Who is Joal Ong? - Alvinology

Who is Joal Ong?


Recently, the name Joal Ong has gone viral on forums and on social media. Read on to find out more about him and who he is! Yes, it’s spelt with an ‘a’ instead of the usual ‘e’. That’s because Joel is too common a name for a famous influencer who is trending online.

How did Joal Ong become famous?

Joal Ong used to be an Instagrammer and YouTuber. He features his adventures, photos, and videos with ex-girlfriend Christabel Chua (better known as Bellywellyjelly) on the YouTube channel JustAnotherCouple.

He also acted on a few local TV series including Channel 5’s “Exposed” and Channel 8’s “Against the Tide”.

In 2016, he participated in the Indie Collaborate Quick Fire Box Challenge. In 2017, he was featured in a Lazada contest where winners (contestants had to share their worst date stories) could go on a dream date with Joal.

He has an inactive fan club on Instagram, @teamjo_, with a fervent fan base of 36 individuals who are still following his fan club account even though Joal Ong had deleted all his social media accounts recently.

There are still traces of him remaining online though.

Who is Joal Ong? - Alvinology

His SoundCloud account is still around and his Famous Birthday profile for celebrities like him is still online. If the profile is accurate, Joal Ong is apparently a famous Instagram star in Singapore who was born on Feb 16, 1994. He is 24 this year and his zodiac is Aquarius.

Relationship with Christabel Chua (Bellywellyjelly)

Who is Joal Ong? - Alvinology

Many may know Joal Ong as another top Singapore influencer, Christabel Chua (Bellywellyjelly)’s ex-boyfriend. The pair dated casually for 9 months before officially getting together.

On an issue of CLEO Magazine, Joal was interviewed under an article titled “Boyfriends of Instagram” in September 2016. He mentioned that he had first met Christabel during a video shoot for The Smart Local and also acted together for a web comedy series shortly after.

Who is Joal Ong? - Alvinology

He also featured in a Smart Local video with Christabel where they shared on how they first met and got together.

On a Nuyou interview, Joal and Christabel had discussed their vlogs and how they took couple “wefies”.

The past couple had travelled across the world and posted several vlogs of their trips on their shared YouTube account (which has since been taken down).

Who is Joal Ong? - Alvinology

Mentions by Xiaxue

Singapore’s reigning queen bee in the influencers scene, Xiaxue has recently taken to Twitter and Facebook to directly send cryptic messages to Joal Ong.

Who is Joal Ong? - Alvinology Who is Joal Ong? - Alvinology

For example, she tweeted “Good morning to everyone but Joal Ong” on 10 April 2018 and shared an article on 19 April stating “Someone send this to Joal Ong #selfishbastard”.

If you are impressed by Joal Ong’s portfolio of works that are still available online and is interested to work with him, here is his email, as seen on his cloudbreakr account:

Who is Joal Ong? - Alvinology

Social Blade lists him with a real time YouTube subscribers base of 446, with over 14k video views and a C rating as an influencer:

Who is Joal Ong? - Alvinology

Social Blade also estimates that Joal Ong can earn around $3 to $44 per year from his YouTube channel, with an estimated earning of around 23 cents to $4 a month. It is a waste that he decided to give all these up, forfeiting his glamorous influencer lifestyle to vanish into thin air. Maybe with enough sponsors, advertisers and fan support, Joal Ong will make a comeback to the Singapore influencers scene.

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