Bellywellyjelly: from Teen Blogger to Beauty Influencer! - Alvinology

Bellywellyjelly: from Teen Blogger to Beauty Influencer!

Those of you interested in travel and beauty would definitely be familiar with the name bellywellyjelly!

With more than 40,000 subscribers on her Youtube channel and 159k followers on her Instagram account, Christabel Chua is a local influencer known to many. Let’s take a look at her rise to fame from her blogger days in 2012 till now!

2014: Beauty Pageants

Bellywellyjelly: from Teen Blogger to Beauty Influencer! - Alvinology
Christabel (no. 4) among the 12 finalists

Christabel participated in the Miss Universe Singapore 2014 pageant where she managed to clinch the special titles of Best Skin and Miss Photogenic! In 2014, the pageant had a focus on being the search for a spokesmodel instead of a beauty queen and Christabel was one of 12 (instead of the usual 20) to be shortlisted for the final round.

We’ve compiled Bellyjellywelly’s top videos here!

2015: TSL Days!

Bellywellyjelly: from Teen Blogger to Beauty Influencer! - Alvinology
Christabel and her TSL channel: PrettySmart

Christabel joined The Smart Local TV’s beauty series, PrettySmart, in 2015. This Singapore-based beauty and lifestyle channel featured her trying new products and offering makeup tips.

The first video was uploaded in December 2014, titled ‘Everyday Makeup Tutorial – PrettySmart: EP 1” and the first season of the series had 51 episodes. Fans got to know her better through initiatives like #askBellywellyjelly where she answered questions posed by viewers.

2016: Leaving TSL

Bellywellyjelly: from Teen Blogger to Beauty Influencer! - Alvinology

After a year or so in The Smart Local, Christabel decided to tender her resignation and leave her beauty channel behind. She addresses this on a later date through a poignant Youtube video where she specifies 3 reasons that compelled her to make such a decision.

Read about how to secure your online data from hackers here.

Firstly, she mentioned her added concern for her health after going through an operation, and not wanting to put too much stress on herself. She then proceeds to explain the desire for ownership of her content as well as the dream of starting her own brand.

After leaving TSL, she also started posting actively on her own Youtube channel with the first ever vlog being of her trip to Paris in April 2016.

2017: kāi

Bellywellyjelly: from Teen Blogger to Beauty Influencer! - Alvinology
Credits: vulcanpost
Bellywellyjelly: from Teen Blogger to Beauty Influencer! - Alvinology

In 2017, Christabel achieved her longtime dream of establishing her own brand! The brand titled “kāi” features a range of cute bags, pouches and stickers.

The name “kāi” is derived from the Chinese term for “happy”, which is “kāi xīn”. The word “kāi” in Chinese also directly translates to represent openness and to be free, which is the main ethos behind the brand.

She speaks about the launch of the brand in her blog post as well.

Present Day

Bubbly and outgoing as ever, bellywellyjelly continues to inspire fans and followers with her dazzling travel photos and beauty features on her social media!

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  1. I don’t get it – why do you see a need to include a paragraph on her leaks? Do you think this is in any way appropriate? LMAO. Take it down, Karyn. As a women yourself, it is incredulous to see you promote discussion about it instead of nipping it in the bud. Why and how should you promote her leaks as a point of discussion on this blog? Gross.

    1. Karyn, a writer like you disgusts me. Are you such a whore for views that you have to include the last paragraph which was utterly unnecessary?

      1. Might I just add, they haven’t removed the tag ‘XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX-leak-sex’ (can you believe they actually created a tag with those keywords to garner traffic to their page?! LOL, pathetic.) Alvinology team, and Karyn, please remove the tag. There’s a fine line between reporting what’s actually important, value-adding and newsworthy, and whoring for views from a VICTIM of an UNCONSENTED PRIVATE video leak. Shame on you!

        1. It isn’t pathetic. This is called news reporting. You think Hillary Clinton consented to having news of her unsecured emails leaked? You think that is not private information?

          It is, but the public deserve to know so they understand her true character and not the public image she tries to create for herself. It is good that brands she works with so they know her history before working with her so they don’t get blindsided and walk into a PR crisis if the materials surface again. This is called transparency and she is likely to hide such information from them.

          Alvinology reported it fairly and value-added information. You are the shameful one trying to censor this and pretend nothing has happened because you have a hidden agenda. You are either Christabel herself or someone in her company trying to cover up this information, so you can continue to profit from using her girl next door image.

          1. I just came across your comment amongst many others. Note that I’m not trying to help anyone and personally, I do not favour any influencers. However, I gotta refute your point about “the public deserving to know so they can understand her true character”. Are you trying to imply that knowing about one’s sex life through leaked videos means that you can figure out someone’s true character? If yes, then you must be really naive. From that sentence alone, there’s already a hint of negativity from your words. So what’s her true character now that you know about her leaked videos? Would you label her as a slut like many others? The thing is, you don’t know anything. Everyone here doesn’t know anything either. How can we make such sweeping statements about someone we don’t know?

            The issue here lies in a moral dilemma that people are facing. To some, it just doesn’t seem right to capitalise on someone’s misery for your own benefit. Of course, she could well be down on her luck for having her videos leaked. I see that you tried using Hilary Clinton’s example to justify the leaked videos of Bellywellyjelly. No, please do not lump them together. While mishaps may occur, what happened to others doesn’t justify that it should rightfully happen to you too.

            Just my two cents.

          2. Yes, it is news reporting – but Alvinology and Karyn CAN be better than this. you simply cannot analogise Clinton’s leak to this situation – obviously Clinton’s email leaks were of matters of national security and thus warranted its reporting. how can you compare the leak of a victim’s personal and deeply private videos to that situation?! there is simply no reason for us to know about this deeply private and personal matter.

            actually, why must the public know her true character? whatever she does in her private life is simply none of our business, whoever she has sex with is none of our business. please remember, she did NOT consent to the video being leaked. do you understand how violated she must feel? and then for this website to report it? as Jennifer Lawrence said when her nudes got leaked (did anyone say that then that there was a need for the public to know her true character? ridiculous.), it is a SEX CRIME. A VIOLATION.

            just as how you would not name a minor in a criminal case, you should NOT have named her especially when she did not consent to the videos being leaked.

            and no, im not from her company or Christabel herself. I am simply asking you, owners and writers of this website, to exercise more compassion, instead of exacerbating an already unfortunate situation.

          3. 1. What do you mean by “true character”? How are the leaks representative of her true character?
            2. Errr…don’t even try to bring in Clinton’s leaked emails because errr….it makes you look wholly unintelligent. T_T Like are you seriously trying to compare a heinous data / national security breach to an unconsented video leak that actually involves an innocent person’s personal life? Unbelievable!
            2. Transparency? Duh. With how forums and cheekopeks are ablaze with news on the incident, I’m sure she’s working with the relevant stakeholders to manage the situation. Surely you don’t think brands are that oblivious/stupid? They probably trust in her character enough to know that she is much more than what happened. LOL.
            3. Alvinology did not report it with any value-added information. Any idea what ‘clickbait’ means? This post was up for the views.
            5. Jokes on you cus’ I have neither relation nor connection to her. Also not a fan.

            Why are you so interested in someone’s personal life anyway? Get the excuse of “PR”, “brands”, “endorsements” out and away because LOL come on, what you do in your personal life is not a reflection of yOuR cHaRaCtEr. -.- Get a life.

  2. I don’t think there’s anything wrong including the “leak” on this post. Because what was mentioned was nothing but the truth. Just because the writer mentioned the truth, does not mean that she is promoting it. The writer is just stating the facts and truth. As simple as that.

  3. This article can only be found if you type in ‘bellywellyjelly leaked’.

    Which means the ones commenting here are actively looking to stop the news being spread.
    It may be bellywellyjelly herself, trying to conceal the information.

    A hallmark of any good publication is having the courage to stand by what you’ve written and not give in to duress.
    There is nothing wrong with the post and there are no links to any offending material.
    This is newsworthy and not meant to be censored.

    People want to know what happened without reading the disgusting EDMW threads and this article did well to accomplish that in a professional manner. Don’t be bullied into censorship.

  4. Why are some people here calling out the writer yet at the same time trying to “shame” her for just doing her job? Hypocritical much?

    There is nothing in the least bit wrong with this article. It was written tactfully and people deserve to know this information.
    Do you want to live in a world of censorship where information is hidden from you if some party doesn’t like it?

    If Alvinology wants to be known as a credible media, the first step is to stand your ground like how RiceMedia did against the pastor.
    Alvinology should not edit their words the instant people get offended.

    As a female reader, I fully support this writer for doing her job and tastefully reporting this incident.

  5. SMH. People these days cannot differentiate between reporting and promotion. Just because a terrorist incident is reported in the newspapers doesn’t mean the media companies are actively encouraging terrorism, it’s just what had happened.
    People deserve to know what had happened. I don’t see any offensive material written here so will people please stop the censorship? We have enough of that here already in SG.

      1. as a final note, you have exploited the pain of a victim of a crime, all for the sake of more web traffic – kudos for you, for thinking such an event is newsworthy, and that not reporting on it would be “censorship”.you wouldnt call the lack of names in a rape case of a minor censorship would you?

      2. Consent or not, it has happened and the video has been leaked. Let this be a lesson for other innocent girls out there to learn and serve as a reminder never to trust your partner with such a video.

  6. As a female I hope you re-evaluate yourself as a human being 🙂 or perhaps you’re just Karyn trying to defend yourself. If so, kudos to you for doing the right thing and taking it down in the end. All that talk about people deserving to know this information, let me give you what you should really write about. The only mistake she did was to trust and fall in love with that asshole Joal Ong. He goes around asking influencers for “pics” when he was attached to Bel, on top of cheating on her when they were together. So if you really want to pass judgement on someone else, go ahead and report on that.

      1. f**king attention seeker. Your face will forever be associated as the poor vultures that pick up the leftover traffic from actual influencers. if you have to resort to such method to gain traffic, maybe you need to evaluate your career as a “blogger”.

        1. Please do an article on the leak.

          The 4 girls affected.
          Abymonsta – Abigail Tan
          Bunnyjanjan – Janella Ooi
          xuenyenyenyen – Xuen Yen
          BellyWellyJelly – Christabel Chua

        2. White Knights have been known to bring down the leak videos by reporting it.
          BTW the videos is available on pornhub.Not just only blogger, discord and tumblr. Just google it.

          1. There r numerous (at least more than 10) very explicit videos of her giving blowjob, fucking, cum in mouth. They r are on many porn websites now. Just google bellywellyjelly leak.

  7. “Do you have the details about Joal Ong? Can you email them to us with the evidence?” omg stop trying to bring people down. you can do more to help more people as a semi-established site. Really disappointed.

    1. It’s the truth that christabel’s sex videos are being leaked. It’s a FACT. Stating the fact doesn’t mean that the writer is trying to bring people down. Don’t get why you guys are asking the writer to re-evaluate when the writer is stating nothing but the truth. Come on man, it takes two hands to clap. If Christabel wants to take sex videos, she should already know that there’s a possibility that it will be leaked. Everything has it’s own consequences. Dare to do this kind of thing, then dare to face the music. She ALLOWED Joal to take it. It takes two hands to clap. If she didn’t allowed this kind of sex videos, will all these drama happen? Nope. Before you do something, you should have known what consequences are there. Just because she is a woman doesn’t make her the victim. Stop being ridiculous finding fault with the writer. All the bullshit comments trying to find fault with writer.

      1. this is why new generation singlish girls are sluts..


  8. I am disappointed w alvinology for removing the paragraph re the leaks. Nothing wrong with factual reporting. Because she is a “public figure”, sponsors shd have the right to know the facts and decide if they wanna continue working w her. She did agree to her videos being taken, even if she didn’t expect them to be leaked. Let this be a lesson to other girls to always protect your privacy and not take stupid vids in the first place.

  9. Alvinology, you should have understood how reporting and journalism work. The evidence is plenty, it is timely, and it is the truth. Why be afraid of reporting what’s happening? Everyone is already speaking about it.

    Posting and deleting it is just cowardice. You must’ve thought through it before posting it and how do you expect people to react? LOL. Well at least since you’ve deleted, include a piece of note on the changes you’ve made. Own up to it.

  10. Oh ya, everyone is definitely going to google these names. You want traffic to your site? Don’t post a lame and uninteresting article. You wanted to highlight on the timely leaks? Do it. There is nothing new in your article now. I’ll be happy if you change it to how it was originally posted.

  11. You know what’s the fundamental problem with this article and its original paragraph? That it reinforces everything wrong with it. Yeah sure, it is a video leak, and the subject of the leak is being “reported” (honestly, this doesn’t even count as a “report”) online on this C-grade blog run by the VP of Strategic Marketing at DBS.

    But isn’t this the problem? Why should the focus of the leak be on the victim(s)?

    Shouldn’t the focus of the leak be on:

    – The lowlife that filmed these videos for his own use
    – Investigate how these videos got leaked out in the first place (perhaps then, your article on how to protect your personal data would make far more sense)
    – Why didn’t the videos he film with the different girls (assuming he filmed them at different time periods of his life) get deleted after he was over and done with them?

    Why do we continue to shame and judge these girls and blame them for “taking stupid vids” instead of shifting our attention to the cause of the problem?

    Why are we exploiting these girls’ misfortune for traffic with a roundabout, redundant article instead of genuinely exploring how we can protect personal data?

    If you truly wanted to report on these leaks, why didn’t you just do so WITHOUT explicitly focusing on ONE VICTIM in such a roundabout way? You could have simply reported on the leaks, the extent of the leaks, what the police are doing about it, perhaps include stats on how often such leaks happen, perhaps even report on the gross nature of Tumblr like what Rice had done ( and then maybe conclude with the importance of personal data protection.

    Don’t you see … I mean can’t you see that your “report” is totally shit? As VP of Strategic Marketing I just want to say that the content quality of this blog is absolute trash.

    1. It’s the truth that Christabel’s sex videos are being leaked. Anyone can mention this statement because it’s nothing but the truth. Stop arguing over this fact. Writing the truth about something that happened to someone, is NOT EQUIVALENT to shaming someone. -_- If she wants to take video like that, she should have known that there are consequences. One of them being leaked. If you say this post is about shaming her, that’s just your perspective. Might not be other people’s perspective. If you want to talk about the focus on the leak, WHY NOT ALSO TALK ABOUT WHY VICTIM AGREED TO TAKE SEX VIDEOS IN THE FIRST PLACE? You talk about cause of the problem, if victim didn’t agree to take in the first place, all these wouldn’t have happened. IT TAKES TWO HANDS TO CLAP. Stop making it sound like Christabel is really the victim and that she has no wrong it this whole matter. IT TAKES TWO HANDS TO CLAP. And writer can talk about ONE VICTIM. If this post is not to your liking, then just get lost if you got nothing nice to say. Don’t tell the writer what to write and what to include, because you have no rights at all. “You can’t please everyone” just like how this post written is not to please you. Just because you see this “report” as shit, doesn’t mean others find it that way. Freaking nonsense bullshit

      1. -_____-

        If you can’t already tell, from the terrible quality of this article, that this article was very obviously written to garner traffic to the site, you are an idiot.

        Like I said, I have absolutely no problem with the writer if she had the intention to report on the leaks in a fair and well-rounded manner. I mean just read the article lah, it is such a fucking roundabout cb way of doing things?

        If she really had the intention to jump on such a click baity hot top, she should at least write it well instead of using this bloody cheap method of “FOLLOW CHRISTABEL’S STORY FROM TEEN BLOGGER TO BEAUTY INFLUENCER!” only to include an insidious and random paragraph on the leaks that came out of the blue.

        Plus pls lorrrrrrrr this listicle barely makes for a report. Joke. Stop your bullshit argument of honest reporting cus honest reporting won’t even be done in this manner. Even GoodyFeed does shit like this better – and that’s a very low standard of comparison.


        This article is the hallmark of bad writing. Also the hallmark of a bad planning. Not well-thought out, insensitive, and just frankly terrible in general.

        Just look at the audience you’ve attracted, Alvin and Karyn. Your lack of tact and focus on one victim has led to people actually commenting and recommending where people can watch the vids. Great job la guys, great job!

        1. I’d just like to reiterate that this topic could have been approached in a completely educational and well-rounded manner. Your (very unfair) focus on this one victim has only led to more attention being drawn to her already miserable situation.

          I hope you, Karyn and Alvin, see what your cheap, irresponsible work has done.

  12. Under the law of defamation in Singapore, a post is defamatory if it lowers the perception of the individual in the eyes of the right thinking members of society, such that they are ridiculed, shunned or avoided. Nonetheless posting about this issue would be considered defamatory.

    Under the defamation act words posted online would constitute written communication and is considered libel.

    However this is subject to two defences. Arguably the reporter had the defense of fair comment. So long as the comment made was based on true facts, and would be in the public interest to know. It is tautological that the public would have an interest in such events, considering that some members of the public watch her videos and purchase her products, and now after knowing, may not want to be associated with her.

    Secondly, it is arguable that under section 12 of the defamation act, they had the defense of qualified privilege. They have a duty to report such events to the public, as it is an issue of moral, social, or legal interest. So long as they have done their due diligence and ensured that the statements were made fairly.

    Just my two cents worth.

  13. What has been done is done. I don’t know why you all waste time arguing about trivial matters. Move on with your life and don’t pretend you know what’s right and wrong with everything. All arguing childishly about things you have no clue about. Rice is rice. Go eat ice cream.

  14. All the bullshit people being disappointed/pissed with the writer. Who cares if any of you are feeling that way? What writer is writing is the truth. Truth hurts, BUT THE TRUTH IS – Christabel Chua’s sex videos were leaked. Write the truth also kena shoot by bullshit people. Don’t want people to talk about leaked videos then don’t do this kind of sex videos in the first place la.

  15. Karyn, just like how you removed your identity from this article to protect your reputation as a bad writer, the internet never forgets.

    1. She covering her tracks by writing lame articles on each influencer in sg now hahahahahahahahaahaha feels damn sorry for her and the team to have to write such lame articles just to cover their tracks ?

  16. well what to do , most new generation singlish girls are sluts and i mean ALL OF THEM


  17. Couldn’t have said it any better, brethren. Shall we toast to the onslaught of Singapore Sluts that’ll be weeping in their sleeps knowing full well their provocatively nonsensical demeanors yet to be revealed? Or shall we make haste to the kingdom of Slutville and devour every single soul who dares cross our path? Cheers, fellow brethren. They shall reap what they sow.

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