Bellywellyjelly's top 10 videos are right here - Alvinology

Bellywellyjelly’s top 10 videos are right here

Bellywellyjelly is one of Singapore’s prettiest and most beloved vloggers. With thousands of followers and a brand of her own, you may have already heard about her.

Bellywellyjelly's top 10 videos are right here - Alvinology

We’ve put together her top videos, so you can binge watch them straight and get to know this statuesque beauty with the unique smile.

Bellywellyjelly top videos

Here, she talks about why she left The Smart Local, and is her most viewed video. She cites three reasons, and explains her plans for the future.

Why Christabel left The Smart Local

This next video is standard fare for most YouTube content creators, but because we know that Christabel has amazing skin and that her looks are always on point, we want to know exactly what she brings along to maintain herself throughout the day.

What’s in her bag?

Bellywellyjelly in Bhutan

Christable and her best friend went on a trip to gorgeous Bhutan, where she really showed off her travel vlogging skills in showcasing the mystical country.

Christabel’s everyday makeup video

Another ubiquitous post for all vloggers, Christabel shows us how to put on the same makeup she does everyday. With products ranging from ultra-luxe to drugstore, this 3-minute video is one of her best.

Now, her full face of makeup using some of the cheapest products out there

If she can do easy makeup, she can do $2 makeup too! For girls on a budget and because of the fun of the challenge, she showed her viewers how to get a full face with products all under $2.

Muji Makeup

In this review video, she answers a question most of us had been asking ourselves ever since Muji came out. Would you use Muji’s “brandless” makeup line? She dishes on which products do work almost like high end brands and which ones you should skip.

Stationery Haul

Her next best video is about stationery. Because if a girl likes makeup, of course she also likes school supplies! As a part of her back-to-school series, we recommend everyone watch this one when the school holidays are over.

Christabel shows her viewers five easy ways to do her hair, which include some of the most popular styles you’d see on celebrities today. You can easily get her soft curls or bouncy ponytail if you follow this video.

Her hairstyle video

Muji snacks this time

Christabel continues her shopping spree at Muji with a snacks video. After she bought the makeup and skincare offered, she also wanted to try out the snacks, thus roping in two best friends to help her taste them in this video.

And finally, in this last video, you’ll be able to see Bellywellyjelly go through her day, from getting up, to her workout routines and even where she drives around the city! Commenters have also said that this video has one of the best editing they’ve seen among all her other videos.

A day in Christabel’s life

So there you have it, Christabel Chua’s top 10 videos, which range from makeup and skincare reviews all the way to very personal questions and even a full day of her typical life.

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Header image from Bellywellyjelly Facebook account.

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