Update: Couple who bullied elderly man at Toa Payoh hawker centre fined on 11 August and woman wants to say “really sorry to uncle”.

Image is a screen grab via TODAY’s video.

This video was said to have been taken yesterday at the Toa Payoh Lorong 8 Market and Food Centre. In the video, a well-dressed lady is seen arguing with an old man over the seats at a round table in the hawker centre. She called someone for help and an equally well-dressed young man came to her rescue, shoving the old man from behind, causing him to fall forward.

Full video:

Without any context as to what led to the argument between the couple and the old man, it is not appropriate to pass any judgement. Nonetheless, most online commentators feel that the young man should not have shoved the old man even if the latter was in the wrong.

A forummer on EDMW provided the full audio transcript from the video as below:

<Woman talking on phone>
Woman: Come over and <inaudiable> there’s a bloody old man who <inaudiable>

Old man: What bloody old man!

Old man: You only want <inaudiable> all this <inaudiable>, are you sure everybody is sitting here?

Woman: What is your ****ing problem?

Old man: Your ****ing problem……

<Man#1 comes from the back and shoves the Old Man>

Old man: Eh what <inaudiable>

Man#1: <inaudiable>

Old man: She say it’s reserved!

Man#1: Yah reserved what.

<Man#2 walks over>

Man#2: <inaudiable>

Old man: Nobody down here, cannot sit?

Old man: You don’t reserve all these seats then bully old man like me you know

Old man: I just talking to her why you bang me?

Man#1: <inaudiable>

Old man: I disturb her for what?

Old man: Eh you <inaudiable>

Woman: People tell you this one already got people sitting you still want to <inaudiable>

Old man: Come on <inaudiable>

Man#1: <inaudiable>

Man#2: <inaudiable>

<Old man grabs his tray and walks off>

From various EDMW forum replies, there were also screen grabs from the replies of a Facebook user, Janice Lim, who claimed to be present during the event.

She alleged that the old man was polite when he asked for the seat and that the well-dressed young man went on to shove all the used plates and utensils to the floor in anger after the incident.

Whatever the situation, please be reminded of the Singapore Kindness Movement. 

Life is already so stressful in Singapore. Let’s all just apply a little more kindness in our daily actions and Singapore will be a better place to live in for everyone.

BTW, an online vigilante, Ang Tock Seng went about fingering a Cherry Tan as the female culprit in the pushing incident. His accusation is baseless and now he is getting a taste of his own medicine with a CSI bounty placed on his head by other online vigilante. Please be responsible when commenting online. The internet is serious business.