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Exposed Hairy Beaver at Super Import Nights 2009 @ Expo

This model is…

I seriously don’t know what to say man. Is this allowed in Singapore?

See what see?
"See what see?"
Come, come, whip out all your recording devices!
"Come, come, whip out all your recording devices!"
Tired... lay on the floor and pose
Tired... lay on the floor and pose

She might as well go to the Super Import Night event naked. I won’t be seeding the uncensored pictures as they are too gross and not suitable for children viewing. Anyway, I am sure those who want to find these pictures will be able to dig them out.

The model’s name is “Sunshine Tracy” – here’s a link to some of her tamer pictures in a flickr photo gallery, her facebook account and a posting she made on clubsnap forum to promote her freelance modeling service.

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  1. Well, people tend to contradict what’s in their mind and what’s going out for their mouth. Say they like something deep in their mind but despise it on the surface
    I sympathize her. Human is the worst cannibal, they enjoy preying on their own kind when someone made blunder, they don’t feast on blood and flesh but on someone’s soul.. yes.. demon like right?

  2. The only woman who can get away with such a bush is Cecilia Cheung.
    This ugly bitch here should be executed, not before killing her beaver first!

  3. Hairy beavers are just as sexy as shaved ones. In fact some shaved ones may look better with their natural cover, eg skinny beavers. Send me the pics for my serious in-depth study, pls.

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