Naomi Neo's Top Youtube Videos! - Alvinology

Naomi Neo’s Top Youtube Videos!

Influencer and blogger Naomi Neo is certainly a familiar figure for most Singaporeans. Previously, we’ve covered many aspects of her life including her rise to fame and her wedding – now let’s take a look at her top Youtube videos from the start of her career till now!


Naomi Neo's Top Youtube Videos! - Alvinology

  1. 11 Types of Girlfriends Guys Hate (2.6M Views)

In this video, Naomi features certain personality traits of girls that may annoy or seem off-putting to guys. This includes categories like being overly-sensitive, calculative and being hot-and-cold. Girls and guys alike may find this exaggerated version of distasteful personalities amusing and entertaining!

  1. It’s Just Boobs (1.6M Views)

 Naomi Neo's Top Youtube Videos! - Alvinology

This video was a response video towards negative feedback towards her post on an Instagram post which exposed her sideboob, to which Naomi takes on a liberal and indifferent attitude towards the reveal. She expresses her opinion that it is a low-back playsuit that is meant to be worn in this way, and mentions that she is puzzled as to why photos of girls in swimwear (bikinis etc.) are acceptable but not revealing skin in outfits.

She also highlights that it is narrowminded to accost her with harsh and hurtful comments, such as the label of being a “slut” or not respecting herself. 

  1. Boyfriend VS Girlfriend (1.6M Views)

Naomi Neo's Top Youtube Videos! - Alvinology

This post was uploaded on Valentine’s Day in 2014 and featured Naomi with then-boyfriend Jianhao.

The couple engaged in challenges like The Burger Challenge, Lemon Challenge and Flappy Bird, delighting fans with their antics as part of their first official video as a couple.

  1. Things Guys Don’t Know About Girls (1.4M Views)

Naomi Neo's Top Youtube Videos! - Alvinology

Naomi does an entertainment video on typical girls’ behaviour in a funny way, light-heartedly poking fun at certain quirks and habits.

  1. #AskNaoHao (1.3M Views)

Naomi Neo's Top Youtube Videos! - Alvinology

This video was posted a year after “Boyfriend VS Girlfriend” where Naomi announced the couple’s intention to get married! This video includes a “Marriage Tag” where they answer couple-based questions about each other.

Other Popular Videos:

Lies Students Tell (1.3M Views)

Naomi Neo's Top Youtube Videos! - Alvinology

The video pokes fun at some of the common excuses students use in school to explain their rule-breaking behaviour, such as being late or using their phones in class. Guest features include Jianhao and Ridhwan Azman.

Going on A Fast (Ramadan) (805K Views)

Naomi Neo's Top Youtube Videos! - Alvinology 

Naomi documents her journey fasting as part of her quest to understand how Muslims feel during Hari Raya Puasa. She features Jianhao and Ridhwan (who is Muslim) and does daily vlogs of her fasting and breaking fast as well as a reflection on the entire experience.

What are some of your favourite videos by Naomi? Let us know in the comments below!

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