Toa Payoh Lor 8 Hawker Centre Pushing Incident - First Person Witness Account from Janice Lim - Alvinology

Toa Payoh Lor 8 Hawker Centre Pushing Incident – First Person Witness Account from Janice Lim

Update: Couple who bullied elderly man at Toa Payoh hawker centre fined on 11 August and woman wants to say “really sorry to uncle”.

Toa Payoh Lor 8 Hawker Centre Pushing Incident - First Person Witness Account from Janice Lim - Alvinology
Image is a screen grab via TODAY’s video.

We got in touch with Janice Lim, identified via her Facebook comments on the viral video to be a credible first person witness when the pushing incident happened at Toa Payoh Lor 8 Market and Food Centre last night.

Toa Payoh Lor 8 Hawker Centre Pushing Incident - First Person Witness Account from Janice Lim - Alvinology

In the video, a well-dressed lady is seen arguing with an old man over the seats at a round table in the hawker centre. She called someone for help and an equally well-dressed young man came to her rescue, shoving the old man from behind, causing him to fall forward:

Here’s the full audio transcript of the video if you can’t make out the verbal exchange. 

Janice recounted the whole incident to us from the beginning. She said the incident happened at around 8.45pm. The hawker centre was very crowded and the table which caused the incident was the only available table where no one was seated.

When the old man approached the table with his tray of food, there was no one seated at the table. However, there was a folded purple umbrella placed on the table, presumably to chope the seat.

The young woman then confronted the old man and shouted at him rudely and loudly, spewing a slew of vulgarities which was what caught Janice’s attention.

Janice said that the old man was polite throughout his verbal exchange with the lady. He had said that he only needed one seat and politely asked if all the seats were taken, questioning how many seats did the lady need exactly. The lady did not reply directly. Instead, she insisted that the table was reserved and the old man has no right to occupy a seat. She kept cursing the old man before calling her friend on her mobile to get help.

The young man then came from behind, pushing the old man, causing him to fall forward. What happened from this point is captured on video.

Janice said that after the pushing, another kind gentleman came over and offered for the old man to sit with him at his table (don’t say Singaporeans are all selfish). Someone should identify this good guy and buy him a beer or something!

Janice said that the well-dressed couple did not eat anything, but they ordered many takeouts and continued to occupy the table. There were no other people who came to join them at the table either.

Janice also shared that another guy went over to the young man and told him that he should not have pushed the old man. In agitation, the young man pushed and shoved all the used plates and utensils on the floor in a fit of rage.

Janice concluded the interview saying that she was shocked by the behaviour of the well-dressed couple and that this is the one of the worst manifestation of the ‘chope’ culture that we have in Singapore.

Hopefully, this interview with Janice cleared the air on what actually transpired, providing the context to the video.

What is your conclusion?

Is it right for the couple to presume that the table is theirs when they chope it with a folded umbrella?

Or do the old man has the right to still take up a seat after the table was choped?

BTW, an online vigilante, Ang Tock Seng went about fingering a Cherry Tan as the female culprit in the pushing incident. His accusation is baseless and now he is getting a taste of his own medicine with a CSI bounty placed on his head by other online vigilante. Please be responsible when commenting online. The internet is serious business.


  1. No way the young ones are right or have the right to the table total arrogance. Why can’t share why can’t be polite. She deserves some shelling from the authorities. Wait till their parents are in the place of the elder man. Absurd and uncalled for behavior of the young couple. The shameless man showing his power to a senior.

      1. Perhaps they hv big daddy or mummy ? Should show this to their big dad or mummy. If want reserve seat go pay more la.
        That old man has his meals first. That the first right from wht I observed.

        Good work to stop herd bullies.

    1. This two arrogant brats should be stand in front of public and given a proper lectures on how to behave in public . Act like hooligans.

    2. The chopping of table space must be eridicated to avoid further social brawls from happening. There is no legal rights of such chopping of places. The respective management and government authorities of food courts and hawker centres must address this issue without delay. I have experience of a pie chowder eatery in seattle washington where there is always endless queue and there the management had done a good job by sticking poster on the tables and on the walls” no holding tables –please grab a seat after your food has been served. Thank you” this is an explicit statement and even tourists will take heed and abide.

  2. When 2 or more Sinkies meet in crowded places, they’re bound to step on each’s other foot and nasty words and action follow.

    1. Pls stop your “sinkies” term. It’s biased & stereotyped and shows your comments lack logic & reasoning (read common-sense).

  3. These two jokers need to be sent to Obedience School. They have Obedience School for dogs. Why not for little cheenaks too?

  4. Shame on these 2 idiots bullying an elderly person, a disgrace to their parents for their barbarian behaviour. Today he’s capable of whacking an elderly person , tomorrow he’s equally capable of whacking that same woman standing next to him.

  5. Not eating there only ordered take away! Woah! They da bao the entire food court ar? Out of anger can slam Uncle. He think he Snorlax ar? That bitch hurl vulgarities .. seriously. They both need to be punish!

  6. What is ‘chope’? Is there any regulations to this stupid behaviour? This stupid couple may have their way bullying an old man, try take on somebody their own size and stature, what did their parents instill into their airheads all these years? Air? Nobody else’s to blame but their parents, seriously, u make babies, make sure you teach them well and make sure they have manners, these 2 are dogs!

    1. Read from Facebook, latest I heard is the lady (or bitch)is identified as be stupid cherry Tan and that dog Friend of hers no name both from an UOB branch nearby, UOB spokesperson says it’s investigating the matter and that IF that two idiots are from UOB (really) they will take SOME action, and that they will NOT condone to such behaviour wor, let’s just see what happens, never like banking with that bank anyways, it’s not the first time I encounter such ridiculous behaviour with their staffs …

      1. Yes, Daniel. Even their hugh ranking officers in Penang need to eat turd and die. Their bloody kid was playing basketball and shooting hoops in a carpark full of parked cars. Crap for brains. All the freaky misfits are collectively working in this bank.

  7. The first thing that comes to mind is, if that was MIKE TYSON standing there instead of the old uncle, would those following events still have transpired? That guy in office attire, 2 thumbs up and even 2 toes up for you. I dare bet my balls on a chopping block, that if Mike Tyson was there instead, you would just have packed your shit, take that bitch and quietly find somewhere else to sit.

    EQUALITY is when we see beyond appearances, color and identity, and recognize every human as a PERSON regardless of difference. In simple terms, we would treat everyone as we want everyone to treat us. 🙂

  8. Pushing is wrong especially towards the elderly. Have you thought if he lost his balance and fall…What will be the consequences you face? Be thoughtful…

    1. In law it’s battery or assaul. They hv grace,let’s hope they appreciate the mere charge of public nuisance.

  9. Well either if they dont wished to share table they could have say nicely that the table is occupied no need to be rude

    1. That table is governed by PAP, what is chope? Try do that to me, try it, please. Cherry Tan and whoever the fuck you are, my name is Daniel, and u can find me on fb, Daniel Leow is my full name, I’m totally disgusted by you and your deeds and I DARE you to call me out, I DARE YOU, you are nothing but a pile of dung, I said it, so, how!? Bring it on to me, asshole!?

  10. Dear all kind hearted and concerned fellow netizens, like you, I was also feeling outraged and can’t wait to hunt down this infamous couple.
    However, let’s be mindful that in course of our CSI activities, please do not mix up identities and hurt the innocents ( in this instance I refer to Ms Cherry Tan).
    The lady who was rude at the commotion was more mature and definitely not correct to mistake this young lady in the photo here.
    I was invited to speak out because someone had posted variety photos of similar names as guessed by kind and willing detectives ?.
    I do not have the name of the lady to identity yet.
    Some helpful individuals even took the effort to pm me to check if the faces are correct before they post up which I discouraged becos some may be just lookalikes.
    A good suggestion will be for Spore Police to track their movements fm food centre to their car ( if they are driving ) after my police report with details and follow their GPS to home or work place.
    Personally, I also have some faces to compare and only if it’s confirmed as the true identity of the couple then I shall post here to share for updates.
    Together, we continue to work in unity and harmony for justice on behalf of the senior gentleman .
    Have a nice week ahead.

    1. Jon yes she witness but at least she clears up the name of the old man being polite. Even if she did stand up for the old man what makes you think that the guy that push the old man will not do anything to her?

      1. Come to think of it calling the police won’t help the matter much, if only someone can identify them, inform their employers and their fanillies(I wonder if they have any), let those close to them instill the correct social value and respect for the elders that they ought to have, ain’t that a better idea?

  11. Well dressed but no manner!! How would you feel if your parents are being treated the same manner too. You would want justice and asked for apology, right?

    If you cannot tolerate sharing tables with others at the hawker centre than go to the restaurant instead, you could have your own privacy n social spaces there.

    Furthermore, in rage of anger and pushing plates on the floor, dont you have any consideration for the cleaners who will be cleaning up your mess, I guess not!

    If only you could be sensible and considerate to your parents, friends and colleagues why can’t you do the same to strangers that mean no harms but just want a seat to have his meal?

    1. Well their behaviour and attitude is very disgraceful and intolerable to all Singaporeans. Decent Singaporean don’t behave this way only Ah Lian and Ah Beng is like this

  12. Sad to say that these are behaviour of Singapore elitists. Perhaps both their parents and family members are restaurant goers who don’t eat at hawker centres. A suggestion to both the elitists, if you cannnot tolerant sharing table or standing whilst waiting for your take away, there’s FoodPanda or Deliveroo … .. to your door step. Doesn’t that uphold both your elitists’ status.

  13. We can’t say that all of their actions were wrong as per se – It is alright to ‘chope’ the space by using an object/belonging. That is what many Singaporeans (or even foreigners) do. Maybe it isn’t the point of blaming them for ‘choping’ the seats, rather, how they respond to the elder. Generally, it is alright to refuse occupancy (to anyone else) if the people reserving the seats intend to use most of them. Yet, it’s not really nice when the young woman (initially) threw vulgarities at the old man for “asking only one seat”. I have no idea what was going through her mind. I have also NO idea what went through the young punk’s mind when he (based on the video) “accidentally” fall forward towards the elder. He’s being immature. I say this because he even responded badly (sweeping the empty bowls and utensils onto the ground) to someone else who told him of his actions. Isn’t this more work for the cleaners who may ALSO be elderly or worse, foreign workers? Is he so oblivious of his actions that may signify his discrimination against certain categories of people?

    The next two questions that come to my mind are these – (1) Is it right for us netizens to post videos & semi-“hate” replies about these two without censoring their faces? Isn’t this like breach of personal data or something? (2) Should the video be used as evidence to subject the two individuals to the law?

    1. Hi Jo, there are no privacy laws in SG, secondly this happened at a public use place, so no breach of anything, if there is a breach then its the old man’s dignity that was breached

    2. Hi Jo..if this happen to one of your family member, don u want this two faces to enlarge even bigger to let the world known their faces. This two are born with parent but no parent bring them out….bitches no human being

    3. It’s right. It’s to stop bad norms be acceptable. Theory of Emile Durkheim n Prisoner Dillemma . Also on tipping the critical mass.

  14. i don’t believe in “chopped” the seat with a packet or umbrella it’s nonsense, which I always see this, there is no such rules, everyone has the right to occupy the seat, a packet of tissue paper or umbrella doesn’t mean a thing, this kind of nonsense shouldn’t be happen even im a Singaporean but I totally disagree with it. and this couple is really too much, they don’t even think what if this thing happen to their parent. Or may be they don not have parents? and they don’t know the pain. or this should happen to them and they will know how heartache it is to see your parents bully by others in that way. After all RESPECT THE ELDERLY IS ALWAYS A MUST, I think the government need to looking into this issue. something need to be done for this couple for the justice

    1. ‘CHOPE’ is something babarous and should not be condoned in any circumstances, it is a public place for the public, what is ‘Chope’ which Father of his or hers permitted this, the next time I see a packet of tissue or whatever it is to ‘chope’ for a place I’ll just flick it … bro, don’t do this, not to me or anybody else, and feel free to call the police or whoever u think is gonna rule in your favour, hey, UP YOURS!

      1. To be honest, i’m ok with choping cos you have to think sometimes 1 person go lunch during peak hours you can’t expect the person not to eat right. Let’s say cos cannot chope, so now 2 person go lunch together, 1 sit there 1 go buy then come back the other person then go, now it’s twice the amount of time before the seats are free. Choping with tissue paper is still more practical for everyone. Unless of course you expect people who are alone don’t need to eat.

        1. Save time? can’t find seat?

          These are very lame excuses people who want to use tissue paper or an item to chope the table.

          I’m usually alone but I will just find a seat and ask for empty seat. What is so difficult about asking? and I’ve never use tissue to chope a seat.

          It is an outright childlike behavior who just doesn’t know how to share.
          When i’m with my friend or family, yes I will usually sit around while my friend goes to buy food. My friend and family do ask me to leave a tissue but i told them thats not going to happen. I could have easily tempted to override my moral standing but I knew in me, it is wrong.

          Should anyone come along, and if the number fits , we will just share. Again, what’s wrong with waiting at the table ? Saving time is just an another lame excuse.

          To think that our Singapore culture has eroded to the point where even asking politely seems so troublesome…..
          What’s the point of being a developed country when our citizens like these 2 baboons like behaves like a barbarian.

          If touting is enforced and disallowed in hawker & coffeshop, then it is time for the government, again, to step in , that choping seat with item is disallowed.

          Chope …YEs but chope with a person at the table. It is high time we Singaporean stop giving ourselves any more excuses to allow such behaviour from manifesting.

  15. Shame on these two people who behave in an uncivilised manner in public! Pushing an old man cannot be condoned
    and hurling vugarities just showed that they are a selfished uncaring lot who are intolerant and self-centred towards

    1. Poor upbringing really, totally unpardonable whatever the circumstances. Expose them ,put their pictures in ST, Wanpao, SIn Min, they will find no place to bury their face. A Shame to their families too.

  16. This young couple is so bloody rude. Pick fight with an old man. Shame on you. That bitch can ‘t even speak good english. Her grammars are limited. All she knows are f words. I am always at Toa Payoh hawker. One find day if I identify you I am going to teach both of you a lesson what is manners. But my advise is safer the authority get you before me.

  17. If they get away with this openly blatant behaviour, they will repeat this totally unacceptable bad behavior in public again to cause alarm, hurt, chaos and stress in our in our already stressful and congested public area. Police should step in especially physical violence has acted out and captured on camera. The evidence are all out and there are witnesses to support the wrong doing.

  18. Very rude, and physical abuse to the old man. Should report this to police.This is violent and if both young ones don’t get punished for what they did, they will repeat it again and again.

    1. If we fail to stay united to protect ourselves from abusive acts or bullies and let our self-centredness to divide us, we might be at risk of living in fear that no one will intervene to defend or protect us when being assaulted. I believe our senior citizens had put great efforts to make Singapore is today with their values (respectful, caring, couteous, etc) firmly rooted in their attitudes that sustain their employment and our economic success even in challenging times. However, will Singapore be at risk of not being a gracious society if these same values that bind us together are being up-rooted as we make progress economically. I hope not. It is not enough to be successful. We also need to be respectful and thankful.

  19. If this is Philippines , this pair of Gou Nan Nü will gun down after they leave the hawker centre. By Durterte’s vigilante squad

  20. Trust UOB to take appropriate action if this couple are their employees . There isnt a need to use vulgarities and violence against an elderly man over a seat .

  21. You “reached out” to the eyewitness and basically reported what everyone has already read from her FB comments? Haiyo.

  22. Everyone in Singapore can do their part lah. If you happen to see the couple in public, take out your HP take a photo of them. Then update on internet/ facebook etc, send the info to SPH and SPF. Sooner or later will know who they are lor. Singapore so small , where to hide?!?!? Come out lah

  23. Everyone in Singapore can do their part lah. If you happen to see the couple in public, take out your HP take a photo of them. Then update on internet/ facebook etc, send the info to SPH and SPF. Sooner or later will know who they are lor. Singapore so small , where to hide?!?!? Come out lah

  24. The worst human behaviour ever…..luckiliy I was not there….all hell would have broken loose. Hope the Police catch up with the couple and counsel them on proper behaviour in a public place…if they are Singaporean..shame on them..if foreigners…please go back to your country..we dun need u here…

  25. “Why did Janice as a witness did not help out?”
    The phrase: I was there, just make me ponder about this.
    Instead of “I was there”, I will be more impressed by “I did (something) to help.” and not just posting on social media about what happened after the event.

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