear lord nudism, I preferr to wear clothes, I need a computer and internet to make my job (hardware things), am I a bad bad girl?

    Dear mr clown, really hope you can offer ya relatives a show worth seeing

    Strip on

  24. Hey no big deal right? I’ll send you a postcard when i’m done. 🙂
    Moving on to bigger things… what am i gonna have for lunch tomorrow…

  25. Seriously, Aniara, I’d rather the couple, i.e., ur brother and his gf, would pack up and leave and go walk nude all day long in some place that accepts their behaviour better. Oh, and please, please do join them too. Since you’re so proud of them (oh or perhaps u aren’t tat proud of his gf cos she kept her undies on… 50% proud maybe? or r u just happy that she flashes her hooters to u at home all day long? or maybe u have some incestuous thing going on where u love staring at ur brother’s penis? if so, that explains ur exhilaration at him doing all these!), u could join them on a nudity march across borders. Do a world tour, baby! Be a nudity globetrotter!

    U’re trying hypocritically to sound “not harsh”, yet u’re indirectly insulting us with your sarcasm. Lame. Really. You are. 🙂

    For one, we’re a cultural place. We’re open in some areas, we’re not open in some. What is wrong with that? This is the interesting bit about different countries and different places right? What’s so interesting about the world if it’s all gonna be the same? Don’t come to someone else’s country EXPECTING this country’s culture to mold into yours and accept your stupidity. Come here with respect. And it starts off by respecting our LAWS. Who gives a damn about what you, your brother and his gf think of our laws and culture? We love our culture, it works fine with us. We don’t go to your country expecting u guys to close your nudity beaches, so don’t expect us to open one for u.

    If you can’t respect the country you’re in, the laws and its culture, get the hell out. No one asked u to come, and we’re seriously not asking u to stay.

  26. Ok. Couldn’t stand reading all your saying (as we say here, to much lyrics, no pussy).

    But the only (if there’s really any) important thing is the point “no big deal”. Cuz none of this is.

    But you seem to care some, so

    a) not gf
    b) i don’t live there, never been there, no plans to
    c) I don’t use sarcasm
    b) i don’t care about your culture, if you are open or not, the only thing that’s almost is bothering me is that real newspapers actualy seem to think this is a big deal
    d) cool down, you people are hot

  27. Gosh. it’s gross but you’re right clown 😮

    Well, cookies seem good. i’m off eating, that’s more exiting than miley

    And ya’ll take care, hope you really all just like me, love discusion, especially when it get’s this silly, it’s the chill needed when you’re done working


  28. Read your own posts. Sarcasm dripping all over it.

    Yes, of course I care. This is my country your lame brother is sullying. Well, she’s his friend, and she’s FEMALE, isn’t she? GIRL+FRIEND=GIRLFRIEND. DUH. Yes, to u it may be no big deal. But remember, that’s in YOUR country, and in YOUR culture. Here, we DON’T like it. This is OUR culture. RESPECT that.

    If u both can’t respect another country’s culture, don’t blame or insult us for not respecting u. And oh, u haven’t been here. Please don’t come. And who gives a damn that u’re bothered by the papers thinking it’s a big deal? Who cares about u being proud of your brother? Go walk naked somewhere, maybe someone will give a heck about u.

  29. The important thing for you is is…. are you still with us?

    a) your brother broke the law
    b)He is dumb
    c)it is not ok to strip in FAMILY public places or anywhere in singapore
    d)don’t comment on things you don’t know
    e)your brother is dumb

  30. Wait a sec. You don’t care about our culture but you are bothered by the papers that writes about our cultural intolerance to such a behaviour? I’m confused.
    ANyways i think you’re right about one thing let’s just take a chill pill.
    This is a discussion forum afterall. “Debates” can go forever. Ya i know.
    Lets respect each other. Maybe we should talk about christian bale and anger management.

  31. Ok. Think I was unclear, I don’t care about what he did or why, the reason I googled the issue and found this blog is that some stupid woman from one of swedens biggest gossip every day “news paper” and asked about the thing. When I told her I didn’t new much about it “but hey, I guess you have… like read a blog about the naked-in-singapore-thing” and she said like “nooo!? how did you find the blog” and I gave her my brothers mail and told her justfuckinggoogleit.

    So, why I was… ehr.. upset was that some people actually think it’s interesting reading about it. And then I mean the way swedish people who reades the bloody gossip-paper think. Because swedish news papers don’t really writes about it the way same way as for example the asian news papers.

    The gossip papers make it SWEDISH *name* walked NUDE in SINGAPORE – now stuck. And this is just to sell the crap paper for people who reeeallyy wanna know about the latest news about angelie jolie and brad pitt 😛

    And about my brother, HE is not dumb, what his girl pal wanted them to do (walk nude) is dumb, that he also actually did it is DUMB. But as a person he’s just an every day student.

    But YES I think there are at least as many flaws in law at your place as at mine. I think law enforcement at least could care some more about murder and pocket thieves than some people walking nude.

    And as important as the chill pill is showing people respect, but I ALWAYS tend to try to make non important discussions stupid and sometimes even hatefull, just because I tend to love spicy discussions because I think it’s great fun to play pretend. But sadly sometimes people take it serious (no, not like in this debate :P) and starts to really care O__o

    Well, I’m off discussing beloved <3 Klaus Kinski 🙂

  32. Once again, you are dissing yourself. Many of us here only knew from the local news that your brother was a “caucasian”. No one here has generalized that the swedish walk nude. And cos u read a crappy gossip piece at your end, u come here criticizing OUR laws and OUR culture. Holy spit, how respectful are u? And no, u haven’t apologized for that, yet.

    Also, u have AGAIN insulted our law and culture. What makes u think our law enforcement and people in general here do not care about murder or other serious offences?? My goodness, wat is the matter with u? He is breaking a law HERE, obviously law enforcement had to get him. They were doing their job, responding to a crime like they would respond to ANY OTHER crime! He BROKE THE LAW. Get it into your head. For your info, our country has one of the lowest crime rates in the world! That alone says alot for our law enforcement. Goodness, get more general knowledge before coming here to mouth off on another country’s issues.

    I’m not hoping u meet one. But let’s see how u can tell a flasher that flashes his privates at u “hey! i respect wat u’re doing! keep it up!”. Or worse, that flasher flashing at your toddler or niece if u ever have a child or already have one. For your child’s sake I hope u aren’t sick enough like your brother to encourage him. 🙂

    Don’t come in here insulting another nation’s culture and expecting everyone to “chill”. Who the heck do u think u are? And once again. Playing the hypocrite. Let’s see u ignore this message if u truly “do not care”, after having replied extensively (albeit rather defensively) for the last few exchanges. DUH.

  33. And for your info. “Spicy” discussions involve KNOWLEDGEABLE exchanges. Not some pseudo insulting sarcasm based solely on conjecture and ignorance (for eg. our law enforcement spends more time inhibiting nudity than serious crimes, highly laughable how u even said that).

  34. Hmmm… those people saying Singaporeans should have to right to express themselves like these two cave people… I wonder if they also agree to fucking in public.

    People have different views of “modesty” in different parts of the world, but if there were no law to govern how far people can push the limits, you get things like nude beaches and even nude cruises.

    Its also funny that its alright for these same people to say “its alright” to any public indecency but at the same time, they wouldnt let their daughter or sister do the same thing. I guess to them its alright if someone else does it for their entertainment but not their close ones cuz inside they know its morally wrong.

  35. “for eg. our law enforcement spends more time inhibiting nudity than serious crimes, highly laughable how u even said that”

    Hahahaha 😀 Where the heck did you read that

  36. Wow. If it’s stupidity, u get A1 + infinity points. 🙂

    U said u didn’t care, and here u are, “caring” again. LOL. Hypocrisy to the max.

    And, you’re missing a brain. You stupidly commented: ” I think law enforcement at least could care some more about murder and pocket thieves than some people walking nude.” That’s a direct insinuation that our law enforcement care not about serious crimes. What made u think that if, there was a serious crime going on, law enforcement wouldn’t attend to that first? Don’t go mouthing off on other countries when u have zero general knowledge, and with no brain backing your own comments up.

    We don’t insult your culture and your country. So don’t come in, being a hypocrite going “oooh i dun care about all these” yet giving lame comments that are basically slapping yourself in the face each time.

  37. Ok just between me and A.C. I think singaporeans should take some responsibility as well. Shouldn’t someone go up to this two doofus and tell them, “Hey er (WOAH! careful with THAT!) i know you have alot to show but this is not very appropriate here. Put on some clothes!” Instead singaporeans were cheering on making these 2 idiots think it’s ok (imagine some kids in the background eating their ice cream and one of them drops it). Some busy whipping out their phone n cameras. Finally someone calls the police but it’s always some behind-the-scenes fella. Some singaporeans tend to be (or act) too open minded for their own good. Especially infront of caucasians. Being open minded is good but you must be logical as well? Think for yourself and not sponge everything you see. Some locals study overseas for 2/3 years and they come back with a freaking accent.Some worst they know some caucasian friend for 2 weeks and they are already talking like that. What the hell? I mean what is the purpose in THAT? Says alot about a person huh? A big insecure phoney. I mean i know some caucasians don’t understand our accent and you sorta have to try to speak in their tone. But you can still tell who is genuinely doing it to communicate and those fakes doing it just to act like them.
    As i was saying, Singaporeans should step up. Know when to do the right thing at the right time and not wait for some foreigner to teach them.

  38. I agreed as what A.C. and CLOWN say as we are the citizen of our beloved country that is SINGAPORE we ourself should do something rather then we wait for a ASSHOLE to teach us about something we know rather then we just sit there and do nothing like we saw a ghost walking past infront of us………….. As for aniara please tell your brother and his gf about this that both of them is damn lucky because they was ARRESTED by the POLICE who in charge of west side of SINGAPORE if they do it in central of SINGAPORE they are not damn so lucky got it…………….

  39. this is ridiculous and to entertain the thought of ‘loosen up’ or more open like the westerners ? is crazy ..look at their rape stats…we dont need that in singapore….no thank u ..

  40. and wats up with u and nature? u a beaver or somthin? and silly social codes ?? its just clothes wear em ..its not silly. we over here call it civilization..and it only shows that their modesty level is like this( pointing down) and ours is like this ( pointin abv head)

  41. I dunno man. Maybe aniara’s too high on crack or something and wants to go back to the stone age. maybe simply stupid. tat’s all. 🙂

  42. I hope that the ad couple is the one that was ARRESTED by SINGAPORE POLICE will be ARRESTED again no matter what is their reasons.

  43. my dreem to do like them and have nude wedding and nude work and go shoping nude i like to work nude modl man and have 69 sex in public and have wife like me to to be with me 23 h a day 7 day a week

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  45. Oh god…….. I realise the naked girl and some people in the photo are actually people I know at my workplace……………… -_-

  46. POOR GIRL.

    I want to give her a job as Publicity Executive….
    she’s GREAT!

    she thinks out of the BOX.

  47. Ladies & Gentleman don’t forget about the person who is very damn proud of his own brother that would be Jan Philip who critics our country law & order. If he or she found to be here you all know what to do ok.

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