Naomi Neo: a timeline of her life from bubbly teen blogger to expecting mom - Alvinology

Naomi Neo: a timeline of her life from bubbly teen blogger to expecting mom

Netizens who follow local personality Naomi Neo and her life would definitely have kept up with her wedding last week, where she got married to her fiancé, H, only after a year of dating.

Her wedding video, which has already garnered more than 400,000 views, features her family’s thoughts on the wedding as well as snapshots of the actual event. While this staggering number is typical of video logs (or vlogs) by social media influencers, one cannot forget that less than 10 years ago, she started out with simple Facebook posts that slowly grew in popularity.

Here are some highlights of Naomi’s rise to fame, starting back from 2010!

Naomi Neo: a timeline of her life from bubbly teen blogger to expecting mom - Alvinology

2010: Blogger Days

In a touching and moving blog post, Naomi penned a personal entry on mothers and urges both readers and her friend (who inspired her to write this particular post) to appreciate them more, earning herself a place on Twitter’s Trending lists as many shared and read this article.

2012: Handling School and Social Media

Her blog turned more studies-centric as Naomi went through her O Levels, with posts on stress relief and time management between social media activities and revision.

Unlike most of her posts which vary from beauty tips to life updates, she offers solutions and advice to students, using acronyms like “COPES” and sharing studying websites on her entries. One can see a more serious and studious side of this bubbly influencer as she takes a step back on her filming activities to concentrate on her grades.

2013: Taking On A Controversial Topic: A Discussion On ITE

Before the lengthy prose that accompanies this blog post, Naomi started off with a disclaimer that she felt strongly about such an issue, leading to her deciding to write about it even with serious qualms on the part of her friends and family.

She gives a fresh take on the mindsets towards and of ITE (Institute of Technological Education) students, citing personal quotes by graduates and offering her own two cents on the institution.

In making such a statement, she met with substantial backlash from many who accused her of being overly harsh and for speaking out on a topic that she had little insight on.

Naomi Neo: a timeline of her life from bubbly teen blogger to expecting mom - Alvinology

2014: Photoshop Scandal

Naomi was temporarily put in the negative spotlight after a Photoshop flaw in one of her swimwear photographs led to netizens accusing her of corrupting young girls’ minds and perpetuating stereotypical ideals of beauty.

To that, she replied with a direct Instagram post, saying “w** is wrong with editing photos? C’mon guys find something better to pick on. If you think everything you see online is REAL then you’re pretty delusional’”, earning herself added respect on the part of several fans who agreed with the reality she had painted.

Many flooded her post with positive and encouraging comments, urging her to ignore any hurtful criticism and to do as she sees fit online.

Naomi Neo: a timeline of her life from bubbly teen blogger to expecting mom - Alvinology

2015: #NaoHao No More

After 1.5 years as one of Singapore’s most famous youth couples, Naomi broke up with local personality Jianhao Tan, and posted an emotional and raw post on the experience.

This left fans who had taken to calling them “NaoHao” crushed as many had been supportive of the couple.

Citing reasons like peer pressure and work clashes, she went public with her breakup and even shared on some personal details like her cheating on him with a friend while they were still exclusive.

Naomi Neo: a timeline of her life from bubbly teen blogger to expecting mom - Alvinology

2016: Marigold Peel Fresh Scandal

She was one of many local personalities who drew flak for unrealistic advertising as part of her partnership with Marigold. Naomi had posted a picture of herself with a one-litre carton of Marigold Peel Fresh Apple Juice, stating that “I’m always carrying around a carton of my favourite MARIGOLD PEEL FRESH juice”.

Many online entertainment blogs and fans criticized her and other Instagram influencers for blatantly lying or overexaggerating in their sponsored adverts, with comments such as “Bad product placement.” and “Are you sure?”

2017: Awards!

Under Influence Asia 2017, Naomi won the title of “Top Lifestyle Influencer” in the Singapore category. She made a video to thank her fans for nominating her as well as a meet-and-greet vlog from her time at the awards ceremony in Kuala Lumpur which cemented her position as youth personality in Singapore.

2018: Wedding teaser and reveal video

Naomi posted a photo of her in a dove grey dress on Instagram on March 3, which people took as an indication that she had gotten married already. A few weeks later, she posted her wedding video as mentioned above.

Read about Naomi’s wedding and what her parents have to say about it.

She revealed that her husband’s initial was H, and that they got married a day after their first year anniversary. He was also a very private person, she said, and he preferred to stay out of the spotlight.

Now: Expecting mum

Just last week, Naomi revealed in an Instagram post that she was pregnant. In a tasteful black bra and panty, she took a photo in front of a mirror which revealed her pregnant tummy. She later posted a video detailing how many months she’s been pregnant and how her family and then-boyfriend reacted to the news.

Read more details about Naomi Neo’s pregnancy here.

And there you have it, Naomi’s top milestones and highlights till the present day!



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