Those of you interested in travel and beauty would definitely be familiar with the name bellywellyjelly!

With more than 40,000 subscribers on her Youtube channel and 159k followers on her Instagram account, Christabel Chua is a local influencer known to many. Let’s take a look at her rise to fame from her blogger days in 2012 till now!

2014: Beauty Pageants

Christabel (no. 4) among the 12 finalists

Christabel participated in the Miss Universe Singapore 2014 pageant where she managed to clinch the special titles of Best Skin and Miss Photogenic! In 2014, the pageant had a focus on being the search for a spokesmodel instead of a beauty queen and Christabel was one of 12 (instead of the usual 20) to be shortlisted for the final round.

We’ve compiled Bellyjellywelly’s top videos here!

2015: TSL Days!

Christabel and her TSL channel: PrettySmart

Christabel joined The Smart Local TV’s beauty series, PrettySmart, in 2015. This Singapore-based beauty and lifestyle channel featured her trying new products and offering makeup tips.

The first video was uploaded in December 2014, titled ‘Everyday Makeup Tutorial – PrettySmart: EP 1” and the first season of the series had 51 episodes. Fans got to know her better through initiatives like #askBellywellyjelly where she answered questions posed by viewers.

2016: Leaving TSL

After a year or so in The Smart Local, Christabel decided to tender her resignation and leave her beauty channel behind. She addresses this on a later date through a poignant Youtube video where she specifies 3 reasons that compelled her to make such a decision.

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Firstly, she mentioned her added concern for her health after going through an operation, and not wanting to put too much stress on herself. She then proceeds to explain the desire for ownership of her content as well as the dream of starting her own brand.

After leaving TSL, she also started posting actively on her own Youtube channel with the first ever vlog being of her trip to Paris in April 2016.

2017: kāi

Credits: vulcanpost


In 2017, Christabel achieved her longtime dream of establishing her own brand! The brand titled “kāi” features a range of cute bags, pouches and stickers.

The name “kāi” is derived from the Chinese term for “happy”, which is “kāi xīn”. The word “kāi” in Chinese also directly translates to represent openness and to be free, which is the main ethos behind the brand.

She speaks about the launch of the brand in her blog post as well.

Present Day

Bubbly and outgoing as ever, bellywellyjelly continues to inspire fans and followers with her dazzling travel photos and beauty features on her social media!

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