Audio transcript of video showing well-dressed young couple pushing and bullying an old man at Toa Payoh Lor 8 hawker centre - Alvinology

Audio transcript of video showing well-dressed young couple pushing and bullying an old man at Toa Payoh Lor 8 hawker centre

Update: Couple who bullied elderly man at Toa Payoh hawker centre fined on 11 August and woman wants to say “really sorry to uncle”.

Audio transcript of video showing well-dressed young couple pushing and bullying an old man at Toa Payoh Lor 8 hawker centre - Alvinology
Image is a screen grab via TODAY’s video.

This video was said to have been taken yesterday at the Toa Payoh Lorong 8 Market and Food Centre. In the video, a well-dressed lady is seen arguing with an old man over the seats at a round table in the hawker centre. She called someone for help and an equally well-dressed young man came to her rescue, shoving the old man from behind, causing him to fall forward.

Full video:

Without any context as to what led to the argument between the couple and the old man, it is not appropriate to pass any judgement. Nonetheless, most online commentators feel that the young man should not have shoved the old man even if the latter was in the wrong.

A forummer on EDMW provided the full audio transcript from the video as below:

[0:03] <Woman talking on phone>
Woman: Come over and <inaudiable> there’s a bloody old man who <inaudiable>

[0:06] Old man: What bloody old man!

[0:13] Old man: You only want <inaudiable> all this <inaudiable>, are you sure everybody is sitting here?

[0:19] Woman: What is your ****ing problem?

[0:21] Old man: Your ****ing problem……

[0:22] <Man#1 comes from the back and shoves the Old Man>

[0:23] Old man: Eh what <inaudiable>

[0:24] Man#1: <inaudiable>

[0:25] Old man: She say it’s reserved!

[0:26] Man#1: Yah reserved what.

[0:27] <Man#2 walks over>

[0:28] Man#2: <inaudiable>

[0:31] Old man: Nobody down here, cannot sit?

[0:34] Old man: You don’t reserve all these seats then bully old man like me you know

[0:39] Old man: I just talking to her why you bang me?

[0:40] Man#1: <inaudiable>

[0:43] Old man: I disturb her for what?

[0:46] Old man: Eh you <inaudiable>

[0:51] Woman: People tell you this one already got people sitting you still want to <inaudiable>

[0:53] Old man: Come on <inaudiable>

[0:55] Man#1: <inaudiable>

[0:58] Man#2: <inaudiable>

[1:05] <Old man grabs his tray and walks off>

From various EDMW forum replies, there were also screen grabs from the replies of a Facebook user, Janice Lim, who claimed to be present during the event.

She alleged that the old man was polite when he asked for the seat and that the well-dressed young man went on to shove all the used plates and utensils to the floor in anger after the incident.

Audio transcript of video showing well-dressed young couple pushing and bullying an old man at Toa Payoh Lor 8 hawker centre - Alvinology

Whatever the situation, please be reminded of the Singapore Kindness Movement. 

Life is already so stressful in Singapore. Let’s all just apply a little more kindness in our daily actions and Singapore will be a better place to live in for everyone.

BTW, an online vigilante, Ang Tock Seng went about fingering a Cherry Tan as the female culprit in the pushing incident. His accusation is baseless and now he is getting a taste of his own medicine with a CSI bounty placed on his head by other online vigilante. Please be responsible when commenting online. The internet is serious business.

  1. Good work , now we can really point out that the ill mannered couples are claiming all the seats in that table to be theirs and not willing to share with others.

    1. Right! is there a law saying by placing things on table means your seats?
      Dress NICE? Educated? Act Civilized? means GOOD people???
      Rich? full of shit! What to do, when our society is like that. your looks, your cert., what else can be done?
      Did the law PUNISH these 2 idiots? No, No, No, what if these video shows 1 with tattoo, police will go look for him???

  2. These 2 idiots should be educated. Can’t they behave. Anybody who knows these 2 idiots, please identify them.

    1. Agree, use all technology to post all their ACTS to the world, question is our law will stop our post and protect them, because they are educated, well dressed, contributing tax.

    2. They are the worst hooligans should be taught a lesson. The stupid idiot should be punished for banging on the old man.

  3. All our taxpayer money on these 2 bloody young couple goes down to drain. Smartly dressed and yet behave like hooligans. Hope they will get their tribulation when the time comes for them. They think they are rich and can do whatever they want ! All the ppl and even their frens should have snub them unless they belong to the same bloody creature like them.

    1. Anonymous, you are wrong. If they are rich, they won’t be fighting for the table at Hawker Centre. They are only a couple of dressing nicely animal.

  4. Fully agreed that these two ill mannered hooligans need to be dealt with severely.
    Can’t even give a little respect to the elderly. ha….they will grow old too.

  5. Worst is, that unreasonable well dressed young man just listen to that bad mouth female hooligan and start his action on that old man. Wonder whether his mother give birth to him or that hooligan lady ??? Never mind, soon that hooligan lady will create a bigger task for him
    to act rashly and get punish by both the Government Authority or Real Hooligan or tribulation.

    1. Act HERO. bully old ppl only, got guts go geylang and try push, WOMENS’ slave, call himself a man, who cant identufy whats’ right? whats’ wrong, hope i can get his photo, anyone has?

  6. ill mannered but wore respectfully also USELESS…a lady did saw the whole incident that claimed the old man ask politely.

  7. I appreciate our clean and non nonsense Government/ Bishan/Toa Payoh GRC MP and the police to looks into the matter. Firstly using of force to and elderly with bodily contact in a public area is it an offence, thus it warranted such a behaviour.
    Secondly out of anger the young bully splash and spill food waste from the table to the floor intentionally, is it another offence.
    It is terribly disgusting of a young new generation couple action esp in a public Food Court to show might and commit such acts.
    What happen if the poor old man being push, fell and hit his head on impact with the concrete floor and brain dead , it become a case of murder. They simply takes the laws in to their own hand, no more gangsters or hooligans today ,999 is very effective to date and works pricelessly to send a strong signal to all such category of bullies, never try your luck with the CID.
    Sudden impulse act out of anger or agitation and shrewd behaviour from todays younger generation need to be check and stern
    actions and corrective training meted out to deter others from following. Another example is last week killing of a young 31 years old man at a multi storey car park by 09 shameless Singaporean young generation(no more logo/tattoos) it does not work in Singapore. I PERSONALLY suggest that such offenders be barred from applying for a International passport or revoked their existing passports for a period of time. If they can do it in Singapore and neglects our stringent laws set here ,their behaviour
    will be no different if they travels abroad, only bring shame to Singapore. Another scenario likes the case at Toa Payoh food
    court, make the couple do community works there clearing tray and clean up the floor for a short period of time to ensure they
    show remorse. Such case may not warranted a jail sentence and just a fine will not stop them to recurred their actions.
    Thank You, I am a normal Singaporean, loves my country and the elderly, share with all and not against anyone.

    1. Hope our government, law enforcer, can do something on nicely dress, educated, tax payer, so what? show us your fairness and justice!
      So what if they could be manager, relatives of some BIG shots. real life things, legally cover up!

      1. Volunteer work is too light a punishment ….three strokes of ROTAN CANING should teach them a good lesson.
        Oh,woman cannot be caned in Singapore …. increase the jail term to 3 months..The other woman prisoners will know how to teach this “f xxxx ” woman a very good lesson that she will never forget.

  8. Is people like them that tarnish the reputation of Singapore. They should practice mutual respect and more to the elderly

  9. 100% support the ideas of sending this 2 to do community works. Send them to the same place where they had splash the foods and drinks on the floor.

    1. Yes good idea make them clean up the place. If the man is big and stronger I doubt the idiot dare to bang him.

  10. I don’t think its about if they are well dressed or about being well educated or rich. ( I dont think they are but that’s besides the point) Its about their character flaw and upbringing.

    its also not about if the victim is an elderly or young person. In a crowded hawker centre if there are available seats they should share with anyone.

    They are so ill mannered, have no sense of compassion and no heart for sharing.. simply selfish and rash. its sad that humans have evolved to this stage. but these kind of people exist would wide in all races, countries and in all social status.

    I hope everyone can help find out their identities and expose them to shame them for their behaviour.

    1. Good Ideas, only that to allow them to walk on the street with ppl splitting at them, they are born by ANIMALS (their parents)

  11. Hope their colleagues or HR see this and report them to their employer. This type of behavior warrants a sacking

  12. The act of this young man clearly implies he is a Chao Ah Beng and I belief he is doing that to his father.

  13. I hope the relevant authorities to look into the matter.

    Firstly the old uncle should not be treated in such a manner.

    Secondly, by pushing all plates onto the floor is illegal.
    Cleaners need to put extra effort to rid off the mess.
    Cause public to be uncomfortable…..What if somebody slip and falls.
    Causing potential hazard to the public.

    Intentionally shoving the uncle ……

    I suggest the couple apologise to the uncle and don’t repeat it .
    You will grow old one day….
    Your children will learn from you….Surely you don’t want them to treat you that way.

    I hope authorities would not turn a blind eye….Or more people may clear their tables in hawker centres the same way.

    1. IF now still in the 1970 – 1980, i will pick up a bottle and smash on his head, and see how strong he is? what so good of having educated, law society, when the law n educated cant do anything to them?

  14. The neighbourhood elderly folks should consider forming vigilante groups of at least 5 and more to monitor hawker centres/food courts and their neighbourhood areas. For example, if a member was to witness an occurrence such as this, he could contact his kakis by phone to come to the location and help the old man by confronting or mediating or restraining the poor behaviour of the rogue couple.The hawkers themselves can help by informing/signalling a member of the vigilante of an occurrence.

    The People’s Association can help by providing the volunteers with the training and skills on how to manage various situations on the ground.

    This self-help is for serious consideration given the growing tension aggravated by the rat race and rapid population growth due to the accelerating foreign migration into the country and especially the HDB heartland.

  15. Everyone should be able to see your pa / grandpa in this old man. When their wife and/or children are not around, they eat alone.

    There is nothing wrong in sharing table with strangers, they won’t eat you food or dirty the table unnecessarily. May be a bit awkward but you can always start by talking about the weather.

    If there is anyone that old who wants to share a seat, I would ask him / her “Ai Jia Siam mee?” as if they are my kin, care for them, share the warmth.

    Please consider giving your best for this community.

    1. Yes,they will be charge in court.Hope the police can add more charges …Public nuisance only carry a max of $1000/- fine.

  16. I fully agree with everyone on their comments. Good job! The MP and authority should track these 2 pea brain nickenpoop who totally has no respect for human especially the old elderly! Needless to say they have no self respect too. If they have no vulgarity words would be flying out from their mouth and swallowing the food they are given. I felt so heartache for the old man, if it’s an old woman (like myself I’m old too) shoving banged so hard from behind I think I’ll fall definitely cos old woman more fragile then there’ll be ambulance. YES, these 2 need to be taught a severe lesson if their parents can’t teach then the authority concern should punish them. YES clear the utensils at the same area Community work for them! Let them have the feel what’s like to bully the old elderly or who knows maybe their next target bully young kids toddlers?! Throw them to clear the rubbish garbage bins & let them smell how stinko they are in their conduct behavior.

  17. I think it is time for the relevant authorities to throw light on this “unwritten law” of Singaporeans placing their personal belongings to reserve table at public food outlets. And also about 2 people occupying a whole table and not letting others share it, This trait of Singaporean behaviour can be seen everywhere. I went on a cruise recently, and during meal times, there were tissue packs and other items placed on the best tables, but no humans in sight. Also, after they have eaten, they still sit there and deprive others of a place, even though announcements have been made to vacate the tables once they have finished.

    I am going on a cruise again this December, and this time round I intend to video such incidents and post it on my Facebook, with the faces of the culprits fully visible. So if you are they type of Singaporean who does this, you may be the “lucky one” to gain fame if you happen to be on the same ship at the same time!

  18. I think the law minister to shed light on the laws of Singapore, con hee got light sentence for 50 million cbt, ang mo get 4years jail without cane for violating “2” below 15 girls, and this young man can assault another old man from behind and get away, does this old man need to fall down and injured himself, or finaly dies in hospital, then the police would take action under penal code of the 2 sets of laws for Singapore. those who are white, and those who are powerfull. LOL the Singapore laws.

  19. Are there any geeks out there who would know how to extract and then enhanced/enlarged the video into still shots of the couple’s faces so more people can recognize them and put them to shame?! I typically do not advocate public mob mentality but in this case, it is absurd that they couldn’t even conduct themselves in a civil way towards an elderly person over a stupid seat! I can’t imagine what they do behind close doors to their own elderly parents or anyone who stands in their way. They are out of control and need to be publicly shamed!

  20. Pray that this young couple come forward and apologize privately to the uncle. We all make mistakes and it is ok to say sorry.

  21. Let’s charge the young man with aggravated assault due rash act. Charge the lady with causing public nuisance. This will teach them a lesson. In fact, this will remind everybody that no such behaviour will be tolerated in a civilised Singapore or any country for that matter. This ‘chope’ culture got to stop. What do you think, if this incident happened to a western foreigner?

  22. Young and ill breeds. These two idiots should have offerred their seats to the old man if they saw the him does not have a seat.
    Remember, you will also get old one day. Singapore youngsters need to learn and respect the elderly. It has to start with the
    revamp of the education system and the Government’sa. initiative to take care of the pioneer and old generations

  23. There are at least 4 seats for a table. If the couples are taking up only 2 of these seats, they should gracefully let others take up the unused seats. Worst still, the gentleman resort to semi-violence …

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