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Public molestation at Siloso Beach Countdown Party 2009

WARNING: Disturbing content. Minors please stay away.

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Watching this video makes me boil. The culprit has the audacity to molest a girl in full public view. His face is caught on video and I have taken a screen-grab as below:

Do you know this guy?
Do you know this guy?

The guy should be caught and prosecuted. Please help spread this picture to flush out the culprit.

Neither partying or getting drunk is an excuse for molesting someone.

UPDATE: There were at least FIVE molesters caught on video. Although the video has been removed, I have taken incriminating screen grabs of the culprits.

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  1. this happened every year ever since we have X’mas and New year countdown celebration. And the culprits are usually Indian or Indian foreign workers. So even we can’t forbid Indians from participating, we should at least bar Indian foreign workers from taking part.

  2. Ria..
    try having your sister, daughter or gf in that position. and i wanna see u saying the same damn thing.

  3. Not that i’m racist but fucking indians. poor girl and whichever guy say she deserve it then fuck you. Ria i bet you are one of those indian guys who do that right? fuck these indians.

  4. Hi fellas. FYI we saw the “girl” up-close that night. Not in that position though, but somewhere less crowded where she was just hanging around. She’s not a real girl…ya know…generally we call them tranvestites or better known as Ah Kua. Not that we are saying ah kua deserves that, but her dressing or rather non-dressing was very very inviting. Almost transparent bra and thong.

    Needless to say, everyone has a role to play to respect each other, know their boundaries and respect each other when in such public areas.

  5. Pls don’t let the foreign Indian worker to take part in crowded event.They are taking this opportunity to molest girl.Whatever this kind occasion they will definately take part? I and my friend have caught two Indian foreign worker who molest a lady few year ago in Chinatown countdown and hand over to the police.I hope everybody to keep an eye on the foreign fXXker who like to molest girl in crowded places.They usually in group.Hope the authority to send them back and foever don’t let them come to Singapore.

  6. Be it a transvestite, a grandma, a drunk girl, a hooker, or whoever, when being taken advantaged of and/or treated against her will, it is WRONG. This is common sense, people. Even pri schoolers know how to react in such situation.

    What if it was you who was being molested? Would you prefer people to do nothing and just video tape you? Coward stupid selfish insensitive people. So apathetic. You only care when it’s about you. Grow up.

  7. My blood boils and I wish someone knows anyone of them so we can flame them! Send to their workplace, their clients, bosses, wives, girlfriends and children. CCB!

  8. Wearing suggestively means will kena grope. Ummm… like the saying goes, If you come across an indian bugger and a snake, pls kill the indian first. The snake is actually less harmful. CiBai indian fuckers. Your fucking indian face there shows when opportunity like this appears, indian fuckers will be there. I’m not surprise at all. Just die la indian fucks. Hope their marda fucking cibai indian hands rot after the groping session.

  9. I think the girl or for that matter, any girl has the right to wear what they want. Girls should and must be able to wear whatever they want becoz just like guys, they have a right to their likes. the issue is not so much that she wore a bikini and so ‘enticed’ men but rather that the men did an outright criminal act on her. Focus on the issue people.
    I believe from the pics and videos that the men are Punjabs. Not indians or hindi but punjabs. I think the police should ask around that race community, in their place of worship or such. These guys should be severely punished by being canned or they will think they can rub off their nonsense here and get away with it. A lot of these indian, punjab and paki foreigners come to singapore and there are too many cases of them deliberately touching girls. they do it all the time! They took advantage of a drunk girl, simple.
    It’s short and simple, the guys molested the girl. Nab them! Cane them HARD!

  10. Hi
    For goodness sake, if this is true, why not we bring this to the open and charge this guys, if not for anything is to teach all a lesson not to touch anything not yours, for that matter! what say you, out there!

  11. This should not even have happened in Singapore. If the location is approved and licensed for a large scale party then the relevant authorities should make sure that safety is paramount.
    I believe that the law enforcement authority is looking into this matter very seriously provided that a report has been filed.
    Whether a person is drunk, dressed sexy or behaving unruly, no one has the right to molest their victim. It may have taken some time for onlookers to realise exactly what was going on, but if they were inquisitive then they would have got together and help the victim or even assisted in arresting the culprits.
    This surely is a case the police would already be involved with, so let us hope that the people involved will be investigated soon.

  12. WHAT THE HELL everyone just stood and watch nobody helped the girl to all of you COWARDS out there that night who saw the incident and did nothing you are THE SHAME TO ALL SINGAPOREAN

  13. now you know why there is curry bashing in australia. indian students love to molest australian women. Now you know why australian hate indians and indian student is being stabbed.

  14. hey guys,mindur tounge b4 u make any comment on any races its not about india or being an indian for god sake may be the gal was with them she was paid to be with them like whick are available in abundance in any spore pub so stop saying fuc..indians ..there are indians also who can also writee a lot of things ..but that is not correct ..they were individuals which should be treated like one individuals,wat ever the law says must be done ..and let meask one thing u we and everybody else is making so much of noise ..tell me one thing why the gal didnot launch a complain , if she was not with them she should hv , any way if they were culprit they should be canned ..but dont comment on anybodys race …showing this behaviour will put u in the same category..

  15. Don’t know the girl herself is willing or not, if she is drunk and not willing then the few Fckuer’s pictures should let the whole singapore ppl see and see them one time beat them one time. The best is chop their dirty hands off and their little brother too. If she really don’t mind then what can we say? Hope that the girl will love herself more. Because from what i read from the paper, she didn’t ask for help and even show her buttocks before those guys went to her. i think that’s why no one went over to help her cause maybe others might think they r hardcore player ba.

  16. As a Singaporean i feel ashamed. obviously nt all indians are like that, but mostly those from other countries. i believe a singaporean will nt do something like this bt instead take care of our country as they go through 2 years of NS. So why dont we stop being racist by saying fucking indians, and do our part to stop this? 4 indian guys moelsted a girl and every one out there did nothing bt took pictures and video taped it. Shame on us for nt doing our part. And now those being racist stop whining and blaming on them.

  17. Hi people,
    This incident has indeed let the public in fury, even I agree that those Indians that molested the innocent girl are total jerks that cares only about their sex lives but, not all Indians are like this. I am a Chinese, not a Indian, we should be fair when commenting on such sensitive topics and not let such things threaten or increase tension among our country. Basically the best way to comment on the few Indians that molested the girl are a disgrace to their country’s education system, IF they had studied, IF not, then that is another reason to their actions which is no difference from brainless. No offence to girls but, I believe that girls should not wear too revealing clothes to such places or infact anywhere. It is right that even if a girl wears too revealing, any guy is still wrong if they were to harm them. But the fault will not lie on ONLY the guy, the girl is also at fault too in terms of morale. Would u wear a Bikini in a cafe? Which guy would not have those feelings when a sexy girl is infront of them doing weird stuff? Thats nature, and guys are suppose to surpress it with moral values which this case the molesters don’t. Wheather is my statement right or wrong, its always better to be safe than sorry. Wear proper clothes. There’s no Sun at night on the beach. I hope the police are doing their job in finding those culprits becoz we all noe that if it happens to us, it feels terribly bad and embarrassing she could be feeling the worst that we could think and I don’t wanna say. Get rid of those trash molesters. They’ll do no good in this world.

  18. You 4 Indians must stay away here in singapore. SHamed on your barbaric acts…. You have no right to stay here in singapore. GO back to the place where you belong

  19. Hello Singapore!
    I am appalled.
    a) for the act by the 4 south Asians (yes – They could be Bangladeshi, Paki)
    b) for the inaction of onlookers and
    c) the hate that people on this blog have shown towards Indians.


    This is not the Singapore that I love.

  20. cant blame the stupid damn indians too
    in the video she didnt even slap or scold them.
    she put her self in wrong place wrong position
    blame herself.

  21. i feeel shame on singapore girl…becasuse she have to understand her limition on new year party,,,we are free to wear what we want but still we think about some limition on such type of public party,,,or ocction…and for just few indian we not put wrong image about indian,,,i can say INDIA IS A GREAT COUNTRY

  22. they are so obvious Bangladeshi and Sikh from India, all Chi do not ver react plz, esp JT , fking yellow bastard, dont u think ur chinaman too descent with their pig attitude peeping inside lady”s toilet , watch ur words….. dont craete this a racial issue, a group of foreigners being involved in a crime, treat it such do not bombard all Indians, be sure u r free from sars, H1NI , pig flu and Hand foot and mouth disease , i can think of a thousand way to bombard .

    Stcik to the issue as they are foreigners and they must be punished if guilty if possible banned from entering Singapore

  23. Peter , you have to understand, before commenting about curry bashing, you have to know that chinese are commonly known for being spitted by the aussies as the hate yellow skin , god damn because of some India Nationals it is wrong to comment of Singaporean Indians, it wont take long before a simliar thing is done by a PRC and other races start whacking local Chinese

  24. nah beh flat nose chinese swine do not get boiled up, for all you know that one is one shemale who is enjoying, if she kennah molest why till now no police report. For the deeds of some Bangala why bring in all Indians into the issue, .

    China man in Spore caught for running brothels recently does it mean all you chinese people all run brothel in you home.
    Do not anyhow create racial tension la

  25. What is all the singaporeans doing?? omg.. if something happen to someone they love, will singaporeans stand and flim too? something worth thinking about.. Shame on those singaporeans who stand and watch or flim or do nothing..

  26. if i, i will ask my frends to whacks that bloody f***ing indians…STUPID BLOODY ASSHOLE..nothing else to do..u so desperate go desker la…fuck u indians
    y do singaporean just look n take video instead of helping the helpless girl…
    i wonder how she go thru her life now..
    but that does not mean during party or other occasions bloody indians can do as they like,,,
    its not the country stupid asshole…
    i hope the authorities is doing their job in investigating this issue…10 canes each this 5 stupid f***king indians if possible..n imprisonment them for life
    i think the whole world knows whats happening rite now its becoming A big hu ha about this case…
    i m just so dissappointed that no one come for rescue..y singaporeans no brins to think..

  27. some bunch of foreign Bagala and bhai getting involved in the crime you chinese yellow bastrds are reacting towards all Indians nah beh cheena babi , if you are saying Indians ae Indians as what reaper13 said , then are all Chinese similar to the PRC is it ? arent you not aware, recently one china man caught for running brothel in Clementi and Bt Panjang ? so all Chinese singaporean doing buis selling ur mother for $$$ is it, dosent make sense right ?

    yes those India Bangla fellows must kennah rabah koyah from our police just because some foreigner get involve in the crime, you singapore chinese don”t take this opportunity to stir racial tension here, it won”t take long for a PRC China man to do a similar crime and similar REMARKS to go against you singaporean chinese

  28. I often come to Singapore because my sister works here. I read about this incident in a tabloid and decided to find out more online. The attitude of Singaporeans in response to this is plain shameful.

    As an Australian, I’ve heard Asian friends accuse my country of being a racist towards Asian many times! After reading the comments on this blog, I find accusations like that very laughable because Asians are MUCH more racist than we are! Just look at how all of you are harping on the accusers’ identity. Why is it so important for you to racially profile the accusers?

    I also think it’s dumb for a commenter above to quote the bashing of Indian students in Australia as an example that Indians are somehow deserving of this discrimination. Fyi, you ignorant wanker, the people who bashed those students are Lebanese Australians and they have a very bad rep in Australia for being troublemakers. They targeted Indian students because they felt insecure, not because those students had done anything wrong. Please don’t drag OUR country into your brainless comment or your brainless country’s issues.

    What I find even more laughable is how If this molestation had occured in Australia, those four men would have been trashed by helpful onlookers. What did your fellow oh so gracious Singaporeans do? Snap photos and took videos! Then, in false bravado, they go online and lash at the community that the offenders just happened to belong to. There are many chinese perverts all around the world. How would you feel if someone generalised your entire race based on the actions of a few?

    I guess my sister was right in her evaluation of Singaporeans. They are gutless and only know how to whinge. After reading about this issue, and the childish response generated, I can also conclude that your men really do have very tiny balls. An Aussie bloke would have defended that girl.

  29. hey people

    firstly, i feel like all said above, it was a sad incident and she was taken advantage of. no one deserves that truely.

    I can understand all that you say, but please leave the general Indians out of it, it was only those 4-5 guys, not the entire indian team that went down to molest the girl. in every part of singapore, u WILL find smth like that, n not always it is Indians, i have seen all types do it, so pls, do not target indians in general.


  30. hey people of all races, why are you people trying to create racial tensions? you are not solving any problems, in fact, you are trying to incite racial discrimination. call yourself indians, chinese, singaporeans or malaysians, shame on you who go round saying f indians etc… were you there to see the situation yourself, grow up people. yes, from the pictures, these men look indeed a lot like punjabs, not the south indians from tamilnadu. by the way, every race, every religion, there are good and bad people around. it takes two hands to clap. one of you guys saw that the victim could be a transvestite, so… if you use your tiny brains a little, can it be a two way traffic? i am soo sorry , for all the education you people received and the way you add oil into fire, you who spread racial tensions are worst than retards. keep your remarks to yourselves. be kind to one another. everyone , every race deserve respect, remember, there are good and bad people in the world, no matter what colour they are. by the way, i am not indian. i am only trying to live in a more peaceful world. and if there really is O.M or molest case, the victim herself could make the police report herself, unless she opts not to or she too is a willing partner to be groped just for “song”!.

  31. oi don anyhow say can or not, what this one Indian VS chinese ah, you people sound as if first time haering one girl got molested . If the situation very serious ampai will come into the picture, boh police complain, the girl also never push never shout never react, beach party so what if te person can take the video cannot help ah? Banagla or Thai free meal is free meal liao, you all shout as if realted to Buddha till never see girl backside and your didi wont stand. Wrong is wrong, go boat quay on satureday how many fellows caught for touching girl backside and caught for kissing a girl just because she smile at him, all what Indian ah ? chinese do all will shut eyes and say , “””some guys caught for molest case”” if other race do , maciam free meal for you.
    Thai worker and Singapore Chinese boh same
    China Workers and Singapore Chinese Boh Same
    Kelantan Worker and Singapore Malay Boh Same
    Bangala or Bayeee from India and Singapore Indian Boh same
    why scold singapore indians when bangla involve

    hello wake up ,let police handle we also don”t know what is the hidden motive of this video taken , words thrown cannot take back one.

    No wonder our M.M Lee say our pledge is still an ASPIRATION and not IDEOLOGY, like you all waiting to attack .

  32. Hey Adeline,

    Get off your high horse. Putting aside some of the lame-ass racist comments here (which I don’t condone, but would say is no different from the comments I heard as a Singaporean studying in Australia – when the September 11 bombings occurred, I recall vividly an Aussie classmate vehemently saying, “We should just bomb all those Middle Eastern assholes”.) That’s also generalising a race. I wouldn’t say (some) Singaporeans are much more racist than Aussies, or any other high-and-mighty Caucasian. I’d just say they’re less skilled at hiding it behind false civility (laced with cutting sarcasm and mean-spiritedness). And if all of us Singaporeans are a whingeing, gutless lot, then by all means, stay put in Australia where I’ve met a fair bit of men with very large balls and an even larger amount of hot air. But I digress.

  33. In fact not the indians fault, who make up Kama Sutra… INDIANS! (Sorry to say that) But who read and learnt Kama Sutra, almost everybody.

    Problem1: 5 men one word to describe SHAMLESS
    Problem2: 1 woman one word to describe STUPID
    Problem3: STUPID woman friends all gone where? (friend can throw away)
    Soultion : Make sure no BIKINI party for the rest of the year (e.g bubble gum)

    Last but no least, what did there parents or teacher taught them??

  34. Hey there, Lola.

    Sorry. I don’t see myself as generalising a race. I’m making what I feel is a fairly accurate observation of Singaporeans (last I checked, that’s a nationality and not a race) based on regular visits here AND from testimonies of friends who either know Singaporeans or who have lived here themselves. My sister, who has worked here for several years, confirms my observation.

    My observation was of the common racist attitude that seems to bind Singaporeans together. Almost every blog post I’ve come across on this topic is LARGELY littered with racist comments. I noted that a Singaporean friend of my sister’s even joined a Facebook group urging Singaporeans to ban Bangladeshi workers from parties. That group’s wall is also LARGELY peppered with racist remarks.

    I’m definitely willing to concur that not all Singaporeans are racist. I’ve met perfectly pleasant Singaporeans during my stays here, but I remain amused at the obsession with race and skin colour that is inherent in most of the citizens of this supposedly civilised country.

    I’ve always kept that amusement to myself. I felt prompted to leave a comment this time only because a previous poster mentioned Australia when he clearly had no clue what he was talking about. I felt obliged to clarify lest naive Singaporeans believe him and form an impression that all Australians really do hate Indians. We have our issues, sure, but I don’t appreciate having a clueless outsider comment on them without sound knowledge.

    And thanks, lovey. I do plan on staying put in Aus. How kind of you to suggest that.

  35. the authories should ban those bangala from entering such count down party.. this happen every yr… XX posted related articles yrs back also… they used to invade orchard.. nw they even invade zouk out?!! faint… SG countdown become mass bangala attack..

  36. On behalf of all Singaporeans, im sorry adeline. im born in Singapore, and i feel soo embarassed. after seeing your comments i was abt to cry? i am living and studying in england. bt still this is soo dissappointing.

  37. I really hope that whatever replies we make will not contain any vulgarities towards any race. Its totally not worth it to get tensions rised between races with this kinda issue. Totally not worth it!
    I hope everyone can spread the word! It would be great if we could do this together. Till now we know that this girl has not made any police reports or rather we haven’t seen any reports on television. Therefore I strongly encourage that we spread the word so it COULD reach to this innocent girl and read this! Whatever had happened on that night, the public will not think that you are a filty girl or have a bad name etc. , hence everyone encourages you to make a police report and take down those culprits! Please do so, remember they will have to pay the price for touching you/molesting you. And that price will not come cheap but hell lot expensive and heavy to pay back! Mark the public’s words. Do justice to yourself and those idiots!
    The video has snap shots that is clear enough to recognise the molesters! Do some Justice! Whatever the story is, it is still wrong, or whatever the gender is! Becoz harassing simple means making someone uncomfortable, and since she has felt uncomfortable during the last seconds of the tape; her struggling away, therefore it is enough to make this incident illegal and put them behind bars!
    Do justice to yourself and those idiots! They HAVE to pay the PRICE for their ACTIONS!

  38. Hi Adeline,

    Oh what astute observations of how racism “binds” Singaporeans together. Super sorry you’ve hinged those conclusions on a few assholes’ comments on several blogs. Especially since you yourself were so worried “naive Singaporeans believe all Australians hate Indians” based on one clueless post. Comments such as the one that so incensed you usually come from ‘Ah Bengs’. You can equate them to vulgar rednecks from your own country, if you like. Sure, there are racists here, as with any country. But obviously you would know us so well as to assume we are one and all on that issue – based on comments from your sister who continues to work here despite despising our countrymen (that’s what I call hypocrisy) and from your circle of Aussie mates who (I’m only guessing) hang out at Muddy Murphy’s or Molly Malone’s with other whites? Nice one. Enjoy the Vegemite and the Tim Tams, sweet pea. I’m off to bed and off this blog – for good. Nite, mate!

  39. adeline,
    why must you differentiate between lebaneses australians and white australians in your statement? even though the percentage is small but australian make up of different races (lebanese, chinese etc) and not only whites australians. so bear that in mind.
    and how sure are you that an Aussie man may help the poor girl if such incident happens? for all you know THE aussie guy might join the indian guys too.
    i suggest you think very hard before you comment about Singaporeans.
    If you are UNSURE i suggest you keep your comment to yourself!!!

  40. chao cheeby cheena Kwee fukin yellow chao cheena nahbeh Karang Kuni- why the fuk are you bringing in entire indian for >> reaper13, your mother sleeping with indian is it because your father got one sotong cock – yellow swines it is so obvious the ones involved are foreigners just like anyone of you people we people also regardless of race are not happy. Fukin pigs over reacting for what fuk ? trying take advantage of the situation and try be so call racist is it ?

    i am well aware racial based remarks are never tolerable in singapore, but if you assoles can create such hype about this, for fuk i care .

  41. this is not looking healthy, totaly not concerning any singaporean who is at fault instead of looking this as a foreigner based problem, chinese scolding indian and indian scolding chinese, i think if this dosen”t stop now ,very soon this will be a terrible problem and sooner or later the relevant authorities will soon be stepping in to deal with this.
    One guy start racially degrading comment on Indians and the rest follow without thinking and we start hearing new stuff from Indians on how chinese too can be racially degraded we have hardly the opportunity to hear this as we are the majority now others are also learning on how each other can attack racially .
    I am sure most of us here are Chinese, can”t we think before we comment, whatever you people comment about fellow singaporean ,are they relevant in the first place, what do you expect the singapore born indians to do when some foreign workers hired by local employers approved by m.o.m went out of their senses . You people show difference from those 5 numskull, why must one bring in all Indians into the picture, calling all Indians as fukers makes no exception to the “Buddha” you pray to, he too an Indian therefore is he too an Indian fuker under the accounts of ur statement , the reactive statement from Indians i supose local borns, i was surprise to see that chinese can be racially commented in such ways, we didnt get to hear that often and you people have given them the opportunity for nothing,
    Wow Singapore’s 44th Year of Independence

    well done singaporeans

  42. dear friends Singaporean Indians are not responsible for this , dear JT, LEVIS , REAPER , i am sure neither of you are not china or india born , most prob born in K.K or A.H we served national service together, we are living under theroof as one people, one nation, we reside the pledge for years , how can you post such statement condemning the entire Indians for the wrong deed of 5 morons across the border .
    This is not the first time, when the Indian rOAJAK issue food poison in geylang hawker centre issue came by, all start commenting on all Indian food, but weeks after when a chinese steamboat restaurant was reported of a food poison issue, whole singapore was silent.
    So we hold a number advantage is it ?

    so please stop all the racially degrading statement, it won”t bring us anywhere , except learn new things, am sure we “learnt” enough .

    Please stop and lets focus on “the” issue

  43. adeline. you know not what you speak.u don’t live here, what do YOU know?

    also, a girl has all the right in the world to wear a bikini at a BEACH party.
    what’s she supposed to wear? a gown?

    what? are you men neanderthal? see bare flesh only MUST grope.

  44. These PPL WHO ARE DEFINITELY FROM INDIA really have no sense. Acting so indecently in public such that even their faces have been caught in footages. On top of that, they don’t give a shit about the girl..What the hell!!!

  45. Hey Pete,

    I wasn’t making a differentiation between Lebanese and White Aussies. I was stating a fact. It WAS Lebanese Australians who conducted those attacks on Indians. Lebanese Australian gangs are an actual problem in Aus. We actually have units in the police dedicated to cracking them down. Now THAT’s an actual situation where a certain community really does cause a problem and yet guess what? I STILL wouldn’t go online making disparaging remarks about Lebs as a whole, or their skin colour, because that is just bloody racist and unfair to the rest of the community! It’d be a very un-Australian thing to do.

    I can’t say the same for Singaporeans who are making baseless accusations to foreign workers who are helping build their country! We’d never do that to a community that’s making actual contribution to the country’s progress. And you know what the biggest joke is? You can’t even be sure they ARE foreign Bangladeshi workers! It’s NOT a fact. You’re assuming they are based on the colour of their skin! Now THAT, Pete, is a differentiation!

    I find it ridiculous that the focus has shifted from the crime committed to the race of the perpretators. I think that proves my point that Singaporeans are racist because that’s the first thing they decided to focus on with this crime. Not that the security at that party was shit, not that onlookers were too gutless to help out, but that the people involved were possibly Indian. I say possibly because they could be of any South Asian ethnicity!

    So don’t tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about just because I don’t live here. I’ve been here enough times to make a sensible and logical deduction. I don’t even come here by choice. If my sister wasn’t living here, I really couldn’t be bothered to visit this crappy little country. The people here are uncivilised, uncouth and as I’ve learned from this particular visit, majorly RACIST! I’ll be glad to get out of this sh*thole in a couple of days.

  46. I am addressing this issue on two fronts.First let me be very clear.
    I strongly condemn any act of molest on girls whom are coming to the party to have a great time.It is also important that girls should not dress in an open invitation .She looks very much chinese or thai .Mind you,she is dressed to invite trouble in a crowded place.
    In thailand i have seen foreigners and caucasion gropping ladies ,i wonder if four caucasion or chinese would have done such an would this be viewed by fellow singaporeans.
    I am very sure this issue will not be blown up out of proportion!!!”look and the girl again”
    To all those whom are taking this issue purely as indians should not be allowed at parties.Go around changi prison and see how many molesters are
    non indians…we are reading daily the papers.
    That lady might be a prostitute parading for trouble??ask her go geylang better
    see her outfit and decide for your self.

  47. Hi Michael How. Why do u get the info that it a she and her name is called Mindy from Hwa Chong JC? A lot of pple r saying the victim is a trans. and she is enjoying.

  48. go to boat quay and watch how many molest cases from guys aged 16 to 26 majority local chinese , yet no video capture or anything .

    why make this a race based problem, when some foreigners are involved,

  49. They really did a very bad thing. Each of them should get 10 years jail and within these 10 years jail they should get electronic cane once in every 3 months. So that in future nobody dare to repeat it again in Singapore.

  50. Adeline,

    Mind your words…ur going way too far. Making fun on a country just to irritate ppl here, is no joke. U r disgracing urself. U or ur sis or whoever the hell related to you, can be of no use to SINGAPORE. all means, runaway with ur bloody sis who is only here for the PAY AND DON’T COME BACK!!! Such an incorrigible person u are, would like to end my session with u, can’t waste a second for an UNCIVILISED PERSON like you.

    And fellow singaporeans, we are totally not aware of the real situation that happened in the countdown. Why are we blaming 1 another and it seems to be creating problems in between us. Now, pls don’t let third party, like the Adeline from nowhere to join into our problems. So ppl, pls do not bring in sensitive issues, here. It do hurts everyone, in a way.

  51. Freymond, you lot are the racists and I’M uncivilised? Good to see they’re teaching logic in Singapore. The only party disgraced here is your countrymen. Obviously, the truth hurts. You can’t handle the raw truth as observed by a third party. Good on you.

  52. 1. Girl could be chinese, chinese mix ang moh, or chinese mix Y (Y is an the chromosome of the father)
    2. Gropers could be very horny and poor bangla’s, pakis, indians.
    3. The people setting this DRAMA could be Singapore’s neighbours to make singapore look BAD.

    p.s. i m not throwing stones here. just something for everyone to think about. ITS A SETUP!

  53. Freymond, i agree what u are saying. bt to me, singapore will never be in harmony. more than half of the population are chinese and most of them i see look down on other races. for an example scroll this fking page up and see those chinese talking bad about indians. just because of 4-5 indians it means all indians are like that? the reason why other country’s people look down on us is because we are very uncivilised for looking at each other’s skin. i respect chinese but definitely not all of them.

  54. And i definitely agree with Adeline on what she said about our country’s racism.
    Instead of commenting on the thread, this cheena dogs brought the whole indian race inside and caused racism. if u fkers have brain to think, a black man can be smarter than a white. so please use ur brain and stop this racism in this site. u guys get angry becos someone talk abt singaporean, just imagine how an indian will feel after looking at those comments. if u fkers dont want others to talk abt us, then please stop racism. stingy chinese flat nosed nahbeh, dont want others to insult u and u insult others. who is uncivilised now, u motherfking chinese dogs. Mr Lee Hsien Loong wants us to be united. he is one in a million chinese with brains.

  55. Hi guys i don’t think You people understand something here being Racists and condemning once Country is stupid.After all looking at the video i think, the so call girl in bikini is to be blame for her stupid act. Because you inviting molester. I clearly notice some man and woman were enjoying the party going on stage while uncivilised guy disgracing themself in public.Singaporeans who were there took shots of the incdent and made no affort to help. Obviously she was enjoying it till thing when too wild, As i see she did not shout for help.
    Many thing happen here in Singapore, we don’t see all of it all the time and only things like this spark as wild fire.I thing we should leave things to the Police and stop using vulgarities towards any race. And don’t let others laugh at we singaporeans on this stupid issue.As you gain nothing out of this but to hate each others race.We better stop at this point.
    A true Singaporean.

  56. well said jz and vins…basil, i’m mixed chinese and indian,my wife is a eurasian, son gonna marry a malay gal..therefore i’ve feelings for all races and i respect them and most of all i respect our country. we can’t be sitting down here, enjoying daily goodnight sleep without showing any loyalty to our own country..dun’t u think so? its not a one man show…all our ancestors from all races have struggled so far for the peace and harmony of what we are having today..dun bring it to a waste by creating racism here for this 5 to 6 idiotic morons including the girl or ah kwa. for ppl like adeline, deserves to be in Afghanistan or Baghdad to see if the next second is hers, will she be still so called ”adeline” or ”corpse”. sorry guys.. to a mean person like her, have to throw words at times ya. Out of choice….

  57. THE WORK OF OUR M.M is gone to total waste becz of you educated fools.
    Is that firstly a deed of some Singaporean dudes ?
    some foreigners made this mess and most of you (chinese) taking a shot against Indians in Singapore and Indian on the other hand taking your shot against the chinese with all the sterotype terms.
    Yes every action there is a reaction , so i would suppose the one who start the rebartal with a racial motive must be equally punished.
    Remember few singaporean guys were charged and fined for online racist remarks and you people never bother about that too.
    Sickening attitude of you people .
    Just waiting to hit , the real mentality of chinese is understood , in a nutshell when a crime is commited by a chinese , it will be covered but if it is an Indian even if it is Bangla you chinese will try relate it to local born Indians.
    I think we Singaporean Indians should learn from you people to apply the same policy

  58. you just complain.. complain.. and more complains.. after things happen
    but i bet you do nothing during actual incident.
    most will for sure won’t care and won’t give a S*

    what a shame..

  59. Firstly, to all Indian racists, what gives you the right to be racist? just because they are dark-skinned you should not generalise and scold all Indians. I have Indian friends who are equally morally upright (if not more) whom I love and respect too. Therefore you should think carefully over the hurt and damage you cause to others with your comments.

    This goes to all who say that “Singaporeans are wimps and intolerable” too. Being a Singaporean myself, although sometimes I do agree that not all Singaporeans are the perfect example of an admirable person but you should not insult others with your thoughtless remarks regardless of whether they are Singaporeans or not. It only serves to show how ugly you are inside.

    And I too was very shocked and disappointed when I saw this news. However, although I strongly agree that noone deserves to be molested.

    Especially the 2nd photo. Judge for yourselves. Anyway, retribution or justice will always catch up with these people. For one, imagine how their friends and coworkers would look at them.

    Protect yourself to stay safe.

  60. Freymond, m glad that u are having a multi racial family. m not being racist. m a mix indian and malay. m totally dissappointed looking at those comments above. im sorry anyway.

  61. Geraldine, i agree with you, but who gave the right to condemn the skin colour of chinese and their features , we know they don”t have sharp features, but there is no perfect race with a perfect look, just because Chinese are known to be yellow, who gave them the right to call them yellow bastxx , and further bringing back sars and hand ft and mouth disease connecting to chinese just because it started in china dosent mean all chi carry the disease right, stating pigs and such, who gave them that right,
    we are aware of skin colour, that dosent give anyone the right to make fun of their skin colour or a particular animal to associate them with, it started with the muslims then as they do not consume pork and consider the food dirty and as chinese consume high percentage of pork, the food was then highly associated with them, but this is an old school statement . So please stop the racist attitude and making fun of the race and food habits

    Thank You

  62. Hey guys – what is the point of bombarding at each other? We are here for the article. Lets just simply comment about the article, read the comments of others and move on. And please if you comment, be nice, and comment only on the article LAH!

  63. the girl didnt even run away or screamed for help!or was she too drunk not to defend herself from those maniacs?.dressed in jeans and shirt or bikini, a girl should be treated with was a wrong move indians!

    im not a racist or something but i have bad impression with indians.but not everyone though.some are nice too. anyways, a friend of mine had a very bad experience with an indian guy from delhi. he got her pregnat and never took the responsibility as a father of the baby..just runaway and nowhere to be friend was really hurt.suffered so much emotionally and financially.and she gave birth thru Csection and that is damn costly!but the baby was premature and the baby died.double the pain, double the depression.she almost gone insane because of the emotional turmoil and its all this indian guys fault!i wish i can post his name here so he will be humiliated!!!and the guy is here in singapore having a very good time!i wish him bad karma.what a jerk!.

  64. Molest? I must have missed te part ofthe video where the woman screamed for help or pushed the ‘offenders’ away….
    Looked to me like the woman was quite relishing the attention and that the videos were posted by a bunch of racist people who couldnt stand the fact that a chinese woman was being toched by, “black hands”!
    Say what you will, but no woman conscious enough to bw dancing like that would allow herself to be molested by anyone and not do anything about it!!
    Thing is, its hype has been blown out of proportion by people other than the woman in the vid!! If she doesnt call molest, (she was blatantly enjoying the attention), who the gives anyone else the right to do so?!?
    And with regards to why no one offered assisstance, here’s a thought, she didnt need it nor did she call for it.
    Food for thought:-
    We live the land of ‘kaypohs’, if that woman started kicking and screaming for help, i am sure the people around her would have done something.
    Call it what you will, but if she didnt call molest at the time, therefore it isnt a crime because there is no victim. i would have been the first to offer assistance if she did. What the posts are doing is destroying the lives of the guys in it.
    I stop this nonsense!

  65. these rascals from India or Bagladesh must be prosecuted indeed. Also we have to be neutral and not just take it as what the video is titled as, Thai or China man or Bangladeshi, look they are earning less so they cant afford a social escort , when they get a free fun they will grab it, this is man”s nature.
    It dosent matter whether the guy is from Delhi or Beijing .
    It all matters on how we earn, if we are high earners they way most guys seek fun is different, have you ever wondered how local chinese really squeeze out the flesh of the GRO girls in night clubs, asking them to perform all kinda sexual activities, well are you going to say being a guest realtion officer this is part and puzz, so what if someone take a video and publish it, for all you know some of your fathers will be there . I have seen how our local chinese force gals asking them to come with them to spend the night, when they refuse , they will slap them etc.. where are those videos ?
    then what about being in public with bra and skimpy pantis, it makes no difference either, These foreigners have nothing to run away from, she being in half nude , not pushing them away , will dance dirtily at first and naturally it will go out of hand in scene but is the gal really molested or is she too busy with 4 guys .
    when comes to sex or anything concern sexually which guy will ever resist a free meal, so let us not talk like saints .
    The pictures are there why nit arrest them ?
    why not question the gal ?
    is there a complain made at least ?
    The video was taken on a negative racial motive for obvious reasons

  66. Yes I agreed with Maya’s comment but,I don’t think there is any motive in it.The whole lot looks like foreigners including the girl ,because I am very sure that Singaporeans won’t do such a thing in the public.We are very cultured and well mannered people.Infact we are brought up in such a manner. Therefore I confirm that the whole lot including the girl can be file for public nuisance .Of course foreigners are different from us in everything!

  67. GO to k”ok and watch how “cultured” our singaporeans are ? i have seen in my own eyes as i am working nearby and have good view of such shows just opposite my workplace where there is a Karoke club and i have already caught 2 videos of our local man over the weekend how they are forcing themselve on to the drunk gals while she is pushing them away.
    I will upload them soon and will publish the link , now we can have a fair game

  68. cant help but wonder when all this is gonna end. seriously. i’m sick of this race thing. and Adeline, i honestly wish i wasnt Singaporean sometimes. But sorry, you still cant comment on what happens here. Try being the minority. You get to go back to Australia, most of us dont have that option. Reality is, thats the only reason most of us are here. How do you love a country that doesn’t love you back?..

  69. Hey I totally think these guys are pigs, dogs and beasts! I think they shd be classified as REGISTERED SEX OFFENDERS and have their pictures posted everywhere in Singapore. Their parents, siblings and if they are married, their wives and kids should be ASHAMED of them! Their employers should fire them! They should be burnt in hell! What goes around comes around! If I ever know that poor lady being molested, I will convince her to make a police report and have these men canned, jailed and be molested by other immates in JAIL! Whether she is transexual, dressed too little and flirting too much, if she said NO, she meant NO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. This is a crime and needs to be reported and the 4 low lifes prosecuted, put them in front of the justice system and let the judge decide

    Their pictures should be spread island wide to hunt them down

    The link to lodge a police report

    whio knows these low lifes might take it 1 step further someday…and the “willing or unwilling vicitim” happens to be someone close to you

  71. I may be wrong but looking at some of the posts which is trying to bury this incident, for all we know, the guilty partylow lifes are posting here.


  72. hey, guys

    i’ve seen a lot of threads, but this is the first im commenting on. i see a lot of talk about how this does not constitute molest because the girl did not shout for help. as someone who has been molested a few times, i can kinda put myself in her position. she probably was at a loss what to do. as you can see from the vids, she was trying to cover herself up.

    having been molested on buses, where there were others around, i can tell you that not every girl is the kind who will dare to scream for help. especially when you are up there in front of so many onlookers, it can be quite traumatizing. im not sure, but she seemed a little drunk, and that might have contributed to it. and to all those who blame the girl for the incident, isn’t it the same as saying that guys are animals who cannot control themselves? so guys have a ‘right’ to molest at swimming complexes, as well? this was at siloso Beach, last i checked. and beach wear is a norm.

    and of course race should not be an issue as there is no ‘perfect race’ that has not committed such crimes. however, i can understand the sentiments of some here. adeline, if you really stayed here, you would understand. there are many groups of foreigner workers here, and the looks some give you can be downright perverted. i have been whistled at and eyed, even when im fully clothed and walking on the streets! they are probably more daring when they are in groups.

    that’s not to say i condemn all foreign workers. i commend them for their help, and they really have a difficult life here. i once interviewed bangladeshis who clear the rubbish from hdb flats for a south asian class. they have no off-days, and have to work the entire day. they even stay at the garbage collection points and have no time to go out, unlike other groups, like construction workers. after knowing all that, i try to be smile at workers when i see them. some of them are really young and, when you get a shy smile back, it really can brighten your day.

    adeline, i had a nepalese classmate (who looks chinese) who went to study in australia. her sister was already studying there and had rotten eggs and bottles thrown at her by australians. obviously everyone forms opinions based on what they know (go check out what ‘availability heuristic’ is). if i told this to everyone, what impression would they have of australia? i appreciate that everyone has their opinion, but i get pissed when people call my country names. thank god i’ve been there a couple of times and have met nice australians. otherwise, i would have formed an impression based on my classmate’s account and your tasteless comments here. but im sure you’d react the same way if people called your country names.

    i saw that there were calls for the molesters to be arrested, since their faces can be seen. but i also read that there will not be any arrests, unless the victim comes forward to report it. obviously, after having the entire incident plastered all over the internet, she wouldn’t want to. unless something similar has happened to you, it is hard to understand, i guess. i felt totally violated and ashamed when i was molested, and did not want to tell anyone about it, at first. can you imagine when your entire nation knows about it (and some have actually seen videos of the incident)?

    and the fact that no one came to her help, i believe, can be explained by the ‘by-stander effect’. if you don’t know about it, a woman was murdered while many of her neighbours were awake in their houses, listening to her screams. she could have lived, as the police arrived within minutes when someone finally called them. but they were probably all thinking that someone else will do it. you also have to take into account the effect of the group. personally, i always find it more difficult to do something when there’s a crowd around. im not condoning the actions of those who did not help, but it’s difficult to judge when you’re not actually present. everyone was probably a little ‘high’ that night, i don’t know..

  73. The girl was drunk and looked like she was enjoying it under the influence. But she wasn’t too drunk to realise that someone had pulled her thong down…

    Fair enough to see that she didn’t say anything. If she attracted attention, who knows what the guys could have done – they could have punched her and turned the whole thing into a violent game. I wouldn’t be surprised if that happened, as they were so openly touching her in public anyway.

    But I personally think the girl was asking for it. Not literally, but, you know. If you see screen shots before the molestation, she was already dancing suggestively with her fingers hooked under her thong and pulling it loose. If you do the maths, drunk party + drunk guys + lude dancing in lingerie = damn right you’d expect something like this to happen.

    Basically, although it was wrong of the guys to do that, maybe the girl should have thought about the consequences of her actions first.

    I’m also really upset about the racism towards Indians/foreign workers here. I’m Chinese, and I sadly, know a lot of people my race who have the same attitude. Grow up people. When will you stop stereotyping? In every country/race, there are good and bad people.

    I do agree with ash however, that sometimes it can get daunting to walk in front of a group of them. But hey, you’d feel the same walking in front of ANY group of guys. Power in numbers, tsk.

    All in all, this story is being overrated and is something that was bound to happen at a New Year’s Eve countdown party. Go figure. The only thing entertaining is the debate about the victim’s gender. Lol.

  74. I am myself an Indian and I was in Singapore for some time. I have heard about instances of misbehaviour by Indians from some of my connections.

    The question is what happened to these boy/s who molested the girl? The question is what happened to all those people who molested women in Singapore?
    Were these men publicly punished? Public canning or sorta stuff? if not then why not?

    Remember as long as India is concerned it is unfortunately an anarchic democracy. People in India know that when they commit crime there is no consequence and when they go to good societies their old habit continues.

    In such situation Singapore shall introduce a law whereby a molester is punished with lashes in public and his picture in Newpaper on front page next day. Only this type of punishments can cause deterrence among bad Indians and other immigrants and also bad Singaporean men.

    The Singapore can introduce such law as there is already punishment of canning exists in Singapore.

    Remember Singapore should not stop foreigner coming in just like that and Singapore will find itself unable to stop incoming flows from ASEAN countries, China and India due to political pressure.

  75. @JT and others too:

    U bluddy fucking non indian, ur history is even shameful than a dog.
    like dogs u start fucking in public.
    havent u felt like touching anyone s boobs or other parts till now.
    then u must be a _______________.
    hope u understand tat…….

    ofcourse i am not supporting the above situation but beware before u talk bout indians.

  76. Fucking indians, bangladesh’s, pakistani’s, and fucking sardar’s all disgusting and garbage creatures should all be killed and most ugly looking too

  77. Abhijeet you are not even a Singaporean, you are a fucking indian or even cheap south indian, go back to your garbage and stop enjoying in Heaven you ugly scum

  78. sallu you are also a mother fuking indian shit , and all indian shit’s are garbage, specially ugly south-indians cheap scum, not even worth a bull crap

  79. Boy Yishun you mother fuking indian shit, those will be our people doing crime, but you are fuking outsider’s cock sukers indian’s, bangla’s, paki’s shit. Even our shit look’s and smell’s better than your face and personality, and fuking most ugliest south-indian should all commit sucide for being so fuking ulgy.

  80. Arlando you are right and wrong too, i think Singapore got a’lot polluted by indian scum’s and bangla scum’s and would like all of them to be depoted to india and bangla, also the person who commit’s these kind of crime’s should be publicely executed just like arabia.

  81. magnificent put up, very informative. I wonder why the opposite experts of this sector do not notice this.

    You should proceed your writing. I’m sure, you have a great readers’ base already!

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