Preetipls advised Jamie chua to apologize and donate after IG Story gaffe - Alvinology

Preetipls advised Jamie chua to apologize and donate after IG Story gaffe

Jamie Chua, millionaire ex-wife of rich businessman Terence Cuaca, had a nightmare about her home being invaded by Indian workers from a dorm. Then she posted about it on Instagram.

Jamie Chua has mental health problems too

Even if you are able to buy your children $1,000 shoes, $2,000 bags and Range Rovers, that doesn’t mean COVID-19 isn’t scary. When public figures as high as UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Canadian PM Justin Trudeau’s wife are infected, you know that the virus doesn’t care about how many Hermes bags you own.

Who is Jamie Chua and is she only known for owning designer bags?

According to her now-defunct Instagram story, Jamie Chua had a dream about the infection cluster currently ravaging foreign worker dormitories in Singapore. In her story, she said that she had woken up after dreaming about the foreign worker dormitory. Then, she said that her dream involved “Indian workers” rushing into her house.

Preetipls advised Jamie chua to apologize and donate after IG Story gaffe - Alvinology

She guessed that the dream may have been induced by her anxiety over the pandemic. She claimed to be suffering from mild anxiety.

Her solution? She said she would drink another cup of coffee.

She was pretty chill when she got into a fight with Kim Lim, though.

People got mad at Jamie Chua again

The specific Instagram story sparked backlash against the Singaporean socialite, who then posted an apology that said she was sorry for her words that were ignorant and insensitive. She then declared that she would be donating to two organizations that support migrant workers. The post also said that she considered migrant workers as people who built Singapore, and should be supported with basic needs and mental health programs.

She asked people to be more sensitive with their words.

Apparently, Chua had reached out to outspoken YouTube creator Preeti Nair to help her out of her latest quandary. Even if the incident happened two months ago, Preeti said that she could still remember the exchange clearly.

Who is Preetipls and is she the keeper of the Indian race?

Preetipls is the “keeper of the Indian race”

The Singaporean YouTube star who was known for being vocal about cultural matters in Singapore said Chua’s business partner contacted the latter for advice. Her Twitter posts said that the business partner asked Preetipls for advice on how to navigate the social media gaffe Chua committed with regards to dreaming about Indian foreign workers.

Preeti related the enounter with Jamie Chua’s business partner to her followers. Preeti also said that the businesswoman considered the former “the keeper of the Indian race.”

Preeti was also asked to keep the story “on the down low.”

Jamie Chua has regrets and they’re these 5 Chanel bags.

Did Preeti’s mental health suffer because of Jamie Chua?

According to Preeti, the business partner gave her number to Jamie Chua without permission, and a subsequent call occurred.

Preeti describe the call, “I entertained the call only as it was an opportunity for me to tell someone with an immense amount of privilege and resources that their actions were wrong, use this opportunity to educate and suggest what they could do (an apology and donation to our fundraiser – TWC2 & Healthserve).”

During the course of the call, Chua allegedly said “I donated before you know.”

According to the YouTube creator, she was the one who suggested Chua apologize and donate to charities, but the positive press the socialite received after undeserved.

Jamie Chua’s son Cleveland got this for his birthday and you might feel very poorly about it.

“It’s exhausting. That’s all I am saying. No way in hell comparing being brown in SG to being a minority anywhere else in the world. THIS is my reality of being a brown girl in SG who gives too much of a f*ck most times.

I am NOT the keeper of anything, just here to make people laugh while calling out the bullshit all around me.”

Preeti said that she was exhausted, and would prioritize her mental health moving forward, especially as her messages and Twitter seem to be flooded.

Header image from Jamie Chua Instagram and Preetipls Instagram accounts.

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