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Molest is a crime in Singapore. Period.

Do you know these guys?
Do you know these guys?

Molest is a crime in Singapore. Regardless whether the victim is a woman, a man or a transvestite.

There are online rumours going around that the molested victim at the Siloso Beach Countdown Party 2009 is a transvetite. Even if she is a he. So?

If you are a guy, would you like it if strangers grope your balls repeatedly from behind and pull down your pants in public view?

Molest was committed. Period. The gender of the victim should not mask the seriousness of the crime.

Here’s more about the molest law in Singapore via

The Court has a discretion to impose a fine or a jail sentence in a molest case. Much depends on the part of the body of the victim which the Accused had contact with.

The offence cited in the case of Chandresh Patel v PP [1995], the prevailing sentence for victim’s private parts or sexual organs is 9 months imprisonment with caning.

Section 354 reads “Whoever assaults or uses criminal force to any person, intending to outrage or knowing it to be likely that he will thereby outrage the modesty of that person, shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to 2 years, or with fine, or with caning, or with any two of such punishments.”

As such an Accused often raise the defence that he had no intention to touch the victim as alleged ie the act was accidental. This is a question of fact to be inferred from the circumstances, the victim’s testimony and the Accused’s version as eye witness are not common. Most of the time, the Accused’s long statement would have sealed his fate.

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  1. Quote: ‘There are online rumours going around that the molested victim at the Siloso Beach Countdown Party 2009 is a transvetite. Even if she is a he. So?… If you are a guy, would you like it if strangers grope your balls repeatedly from behind and pull down your pants in public view?’

    I’m quite certain that the transvestite has, well, as the term suggests, gone for a sex-change operation. Otherwise, she’d only be a drag-queen, no? So the ‘he’ is actually a she, unless you can come up with the subjective case of “shim”. I suggest “Shi” (“shy”).

    If I’m a guy, I would not like it if strangers grope my balls repeatedly from behind and pull down my pants in public view, perhaps not even in private, and in “private view” as well.

    Did shi liked it when strangers groped where hir balls were repeatedly from behind and pulled down hir pants in public view?

    [I must mention this occasion during New Year’s Day – or was it Christmas? – the festive season that I on Orchard Road was consecutively molested, pinched on the bottom by a group of gay men, and then, because she thought it was a free-for-all, groped at the buttocks by a woman in her 80s I think. I didn’t know what to do. She was hunched all over and I was like What’s she doing here at all? and thought that perhaps she only wanted a support of some kind, cos’ she looked as if she needed a cane, walking. The group of sodomists had already dashed away – didn’t know how they did it, it was that crowded – but I saw about ten guys, really happy ones, sniggering and making their way like little bolts through the crowd ahead.]

  2. Also, if she doesn’t make a police report about the matter, there’s little that anyone can do to cite a case of molest.

    I’m telling you, ‘lewd act in public’ or ‘insulting the modesty of a woman’ (of any of those women bystanders) is the way to go.

    But if you really want to refer to the statutes currently available, Section 13B seems to be relevant.

    And if you’re really concerned, what you can do – together with all those who are really concerned about the matter – is to get the person/s who distributed the clip or those similar and ask if they felt as if that was an act of insult, and if they want to report the matter to the police. If they don’t, what you can do is to take the clip to the police and say that what you saw really insulted your sense of modesty, and proceed to take a statement with them.

    A lot of things can be done from there. The police have powers to take interviews with the club’s owner and employees (the club nearest the location it happened); retrieve CCTV footages if any; and most importantly, ask the public for information leading to the possible arrest of those persons who ‘molested’ hir.

  3. *sighs* I don’t think your country could ever progress because your people are just too self-absorbed. I’m still baffled that no one even helped the victim at the time the offence happened. If even ONE person had the sense to report the offence THEN, you wouldn’t need to put up all these posts seeking assistance on the offenders’ identities. But hey, everyone was just too busy having a great time snapping pictures and enjoying themselves at the victim’s expense. Also, if your concern is honestly to get justice for the victim, you’d quit the racial profiling in your tags. How is your perpetuation of the racism helping? I’ve never been a great fan of Singapore, but I’ve never felt anything bad for the country either. Now though, I can’t help but feel disgusted. I’ll be a happy camper when I leave.

  4. i have seen one of the molesters for a few times. he is from north india, mumbai. Works as an it and a PR holder…. hunt them down!!! it is a shameful act!

  5. “And i definitely agree with Adeline on what she said about our country’s racism.”by basil

    agree with an australian , australia is a country who invented CURRY BASHING and STABBING INDIAN STUDENTS. the indian government just inform its indian students to be careful during their study in australia , today there is a protest outside australian embassy in india.

  6. KFC chickens out ‘racist’ cricket advertisement .SYDNEY- United states fast-food giant KFC said yesterday it would remove a cricket-themed TV advertisement in Australia, after furious online debate it was racist . The ad, which features a white Australian cricket fan appeasing West Indies supporters with fried chicken , sparked controversy in the US after being posted on the internet . some bloggers and journalists accused KFC Australia of playing on a racist stereotype that blacks eat alot fried chickens

  7. molest is a crime in singapore. period. are those guys molesters? we don’t know. that is why we have courts.

    rather than constructing our own reality and interpreting the events based on our prejudice, we should consider the facts.

    we don’t know the relationship between the people involved. we do not know the events preceding the video. these things are important in understanding the reaction of the crowd. it matters if it were obvious and the crowd was aware that solicitation on the part of the victim (as claim by eye witness reports). whether or not there was ‘assault’ or ‘criminal force’ cannot be ascertained (in high-res screen caps it can be seen that the victim was smiling).

    rather than interpreting the crowd reaction as something unexplainable, it is more rational to use the reaction of the crowd to help explain the events.

    most importantly, i don’t see how anything can amount if the ‘victim’ does not file a police report or press charges.

    i don’t suppose the crowd would have been expected to exercise some sort of vigilante or lynch mob law enforcement in such an event. the bottom line is, you can’t tell anything from 0:26 seconds of video, definitely not enough to make one confident of plastering ‘molester’ tags all over a screen cap. the law is not prejudiced. the law is often exercised ex-post. you may not like it, but that it justice. it ensures that punishment is carried out where it is due.

  8. in another matter, the webmaster has confidently posted a photo and labeled 2 men of whom he perceived as perpetrators as ‘molesters’.

    assuming the case that the men be arrested, brought to court and then found to be not guilty, the webmaster would not only have been wrong, but would be guilty of defamation or libel. but seeing how he is apparently unfamiliar with law beyond his cut-and-paste of “molest law”, i suppose he, while wrong, didn’t do it intentionally.

  9. Though it seems to me the girl is enjoying it and not objecting at all, its a shame the singaporeans chose to ignore it, or in fact stand back record the proceeding instead of objecting to such a nuisance in public, even if we are to presume that the girl was there to entertain the guys(indians) or she doesntmind being groped, it is a crime when you perform such an act of infamy in public places. it is indeed much more shameful that some people chose to say that the girl deserves it but didnt even think twice if lets say the girl was to be there sister? and she didnt have any clue what to do at such a time? then what? you cant excuse yourself from your responsibility towards a respectable society.

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