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Gary Ng: Singapore’s Edison Chen?

Gary Ng vs. Ah Lian
Gary Ng vs. Ah Lian

A mysterious guy who calls himself Gary Ng or goes by the nick of Garyng174 has been circulating a whole series of videos of himself having sex with various girls. If his stories posted on various forums and all the titles of his posted videos can be believed, Gary is really one dirty dog who will fxxk anything that moves – he claimed to have done a beer promo auntie; a property agent; a banker; a mother and her daughter; his neighbour; his office colleague; a Chinese maid; a NUS student; a poly girl; his own cousin; his friend; his friend’s niece; a waitress; a student nurse; a Chivas promoter; a cosmetic girl; an ah lian, etc

Pictures removed
Pictures removed

From his postings, Gary claims to work in the banking industry and is seen dressed in neatly pressed shirts and pants. before disrobing in a few videos.

Gary may share shamed Hong Kong star, Edison Chen’s love for woman and self-made sex photos/videos; but the similarity ends there. While Edison’s sordid adventures were with sought-after starlets in his expensive apartment, Gary bonked woman of all ages, shapes and sizes in cheap looking motels.

Somehow, when I got alerted to Gary Ng’s sex videos, they neither shock nor surprise me anymore. In this Internet age, sex photos and videos of celebrities or your average guy or girl-next-door seems to pop up every alternate day or so – even in outwardly prim and proper Singapore.

I guess there are many people out there with exhibitionist streaks. The difference between guys like Gary and the next regular dude is that the former is either dumb or generous enough to share his recordings online for the world to see.

Gary Ng vs. NUS Girl
Gary Ng vs. NUS Girl

Oh.. and don’t email or leave comment asking me for the videos. If you are really interested, you can contact Gary yourself at [email protected]. Apparently, this guy is so full of himself that he even leave his email address on his videos, inviting girls to chat with him on MSN or to email him!

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  1. are people really surprised about internet exhibitionism? i’m not familiar with singaporean censorship but you can get plenty of this stuff on many websites so i don’t understand the big deal about this. it’s not a recent trend.

  2. Were the girls aware he was filming them?
    Because in Edison’s case, they were totally conscious of the camera, it’s just too bad for them Edison was stupid enough to leave his computer to the repairing guys!!!

  3. This Gary is nothing. In Malaysia, up north, remember?? The country where Singapore basically stole every good idea from? In Malaysia we have one super stud who had slept with over 1000 women. He did filmed some of his exploits, but since he does not wish to involve himself in any lawsuits, he does not wish to advertise.

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