Jan Philip and Eng Kai Er

Jan Philip and Eng Kai Er

UPDATE: Eng Kai Er the Holland Village streaker and Eng Kai Er the A*STAR scholar has been confirmed to be the same person.

Remember the couple who were caught walking down Holland Village naked during the Chinese New Year period?

Their identities have been revealed as the two of them were  charged today. Here’s the news report via Straits Times.com:

All covered up this time: Jan Philip and Eng Kai Er

All covered up this time: Jan Philip and Eng Kai Er

Nude couple charged
By Elena Chong
April 9, 2009

A COUPLE who caused a stir by strolling down naked along Lorong Mambong earlier this year were charged in court on Thursday.

Jan Philip, 21, a Swedish student on exchange programme, and Eng Kai Er, 24, a university student in Sweden, are accused of appearing nude in public at Holland Village at about 11pm on Jan 24.

Both were clad in black suits when they appeared before District Judge Shaiffudin Saruwan.

Their lawyer, Mr William Chan, asked for an adjournment to write in to the Attorney-General’s Chambers.

If convicted, both may be fined up to $2,000 and/or jailed for up to three months.

As Philip is a foreigner, he was offered bail of $5,000 but Eng, a Singaporean, need not post bail. Philip’s passport was impounded.

They will be back in court on April 30.

Initially, I had the perception that both of the nudists were foreigners. Hence I was quite surprised to find out the lady, Ms Eng Kai Er is actually a Singaporean.

What’s even more shocking…

A simple googling of her name brings me to a page featuring a 2007 list of A*STAR National Science Scholars!

There’s a girl by the same name who was awarded with an A*STAR scholarship to study in Karolinska Institutet in Sweden:

The same Ng Kai Er?

The same Ng Kai Er?

The charged Eng Kai Er was described as a Singaporean studying in Sweden via the Straits Times.com news report…

Putting two and two together. She should be the same person hor? Anyone can verify?

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