Second woman in Jack Neo's affair scandal, Foyce Le Xuan (乐轩) tells all - Alvinology

Second woman in Jack Neo’s affair scandal, Foyce Le Xuan (乐轩) tells all

Second woman in Jack Neo's affair scandal, Foyce Le Xuan (乐轩) tells all - Alvinology

An update on the recent Jack Neo’s affair scandal – another woman, Foyce Le Xuan (乐轩) spoke to the press about her unusual relationship with Jack.

Via an exclusive video interview with, Le Xuan spoke of how Jack tried to hook up with her a few years back via cheeky SMSes and other suggestive gestures when she was only 19 years old. She was then an artiste under J Team, Jack’s talent management company.

Lost and confused then because of her tender age and unfamiliarity with the entertainment industry, Le Xuan did not tell anyone about Jack’s advances till today.

You can read the article HERE or click HERE to watch the full video interview.

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  1. The trouble with such people is that, thinking it’s some sort of entitlement, they turn into predators until one fine day they’re exposed. During all this time they operate on a one-track mind.

  2. do you know what is jack neo’s crimes is he used his position as an film director to rape women ! and his powerful backer minister Geogre Yeo come out and support him ! Shameless! Geogre Yeo”s character and core values are in question. Geogre yeo support the abuse of power as film director for sexual favours and rape women!

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