Not every woman loves flowers. If your Valentine this year thinks flowers are a waste of money, if she’s allergic to flowers, or if she simply doesn’t find flowers appealing; here is a list of alternative bouquets you can get her that will definitely put a smile on her face.

Fruit Bouquet

Current Price: S$64.90 (on sale from S$79.90)

Fruit Bouquet. Image from Floral Garage Singapore.

Does your loved one always make it a point to eat fruits everyday? Then this Fruitilicious bouquet is perfect for her. Currently on sale, you can get her the freshest fuits in the most creative way possible.

Preserved Flowers Bouquet

Current Price: S$138.90 to S$168.90

Preserved Flowers Bouquet. Image from Cotton Dreams.

If the main reason your lady doesn’t like flowers is because they are a waste of money since they die so quickly anyway, then you might want to consider giving her preserved roses instead. Unlike regular home-dried flowers which lose their colour, these gorgeous red roses can last up to five years.

Cupcake Bouquet

Current Price: S$95

Cupcake Bouquet. Image from Creme Maison Bakery.

If your loved one loves cupcakes, this cupcake bouquet is sure to put a smile on her face. On top of the floral cupcakes to go with the Valentine’s theme (of which you can choose the colour scheme, by the way), you can also choose to have a desired character made with fondant and placed in the middle.

Snacks Bouquet

Current Price: S$118

Snacks Bouquet. Image from Hello Flowers.

Whether your loved one is a health junkie or a couch potato, you can get her snacks to suit her lifestyle perfectly with this Snacks Bouquet. Just choose one based on her lifestyle choice and Hello Flowers will put together a bouquet which suits her best.

Churros Bouquet

Current Price: S$38

Churros Bouquet. Image from Churros Factory.

Does she love churros? This cute churros bouquet comes with six pieces of classic churros, one free topping, and two dips of your choice. You can also add a small message note card to go with it.

Teddy Bear Bouquet

Current Price: S$69 to S$108

Teddy Bear Bouquet. Image from Petals Artistry.

Probably the cutest bouquet on this list, this teddy bear will make sure she has someone to cuddle and ogle at for a while to come. Three to eight small teddy bears are surrounded by roses and tiny blossoms for cuteness overload and elicit a huge smile out of her.

Candy Bouquet

Current Price: S$70

Candy Bouquet. Image from Golden Tulips Atelier.

Does your Valentine have a sweet tooth? Surprise her with a candy and chocolate bouquet, which you can customise based on her favourite sweets!

Crepe Paper Flower Bouquet

Current Price: S$40 to S$230

Crepe Paper Flower Bouquet. Image from Miss Petal & Bloom.

You don’t have to say no to all flowers. Give her beautiful crepe paper flowers that will last much longer than actual flowers. You can choose from individual sunflowers to pretty arrangements of peonies and dahlias to lush arrangements of roses and orchids. They are so beautifully made that they actually look like the real thing!

Donut Bouquet

Donut Bouquet. Image from SD Flamingo Event Management.

Is she a donut lover? Then this bouquet is perfect for her! Plus, if she’s into pastel colours, SD Flamingo’s donut bouquet now comes in unicorn colours! Too cute!

Money Bouquet

Current Price: S$120 to S$185

Money Bouquet. Image from petalfoo.

Who would say no to a bouquet of money on Valentine’s Day? This money bouquet comes with everlasting dried flowers and is perfect to pamper your Valentine. You can even add more notes as you see fit and depending on how much you want to spoil her this Valentine’s Day.

Macarons Bouquet

Current Price: S$180 (on sale from S$200)

Macarons Bouquet. Image from Annabella Patisserie.

Not only are macarons delicious, but they are made extra special for Valentine’s Day shaped as hearts to surprise your Valentine. The bouquet consists of 10 heart-shaped macarons and comes with an additional 10 pieces of macarons in a gift box.

Picture Bouquet

Current Price: S$97

Picture Bouquet. Image from petalfoo.

A bouquet of preserved roses and dried flowers matched with Polaroid pictures of your memories together is sure to make her giddy and nostalgic this Valentine’s Day.

Chicken Bouquet

Current Price: S$60 to S$120

Chicken Bouquet. Image from Golden Tulips Atelier.

Yes, you read that right. You can get chicken bouquets in the form of chicken nuggets, chicken wings, or even both. If your lady loves fried chicken, this is a great gift to give. You can also add a balloon into the mix to make things extra cute!

Chocolate Bar Bouquet

Chocolate Bar Bouquet. Image from Eat That Bouquet.

Surprise your Valentine – and her sweet tooth! – with a bouquet of her favourite chocolate bars. Any chocolate lover is sure to appreciate this fun bouquet. You can even mix and match different chocolate bars to suit her taste.

Canned Tuna Bouquet

Canned Tuna Bouquet. Image from Eat That Bouquet.

Now we know why shoppers were raiding supermarket shelves the past weekend. If your loved one lives for canned tuna, you can even get a bouquet of canned tuna nowadays! Clearly, anything is possible now.

Corn Bouquet

Current Price: S$38

Corn Bouquet. Image from Petals Artistry.

Sweets from the sweet, and corn from the corny. Maybe send along a pat of butter to go along with that, and she’ll be yours forever.

Chocolate-Covered Strawberries Bouquet

Current Price: S$149

Chocolate-Covered Strawberries Bouquet. Image from Rainbowly.

What could be better than roses? Well, 20-25 mouth-watering strawberries hand-dipped in chocolate, festooned with white chocolate swirls and decorated with sugar balls.

Your Valentine’s Day gift will tell what kind of lover you are. Which bouquet will you be buying for your loved one this Valentine’s Day?