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Exposed: The molesters at Siloso Beach Countdown Party 2009

An update to the molestation video taken at the Siloso Countdown Party 2009 – apparently, there were at least FIVE molesters caught in the act in the video.

The video has been taken down from  youtube, but I managed to get screen grabs of all the culprits. Please spread their photos to get these horny beasts identified:

The horniest of the lot, repeated seen groping the victim's breasts
The horniest of the lot, repeated seen groping the victim's breasts
Two more molesters join in
Two more molesters join in
Friends joining in
More horny friends joining in
Looks can be deceiving
Looks can be deceiving
Dry humping in public?
Dry humping in public?
Watch where molester 3's hand is reaching
Watch where molester 3's hand is reaching
Close-up of molester 3's horny expression
Close-up of molester 3's horny expression
The silence molester 5 strikes with just a bare hand in view
The silence molester 5 strikes with just a bare hand in view

Not only were they taking turn to grope the girl’s breasts, molester 3 and an unidentified molester 5 (who only exposed his hand in the video) even went to the extent of tugging down the girl’s bottom!

All this in full public view.

It’s amazing that no one went up to help the poor lady, but instead, can be seen frenetically taking photos and videos throughout the ordeal.


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  1. If the the girl had been sober and attended the party with friends, this will not happen. I am sure other vultures are also watching and hoping to prey on it. The way she was dressed did not help. While I do not think that she deserved it and that the act of molestation is wrong in the eyes of the law, it is always better if one did not invite trouble in the first place. Such acts has been happening in a lot of all these countdown parties where the victims are usually tipsy.

  2. Why was it that no one bothered to help, but only whipped out their gadgets? Is this how we act when our fellow Singaporeans are in trouble? I am quite disappointed, to be honest.

  3. I agree with Wee SK. But in my opinion, she deserves it because heh… what did she expect going to a crowded party, drunk and in BIKINI. Nobody in their right mind can see any good outcome in that. And I don’t think those foreigners would do that if she didn’t tease them in the first place. Case close.

  4. Dear blogger,

    We would like to extend our appreciation to those sexy young ladies (especially those wearing just their under wear or less in public).

    We sincerely hope that by them doing this, it will increase the chance that there will be an increase in the arousal level of an increased number of our (legal/illegal) immigrants (Indons, Banglas, Nepalese, etc.) and local men (according to the Laws of Statistics & Probability).

    Some of whom happens to live, work or lepak near the vicinities where our sisters, daughters, nieces, wives, girlfriends and other female relatives & acquaintances also happens to live, work, lepak, play or go to school..

    I realized that what they were presenting would not even be soft porn, but sexy is sex and sex is sexy!

    They also say that, “if you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem.”

    Thank God for them sexy ladies being part of the solution to the problem of not having enough sexy women in the mass media and in the public to titillate and arouse our immigrant and local men from our streets and from our daughter’s neighborhood.

    Again, thanks girls

    Yours sincerely,

    Acquisitions Committee,
    National Association of Immigrant and Local Men.

  5. Hi,

    We would like to note that a lot of out local & (legal/illegal) immigrant members (pardon the pun) loves the drunken ladies.

    Acquisitions Committee,
    National Association of Immigrant and Local Men.

  6. this must be a joke. think from your tiny brains fucking indians or foreigners or whatever you are, black shit or whatever la.

  7. I guess maybe this beauty is hired by the organizer or something to be at the dance floor to heat up the atmosphere that’s why she’s there alone. Or maybe she is being with her friends but got spread by those sexual desirer ppl.

    But no matter what touching a beauty without her permission is an act of disrespect to ladies and it also an act of BASTARD. Some of the beauties dance or dress erotically doesn’t mean that they asking for SEX although I know some does ,but some of they just want expressing their FEELING or LOOK and some of just like to being praise or getting attention. Come on man~ now is 20th century so pls don’t have a mind set of a caveman which is “Women = Nude = Virgin = Vagina = CAN HAVE SEX”. Please go to the HOOKER if you really need it.

  8. Hi,
    First and foremost, this indecent act should never be allowed in public. No matter what it is, the molesters or the offenders who have done the act of Outraging the Modesty of a young women should be punished as per the law in Singapore. The victim might have tempted the molesters to aggravate to do this unlawful act, and in other word she should be also punished or given stern warning to prevent re-occurance in future and to safe guard the rest.

  9. These students from Pubjab India are causing problems everywhere, even in Australia. They molest innocent women and then wonder around Singapore looking for new prey. Send them home

  10. I totally agreed with JanSon’s view and I believe James Doganery’s comments. I have seen and come across these HORNY PERVERTS lurking around drinking holes and parties looking for cheap thrill to excite them. The innocent women/prey are subsequently branded as being ‘Wild and Sexy’ – you ask for trouble yourself – So…oo… utterly Male Chauvenism! From here, at least I am glad to know there are still Millennium guys like JanSon and James Doganery around to stand by ‘The Lady’.

  11. FUNNY how some say this person deserves being harassed. So what are you trying to say then? It’s alright to do someone wrong when s/he deserves it?
    So if someone rapes a prostitute, so what? She deserves it anyway? RIDICULOUS.

    REMEMBER, Molestation of any kind is a CRIME punishable by law. Don’t be boh chup.

  12. How can molestation be okay ? I though the SPF’s message was quite clear:”Low crime does not mean no crime, stay alert and vigilant ! ” I hope these 5 molesters get caught and punished.

  13. firstly is there any reports made, if it is shemale, it is probably enjoying it, end of the day it is focused on the 5 India Nationals , well wether or not this video taker has some racial based intention or not, we do not know, cz most local Chinese start bombarding all Indians when in a nutshell it was some bhai and some bangala fellows involved. Let us wait for the person to make report then we whack our remarks.

  14. Bangali guys la one got turban some of them look like Banagladeshi either from India or PR new singaporean .
    cOME ON guys i know we are looking for opportunity to find fault at minority.

  15. the girl was too flirty and dressed openly that night. dancing and seems like “asking for it”, but when it went too far, the girl was effortless. i am very disgusted by the molesters! where the hell was the security of the party?

  16. Hello~ agirL~

    The theme of the party is BEACH and the location is at SILOSO BEACH and I don’t think tat she’s the only girl who wear bikini.

  17. those 5 fellows must be banned from entering the country if found guilty but till now no complain from any female or shemale so it could also be that the lady was enjoying and could be going on the flow as she was not struggling or pushing anyone away which is an instant reaction for anyone getting molested and also that if this video was created for a tension stiring purpose, he/she responsible must be canned and fined severely for causing such problems online

    chinese in here try not to take the opportunity to so call fight an online racial war with entire Indians with the typical black brown color content, ofcourse black or brown it is fine they are cool. I am sure Chinese are not fine being called yellow shit or yellow bast??? or chinese pigs etc which are common 1980″s sterotypes so lets be matured and not stir futher tension.

  18. If you watched the video that ”girl” was enjoying it as well.
    said that she is a transexual. ahhahahahah

    this kind of people deserved to be touched.

  19. now you know why there is curry bashing in australia. Australians hate indians. indian students love to molest australia women. now you know why indian student is being stabbed.

  20. Hey Guys out there ! I fully understand the feelings of some having seen the video clip of what have actually happened to that girl. whatever your feelings are,refrain from using too harsh words or vulgarities to vent your anger. The molesters as seen by many,have brought heaps of shame to their own race and country. Yes i fully agree with James Doganery because i have seen with my own eyes on many occasions at mrt and bus terminals. As regards to big party of this scale which normally takes place during festive seasons, the organizers should bear full responsibility of the consequences and not push away responsilities knowing fully that it will attracts many rogues to such parties. The authorities are partly responsible too as they should make it mandatory to have appropriate securities before a permit is granted,fortunately no temper flares among the crowd on that night but no guarantee it won’t if such rogues,pests and scumbags does re-appear again.

  21. well Aussies or any ang moh or middle eastern they hate both pigs and chinese NO DIFFERENCE THOUGH ,ofcourse with the small sotong didi what can a chinese achieve, run brothels in gome and sellin their sister for discount .
    oH YES WITH your sars and HINI , hand foot and mouth disease, make you peoplethe international disease freaks

  22. all local chinese what suffering from yellow fever or wat all starting to shoot Indians in general. Why are you people thinking flat just like how your nose is.

    chinese what perfect race ah ? nahbehh you fellows have forgotten the issue of the china man being caught for peeping inside ladies toilet in a smimming pool then molest small young gals coming to bathe.

    what more is cheaper than that ? Ask your cheena babi media to publish that la, can be fair and square right.
    Bloody Pigs, wtf you all condemn Singaporean Indians for ?

    So can all the Indians consider all local born Singaporean Chinese are potetial molesters who prey on young gals bathing in swimming pool toilet .

    WTF china man molest can cover up the news as he chinese
    India man or Bnagala molest want to make national issue and discuss in forum.
    naabehh Bloody swines

  23. Why are these events always caused by Indians? I believe the last molestation case at the countdown was caused by Indians as well. For all you know, it could be the same group of people. Just monitor them and you’ll have a higher chance of catching them at the next countdown.

    I’m sorry for being racist. But hey, a fact’s a fact. Can’t deny it.

  24. no rick you are nt racist but factual, if a group of rascals are involved in a particular crime we have to take all way out to wallop them, regardless of shemale or female . But we have to understand to stick to the issue and not take advantage to pin down a race whn pinpointing a group of Bangala.
    Just like how it wont be correct connecting a Thai and Chinese

  25. Im not trying to be racist or what,but This parties,shouldnt have let Foreign workers in,i remembered in 2005,i went to a countdown at orchard rd,i was oso disturbed and spray forms in my eyes by this indian/bangala nationals.
    To many people,they might not know to this workers,if you were to work or communicate with them EVERYDAY,then you would actually know these workers well.By the way,the victim doesnt deserve it if theres no molester in this world.The victim need to work,so i guess you people stop saying the victim deserve it.If this type of thing happen to anyone of you here,i will standby n look instead of help,see if u like it.

  26. “And i definitely agree with Adeline on what she said about our country’s racism.”by basil

    agree with an australian , australia is a country who invented CURRY BASHING and STABBING INDIAN STUDENTS. the indian government just inform its indian students to be careful during their study in australia , today there is a protest outside australian embassy in india.

  27. well it is this human rights violated sri lanka which china is heavily backing and supplying miltary aid . The Tamil Tigers fought a war with 4 country aid China, Pakistan, China and North Korea along with the sri lankan forces, after the exit of the Tigers the minority Tamil inhabitants are massacred , these issues are not exposed in our local media as we favour china and as china is very much seeking monetary aid from sri lanka through the aid just like what they did and how they messed sudan, ofcourse curse and swear cannot be escaped.

  28. sinhalese sri lankan bastards will soon get back from the rise of the tigers, anyway what has this video got to do with Bangala in siloso ?

  29. Hello Guys, wake up! First of all does it not strike you that the girl seems to smile all through the “incidence”? Secondly, if she was molested, then why did she not move away? Well maybe it is time for all of you to realise that Singapore is not as boring as you might think it is. Just imagine that this girl might actually have an exhibitionist streak and in a drunken night might have enjoyed to actually live it out. So give her and the guys a break. If a crime had been committed I am sure a police report would have been filed by now. But it never happened, so chill!!! Frankly speaking the only people who are real SICK in the head are the ones who PRESUMED that it is a case of molestation but whipped out there phone the take pictures of the event instead of actually stopping the guys. And the other set of people who is really sick are the ones who then post all the videos and pictures they took with their mobiles, which were not used to call the authorities, online under the pretext of being shocked about the molestation, but do nothing by slander the poor girl and the guys who might just happened to have some fun. And the third type of people who are absolutely disgusting are the ones who scream “she deserved it” which is the cry of a potential rapist! So lay off, relax, see it for what it is, a drunken incidence of people having some fun in public.

  30. i saw one thing, we singaporeans willing to fight for Thai Bapoak
    hahah all of you people fighting and scolding each other for some heshe dancing and enjoying her way with some bangladeshis .
    easy to start problem like that with people of your mentality

  31. Err.. Why was this lady, or “lady” clad only in undergarments? For those ppl who thought she was in Bikini, they might not have seen a Bikini or ladies’ undergarment before.. To me, she – presumably being more or less an exhibitionist herself – could have gone just way too far (in a drunken state) to have undressed herself and lured unnecessary attention and exploit by horny people. When she realized she was in a compromised situation, she grabbed her dress and left in a haste. She was seemed smiling may not suggest she was enjoying; but a sign of intoxication. The actions of everyone up there, whether the lady, who had undressed herself in public; those guys who grobed her or pulled down her panties, were unacceptable. But lets face it. It is a common sight in local pubs, whenever some girls get drunk. And lastly, horny people are not restricted to any race, as long as they are human. And horny people are EVERYWHERE!

  32. To “7 Series”, The main topic for this is about ppl making use of public celebration to do crimes.

    Ya right, first a transsexual, next will be on real lady worst come to worst daughter of someone and maybe their action is just an appetizers.

    Although she/he is a transsexual, SO? Does it mean tat can be molest or touch her/him? Even in LAW ‘C’ man touch ‘B’ man, if ‘B’ man feel uneasy, ‘C’ man can be get charge as an offend as molest.

    So please be more consideration to others.

  33. first of all the girl is a girl and not a transsexual.
    secondly the guys are north indian not bangladeshi.
    and thirdly, you, 7 series, ought to get your racial prejudices sorted out.
    a multicultural society like singapore’s does not need people with opinions like yours! they poison and destroy the community. everybody has equal rights and deserves equal respect! everybody.

  34. well first thing first….she wasnt even running she was enjoying it…if she really wanted to get away she would have been screaming and kicking…looks to me like she was juz enjoying herself but acting shy….and also…SHE IS NOT WEARING A BIKINI….THTS A BRA AND PANTIES….what else did you expect to happen???

  35. to ultramanz

    im sorry but i think you are wrong about the intoxification part….to be so intoxified till she’s smiling when put in such position she wudnt even be able to stand….i’ve seen real life molestations in clubs…and even stepped in in one occasion…she is no asking for help….the girls who are would just be terribly distressed unlike this one here….if she was barely able to stand up then i would agree with you….this girl juz asked for trouble and got trouble….even if i was there i probably wudnt have done anything…..i didint have the right….no one else did….

  36. one cant define a north or south Indian typically by looks but by language and location, infact there are lots of black brown skin in northern Indian region . AS for exteam north like kashmire due to low ultra violet radiation the skin colour will tend be light naturally, so based on their body language and movement and dressing and hair style, they are more Bangladeshi, Bangldseshis are no different from a north Indian just because the country is not part of India now. Just like a taiwanese and chinese . In a nutshell Indians come in all colours including the colour of chinese which people tend to classify as yellow, the assamese region, the Indians in there look 100% chinese but they are Indian . As for the idiots who are in the main attraction on the screen above are no doubt bangladeshi on the other hand it is possible that the lady in the screen is not molested as there is no futher effort to proof if it was a molest or what. she was not fighting , staring but in general in simple dance movement enjoying.
    Pehaps the video is uploaded with a racist mindset

  37. To all those people who say this is a molestation, f**k you and i hope you die in a freak accident. What the hell.. You were not even there. You don’t know these people. You have absolutely no idea who the girl is. Your parents teach you to judge people is it? We don’t need judgemental people like you in Singapore. With all due respect please leave Singapore and live on the moon where this kind of things don’t happen. What a loser the lot of you.

  38. i have 2 videos caught from my work place where there is a Karoke club on the opposite , i recoreded it over the weekend , of local man forcing himself on a foreigner gal who is seen pushing him away she being drunk, she was simply pulling her trying to kiss her and such, 3megapix camera, the pictures quality is aint bad , where can i upoad the video other than youtube

  39. i read this new in stratime or tv i feel so sick why this lady wearing like that.
    must go with friend or family memeber sure not go alone very danger.
    what happened if someone who don’t you and you are druk cannot be help.
    feel shame and sad about this case happened.
    police have to take notice this case sure more police people stand there and see carefully not to crown people.
    and sure not alound some people dressing -up like this not fun die easy.

  40. This is a crime and needs to be reported and the 4 low lifes prosecuted, put them in front of the justice system and let the judge decide

    Their pictures should be spread island wide to hunt them down

    The link to lodge a police report

    whio knows these low lifes might take it 1 step further someday…and the “willing or unwilling vicitim” happens to be someone close to you

  41. I may be wrong but looking at some of the posts which is trying to bury this incident, for all we know, the guilty partylow lifes are posting here.


  42. The Police have issued a statement with regards to the case. It said:

    “In response to media queries, Police confirm that the woman in question has not contacted the police.

    “Anyone with information in relation to the case may call the police hotline 1800 255 0000 or lodge a report at any neighbourhood police centre.

    “Police would also like to remind the public to be vigilant against opportunists who might commit molest in crowded areas.”

    If you have any information on the incident, you may also contact STOMP at [email protected]

  43. The wrong signal may be sent out, no reports means no prosecution? Despite the evidence both in video and pictures clearly identifying the guilty partylow lifes?

  44. I hv d video..these 5 molesters hv really ashamd d whole human race..dey shud be punishd betr hangd..i m really sorry for d victim..But wat has stung me r d racist cmnts postd hea..FOR ALL THOSE RACISTS hea posting cmnts bout laws..RACISM IS ALSO A CRIME IN D CULTRD COUNTRIES..

  45. This is what Indians, Pakis, Bangladeshis ad most South east asian men are good at. Sexually surpressed, small structured, cant fight so get beaten up by whites and blacks everywhere and touch a woman only when married. This is all they are good at, exploiting people including their own women, children. Very typical.

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