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Bellywellyjelly Christabel Chua talks about her worst breakup in new video

Did Christabel Chua talk about her breakup with Joal Ong in her new video about love? Does she have a boyfriend now?

According to a new video with fellow top Singaporean vlogger Nicole Chang Min, Christabel Chua said that all her breakups were bad–and did not mention anything about her most notorious ex-boyfriend, Joal Ong.

Nicole, on the other hand, mentioned an ex-boyfriend that took all her money and went to jail!

What did Christabel and Nicole talk about in their new video?

In a 30-minute long video, the two Singaporean vloggers talked about their love lives and experiences, thanks to a series of questions that they took turns answering.

When Christabel picked one question out of the wine glass they were using, it indicated that she would talk about her worst break-up.

She then looked at the camera and said, “Oh girl!”

Nicole then asked their viewers, “Do we need to go there?”

Afterwards, Christabel discussed that all her breakups were awful, and that she had changed her perspective on dating. She said that she was more easygoing now, and would just see what happens even as she is going into the dating scene to find a husband.

What happened with Christabel Chua and Joal Ong?

The pair were active on YouTube and other social media sites during their 4-year serious relationship, and were considered #couplegoals by a lot of young Singaporeans at the time.

But shortly after they broke up in 2018, an “anonymous source” leaked personal footage of intimate encounters between Christabel and Joel. Aside from their videos, almost all of Joal’s ex-girlfriends were also included in the leak, with some being other prominent Singaporean vloggers.

Christabel with current boyfriend, Jon

While there was a movement to stop the spread of the leaks, the content is still searchable until now.

Since then, Christabel has published an open letter discussing what happened, and addressing how the leaks affected a lot of facets of her life. She also said that she opened up about the incident to help other women who have been in her situation.

Another vlogger that had intimate footage leaked online was former Singaporean beauty queen June Oh. She recently revealed her thoughts and feelings on the leak in a YouTube video after three years. June and her boyfriend at the time of the leaks were reportedly still together.

Unlike Christabel’s case, June said she is still looking for the person who leaked her videos.

Who is June Oh?

What did Joal Ong say?

According to Joal, he apologized for what happened, and reiterated that he had nothing to do with the leaked footage. He was also investigated by the Singapore Police Force, but there was no law at the time to protect victims of leaked photos and videos, unlike today.

A previous report on Alvinology said that working with authorities has helped identify the source of the leaks.

You can still see some videos of Christabel and Joal up on her YouTube account, from the time when they were together.

Header image from Christabel Chua Instagram account

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